Motorola Camera update hits Google Play, introduces manual control of focus and exposure

by: Andrew GrushDecember 12, 2013

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On the very last day of October Motorola brought its Moto X camera app over to Google Play as a way to make quick changes to its camera app without having to deal with pushing out system updates to individual carriers. With that in mind, Motorola Camera has now received a new update to version, which introduces a few small changes.

So what exactly is different? While Motorola’s September camera update brought big changes such as better color accuracy and reduced noise for low-light images, today’s update introduces manual control of focus and exposure, locked exposure during Panorama capture, additional language support and a few unspecified bug fixes.

The latest camera update further highlights just how different the “new” Motorola is from the Motorola of the past.

When KitKat was first announced, we knew that Motorola would likely be one of the first to rollout the update, but no one would have guessed just how quickly they’d get the ball rolling. Separating its special ‘core’ apps and pushing them to Google Play for quicker updating is just another way that Motorola is becoming more like Google and less like a typical Android device maker.

What do you think of Motorola now that Google is (obviously) taking a more active interest in the company’s direction? Impressed or not?

For those that have tried out the latest camera update, what do you think?

  • dogulas

    Wait, manual focus? As in a slider? Or just touch-to-focus? If it’s a slider, that is a first for any android smartphone I know of. I’ve wanted manual focus for a long time!

  • Tega

    Can I install on non Motorola device?

    • Shark Bait

      Nope, won’t work.
      Its only on the play store to make it easy to update

  • vikki

    My lg optimus one p500 had manual focus…. Since than I am missing this feature…

  • GasparIPerez

    Wow.. I think this is awesome. I really hope Google starts making Nexus devices with Motorola, because I dont really like what LG is bringing to the table…
    Anyone here knows what type of screen Moto devices use? I think they use AMOLED, like Samsung.
    If that’s the case, and they start selling high end devices here in Europe (Sweden) I think I’ll be switching from Samsung. IMO Amoled screens are so much better than IPS/LCD/LED displays, better colors and I just hate backlight bleeding…