Punit Soni confirms Android L update for the Moto X

by: Robert TriggsAugust 5, 2014
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Since the announcement of Android L, you have probably wondered whether or not your current handset is in line to receive Google’s updated operating system. We know that Nexus owners are guaranteed to see the update, and now Moto X customers can also add themselves to that list.

In response to a question over Google+ regarding the rollout of an “Android L (5.0)” update for the Moto X, Motorola’s Vice President of Product Management, Punit Soni, simply replied “Yup”. It might not be much, and we still don’t have an exact timetable for the update, but it’s a reassuring confirmation for Moto X owners nonetheless.

Although the Moto X receives the regular Nexus-like update treatment, there was some confusion over whether or not the device would be receiving Android L. Back in June, a fake Motorola Facebook account claimed that the Moto X and Moto G would be updated to Android L, but Motorola announced that the information was not genuine and that it should be disregarded.

Whilst there’s no official news on the Moto G front yet, Moto X users can rest assured that their device will see Android L, and could in fact be one of the first to boot up the new operating system, if the KitKat update was anything to go by. Android L is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

  • wezi427

    This phone has received great support. I hope that Lenevo keeps it up when they take over.

  • Pika Tiu

    Best decision on buying the Moto X! Love it! It feels we are cared by Motorola!

    • nerd

      I was I’m two minds weather to buy a moto x or nexus 5 and I got the nexus 5 for some reason and I’m kicking my self now, its fast but the Camera, screen, speakers and battery are far inferior on the nexus 5 whereas the moto x excels far greater in these area, how I envy you

      • Mur

        Nexus 5 screen is better, camera and speakers are about on par.

        • nerd

          I know resolution wise it is as the n5 is full HD whereas the moto x is 720p but its still HD and you won’t see the pixels and it is an amoled display and they use less power and are thinner displays and give more vibrant colour rich images

  • Juan A C

    Yeah hopefully Lenovo will continue this awesome Motorola that we are seeing now.
    Here in Argentina Moto G is selling faster than bread, last week I was looking one for my mother and there just no stock, it’s sold out everywhere

    • thartist

      Oh, otro argentino en AA!

  • Sunik Shakya

    Will Moto G get it?

  • Nicholas Khooi

    Gotta love my Moto X

  • T.J.

    Who was doubting that the Moto X would get the update? It’s only one year old, after all.

  • Umer

    I am just looking forward to Android L for my Moto X”