Moto X

One of the most interesting Cyber Monday deals out there was the $349 off-contract Moto X offer announced by Motorola a few days ago, but interested customers were not able to complete their purchases as the company’s MotoMaker website caved under traffic pressure.

The $349 Moto X was supposed to be available starting with 9AM EST, but Motorola’s website went down prompting the company to announce at around 10 AM EST on Google that Moto X sales will be stopped in order for full access to be restored to the website.

At the time this article was written, Motorola’s MotoMaker website was still down, see following image:

Moto X Cyber Monday deal website down

The company did not provide any useful details on Twitter about these delays. In fact, the company decided to promote an event hosted with Wired after first tweeting about the problem.

Five hours after first admitting the traffic issues its website was facing, Motorola said that Moto X Developer Editions started selling in both CDMA and GSM versions. One hour later, the company announced that the CDMA Developer Editions model has been sold out. But Motorola did not say when the Cyber Monday Moto X deal will be resumed.

Have you been planning to purchase a Moto X this weekend?

  • Francis Scardino

    GSM sold out as well.

  • aaron

    Yeah, I tried to for an hour get gsm Dev edition, but they sold out. Had been trying to order it on my phone. Later found out from Motorola chat support that you can’t order on a phone or tablet. Now I’m hoping to get one through motomaker before those run out too.

  • andres barroeta

    they dont want to sell this phone anymore for $350 this is just a excuse people dont trust on this

  • andres barroeta

    all day website down lol not true

  • Cameron Lee

    I need a CDMA version, hope the Moto X deal will be resumed as soon as possible.