Moto X customization features detailed, brings tons of potential choices

by: Andrew GrushAugust 1, 2013


The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come, the Moto X is now official! As expected, Motorola’s latest flagship brings quite a few unique customization options to the table.

Previously we thought the phone would have the ability to choose from a few different colors for the front trim and backplate. It turns out we were mostly right as Motorola is giving us command over the front, back and accent color of the handset using a special online tool it is calling “the MotoMaker”.

What if you spend all this time customizing it only to find you don’t like your color combo when it arrives? Motorola gives you 14 days to return it or get a new design, no questions asked.

The company boasts over 2,000 possible combinations for your Moto X, with more to come! Of course the actual amount of color choices are much lower than this in reality with 18 different colored back plates, a black or white front and 7 accent colors. As for backplate material choices, Motorola says they will constantly be adding new materials such as real wood backs.

Beyond the color choice for the handset, Motorola also lets us choose a custom startup message, a special image as the default wallpaper and offers us the choice of either 16 or 32GB storage.


Looking for even more ways to stand out? Motorola has your back.

Moto is teaming up with several brands including SOL Republic to give you us a wide ecosystem of customizable accessories in all sorts of shapes and colors as part of their “M4DE Motorola” program, which will include headphones, speakers, cases and much more.

The phone will also be made right here in the United States, where Motorola promises to have it ready and in your hands in four days or less after ordering. What if you spend all this time customizing it only to find you don’t like your color combo when it arrives? Motorola gives you 14 days to return it or get a new design, no questions asked.

Now for the bad news: at launch the MotoMaker and all the great choices that come with it will be locked down to AT&T.

That means that other U.S. Carriers will initially only get the choice of black or white uncustomized versions. On the bright side, the MotoMaker will eventually make it to the rest of the U.S. carriers, though no word on when.

So how about it, do you plan on picking up the Moto X, or are you disappointed by the AT&T exclusivity?


  • Jack Parker

    I didnt get to see it, price, specs? I NEED TO KNOW.

    • MasterMuffin

      Already in AA, just check the latest news

    • Cris

      Go on the Motorola website and scroll all the way to the bottom, there are some specs there.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    at+t isnt a carrier available in germany. Guess we will have exclusive colors at telekom, the most high priced carrier in germany. Since the phone is too expensive already (199$ ON contract, 299 OFF contract, 16GB ofc) this is no option for anyone really. I would consider buying it, if they offered wood (not wood textred PC, real wood), but not even that….byebye moto, welcome nexus 5.

  • Rabid Rotty

    Funny in this mobile and internet age, some people don’t know how to use Google yet.

  • Rauel Crespo

    Wow…a phone…with Galaxy S3 specs…at HTC One prices. With less storage at each price I might add, the 32GB/64GB HTC One is $600/$650 while the Moto X 16GB/32GB is $575/$625….so, for $25 more than the 16GB Moto-X, I can get a 32GB HTC One? AND it has better specs from a 2013 phone!?!?! You know, like a 1080p screen…quad-core A15 based SoC….at least the GPU in the Moto-X is good, the Adreno 320 is a fine GPU…it’s odd tho…tying the old S4 Dual-Core CPU(as used in the Galaxy S3 and HTC One-S) to a modern GPU like the Adreno 320 (as used in the HTC One and Galaxy S4). But, you know what? Apple has gotten away with an archaic A9 based dual-core and a bad-ass SGX544-mp3 GPU, so maybo Moto’s got a point? But, still…that screen resolution, CPU, and limited storage, really shouldn’t command those prices. This should be a $300-$400 phone at max. Either that, or offer something really revolutionary…like Titanic storage options? Why not 64GB as the base and offer up to 256GB? With that storage amount, those prices would be understandable and the device would be revolutionary. Remember, just because storage is cheap, doesn’t mean you should cheapen out on storage!

    • iamtravis182

      They are focusing on user experience, not on specs. It will be competitive for its software merits and features, and to Google fan boys…like me.

      Google/Moto are taking a different approach than HTC and Samsung, one that is not dependent on selling people on numbers and figures, but on quality of experience.

      Now, that is the strategy. Whether it works or not, remains to be seen.

    • APai

      I think they are gunning for good gaming plus longer battery life. if you see that it has plenty of RAM, FullHD is actually pointless on a 5 inch device IMHO. I’d take longer battery life over fullHD. plus pushing all those extra pixels saps battery while gaming, I’ll take HD over FHD

  • Rooney-

    This phone will be a epic failure if it isn’t priced below $300!

  • kremsku

    A tiny typo in the advertisement picture: 16 or 21 MB(!) Not enough storage for me ;)

  • Me

    AT&T… No Go!! I will wait.