Eric Schmidt talking on Moto X

Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the Moto X, a new tidbit of information is discovered The Moto X was first compared with the Motorola Milestone 3 (also known as the Droid 3) allowing us to get a good look at its curved back plate, and then the Moto X’s SIM card type was revealed in another photograph.

In the first photo gallery from GSM Insider, the Moto X is put up against the Droid 3, a slider smartphone from 2011, showing off the curved back of the Moto X and the center placement of the headphone jack.

But since we already knew all of that, there wasn’t much we could infer from those pictures that was new. However, another picture revealed something that we didn’t know about the Moto X (I’m just as shocked as you are!).

According to the picture, the Moto X will use a Nano-SIM card. The SIM card type might seem like a small detail, but it’s arguably the most important additional component of your device, because without it your smartphone becomes little more than a paperweight.

moto x nano SIM

The choice of Nano-SIM will cause headaches for those who swap phones regularly. Image credit: GSM Insider

Currently, the iPhone 5 is the only smartphone to use Nano-SIM’s, so if you are moving from an iPhone 5 you’ll be fine. Moving from any other phone, however, and you will need to swap out your Micro-SIM (or regular SIM) card, for a shiny and tiny Nano-SIM card.

The Moto X will be unveiled on August 1st, and unless Google and Motorola have managed to keep some massive feature a secret, we now know everything there is to know about the Moto X.

The Moto X is set to feature a Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System, 2GB of RAM, a 720P 4.7-inch display, a 10MP Clear Pixel camera and a 2,200 mAh non-removable battery. For more information on all we know about the Moto X, click here.

Since the Moto X appears as if it will feature a Nano-SIM tray, if you are planning on grabbing the Moto X you might want to order a Nano-SIM card from your carrier now, as those tend to be in short supply.

Are you planning on picking up the Moto X?

  • Tamadrummer94

    Do we know what kind of display it’ll have? If the new Droid line-up is anything to by, it’s going to be a weird-subpixel arrangement of an AMOLED variety…


  • JTrip

    “The choice of Nano-SIM will cause headaches for those who swap phones”

    Yep. This is a deal breaker for me.

    • Luka Mlinar

      You do know there’s an adapter. I think we all got 3 of them by now somewhere around the house.

      • End in sight

        Ok, that is a relief.

        I was about to change my mind about getting this phone.

        Then again, no removable battery? wt…?

        • Luka Mlinar

          How many times did u change the battery in the last 5 years?

          • End in sight

            I changed it once. No joke. Then again, it was HTC, and they I use suck batteries.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    Asus padfone infinity has nano SIM

  • Luka Mlinar

    I am just in love with the shape of this phone.

  • Jacob Buys

    Well thats a little dissapointing, looks almost like ill be locked into a carrier

  • Melad360

    you guys know you can just cut your sim cards right… i cut my normal sim card into a micro sim card and works perfectly in my n4

    • Adam Koueider

      Nano-Sim can’t be cut, it’s smaller than even the Micro-SIM and so you have to get a new SIM card.

      • Melad360

        You can cut a micro or a regular SIM card into a nano SIM card still :P

        • Adam Koueider

          Yeah what I meant was that it’s very hard to cut a Micro-SIM into a Nano-SIM, it’s alot trickier than cutting a regular SIM into a Micro-SIM. Maybe it’s just me though, I was never good at arts and craft.

          • Melad360

            Maybe lol but it’s worth a shot, could save you 10 bucks

          • Adam Koueider

            They make you pay for the new SIM? They just give you a new one where I live. If you have to pay $10 then it’s definitely worth a shot, as long as you remember to back up your contacts onto something else.

          • Melad360

            Yeah 10 bucks for Rogers, nit sure about other carriers. But yeah, if you get a free SIM card then I guess there’s no point in cutting :P

      • Simon Belmont

        False. You can actually cut a micro or mini SIM card to a nano sized SIM card.

        There’s tons of guides on YouTube showing how. There’s kits and even specialized cutters that are sold online.

  • guyest

    …is that display tinted RED?

    • Pattarawat dhanespramoj

      From my experience using Alomed display it’s should look more green or blue I never see a tinted Red amoled before

  • Simon Belmont

    I don’t get the nano SIM fad. It’s not much smaller than a micro SIM, which is already really, REALLY, small.

    Also, hardly anyone uses nano SIM cards, and micro and mini SIMs are still the dominant form factor. Either way, if I ever need a nano SIM card for a new phone (I have a micro SIM in an adapter for my G’Nex right now), I’ll just get one and buy some high quality adapters to micro and mini if I ever need to quickly swap phones, since 99% of phones don’t use nano SIM cards.