Moto X appears in clearest image yet, Eric Schmidt apparently talking on it [Update x2: gallery]

July 12, 2013

    Eric Schmidt talking on Moto X

    What looks like the clearest Moto X image to date has made its way online, and the handset is in good company, with Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt apparently talking on it.

    We’ve seen a variety of purported Moto X images so far, but none of them was confirmed. So, unless this is a very clever photoshopped picture, This may be the first confirmation of the Moto X, considering the extensive image galleries available online (see updates at the end of this post).

    Eric Schmidt talking on Moto X

    Full image as posted on Twitter (Click for bigger version) | Image Credit: Gary He

    Earlier today we also looked at a video posted by Robert Scoble in which we think we spotted the handset (the black version) being used to take a photo of an artist performing a song.

    Where was this picture taken, and who was fortunate enough to get that shot of the white Moto X? Gary He, director of operations at Insider Images posted it on Twitter a few hours ago, together with a #sunvalley13 hashtag:

    In case you’re not aware of it, #sunvalley13 stands for the 2013 Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, an annual event that’s attended by a lot of personalities from different fields, including tech.

    In addition to posting the image above, He also shared other pictures on Twitter, mentioning other guests for the event including Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg.

    The Moto X is yet to be official, but the image above tells us the handset looks pretty much like what we expected considering the most recent Moto X leaks. However, we will notice that the speaker on the back of the handset appears to be placed on the right of the camera instead of the left, as it’s seen in the most recent leaked image that shows the handset in black (image below).

    Moto X Leak

    Most recent Moto X image showing the device in black

    That said, we’ll remind you that Verizon is rumored to launch the Moto X on August 23, so whether that’s true or not it still means Motorola has to unveil the handset in the coming weeks – after all, the company did say the phone will launch this summer.

    Update: A gallery of images showing Eric Schmidt talking on the Moto X are available at Insider Images.

    Update 2: has published an extensive gallery of images from the event, and you can check some of the images in the gallery above to see the Moto X from other angles.


    • MasterMuffin

      I think the back looks like One with speakers and M logo, so it’s good design :)

      • OMGgary

        Must say I didn’t really like the blue/red/purple coloured rear shells that appeared about a week ago, but wow, the old faithful white or black look very well indeed on Moto X.

        It looks like the front bezel of the white model is black, so I guess the coloured models will also have black fronts.

        • MasterMuffin

          I didn’t like those weird colors either. It’s good that it has black front because soft keys would look weird with other colors (unless they’re going to make the keys transparent like G2′s)

    • mumusen

      The design on the back reminds me of Nexus 4′s back!

      • Guest

        how? O.o

        • mumusen

          The look-alike of shimmering effect

    • najiy91

      i love every phone that has camera at the top and center.nice design!(“,)

      • Luka Mlinar

        OMG are you for real? O.o

        • najiy91


          • Luka Mlinar

            That’s the 3.5 mm jack on top :/

            • najiy91

              i know that..what i meant is top at the back.cheers(“,)

    • Luka Mlinar


    • TY

      The image on the bottom (along with the whole set of image) are mirrored.

      Actually we already have the phone shown in its full glory in this video:

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      All I can say is holy F ing shit did not see this happening. Its a work of art

    • Connor Bunten

      One thing i would like o point out is that the two pictures do have a difference and that difference is in the speaker grill. The black has a less holes but they’re larger holes but the white has lots of small holes.

      • Dodo

        And the position… right for the white, left for the black ;)

        • Connor Bunten

          maybe it is customizable, or its just because they are prototypes which have not got a final design yet.

    • fresh_TD

      SDCARD slot?

    • mikey

      it looks like a htc one

      • giorat23

        But built of crap PLASTIC. HAHA. HTC ONE all the way the better and good looking device of 2013.

    • dude

      That is seriously one good looking device!

    • Back2Back

      Moto One?

      • Arsal

        its Moto X

        • Back2Back

          I know I was saying because of the body and placements besides the flash and grill it looks like a htc one so I just said moto one

    • Bone

      Why the bulk around the Jack/Camera area? Hopefully it’s indeed packing a Nikon system.

    • queen_Z

      i still use an old sanyo flip phone and am anxiously awaiting this one – people laugh when i say i want a “dumb” smartphone but i don’t need one with all the bells and whistles, i just want to talk, text, and occasionally look things up while out and about at a price point that won’t hurt. here’s hoping the moto x fills the bill.

    • Arsal

      If it’ll be less than $350, will definitely buy it :)

    • IncCo

      Looks nice

    • giorat23

      The plastic copy of the HTC ONE masterpiece of 2013. ;)

    • John Hick
    • needa

      volume rocker :)

    • Endinsight


    • SKI USA

      It does look really slick….

    • tongku04

    • shatner

      i’d wait for the iPhone 6, and then compare which is better.