ActiveNotifications for Android update brings support for non-AMOLED screens and Android 4.1 devices

August 12, 2013
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    ActiveNotifications - moto x active display
    Through a clever bit of programming, Android users got the gift of a Moto X Active Display simulator for whatever phone they happened to have — provided that it had an AMOLED screen and ran Android 4.3 — from an XDA-Developers forum member last week. Now, it appears that support for non-AMOLED screens and an older version of Android has been added to it as well, thanks to a recent software update that you’ll do good to take a look at.

    Dubbed ActiveNotifications, this Moto X feature simulator was first made available through the Google Play Store and is now on version 1.5. It’s still a work in progress, as it was in the beginning, and besides broader device support, it has also received a number of bug fixes.

    According to the official ActiveNotifications Google Play Store page, the latest version adds improved SMS notifications on the Galaxy S2/S3/S4 and HTC One, a fix for the known clock cut-off issue, a bigger main notification icon, and a few more useful changes.

    To get the latest version of ActiveNotification for Android on your own device, simply follow the link below.



    • SeraZR™

      Wouldn’t it drain battery like hell on LCD screens?

      • mahkie

        yup. it surely would.

        • SeraZR™

          thank god i have an AMOLED screen :3 :3

        • mobilemann

          i use this on iOS all the time, (it’s been built in since iOS 3 or 4) and it’s fine, as long as there is a time out on the screen.

    • Andreas Polycarpou

      Is it available for Cyprus?

      • I_Love_Samsung_But_Not_Lag!!!

        εν εχω ιδεα!!!!!!!

    • perko

      i have on my nexus 4 and battery drains in 10 hours on standby

      • mobilemann

        wow, more than expected, the battery stats back this up, or you just noticed the time difference?

    • tottyrice

      that’s why it’s better for phones w an AMOLED screen; where only the white part of the icons are lit up.

    • Daniel

      Tried the app but the screen lights up when the phone is in my pocket:-/

      • Daniel

        Nexus 4.

        • mobilemann

          your solution to him is to buy a phone half way through it’s life cycle?

          • cccccc

            N4 was a good phone at launch. It is still a good phone and will be for quite a while. Sorry to break your consumerism wet dream.

            • mobilemann

              we are just over 2 months from it being replaced. I’m not sure it’s good advice is all i was saying.

    • Ben Enos

      I am very impressed with this team of developers. They really seem to be working very hard to make this app work for everyone and fix all the bugs. I have tried a couple other of the apps from them too and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of them all, especially considering they were totally free with o ads or in app purchases. I only tried it out of curiosity and honestly didn’t expect to like it or keep it, but after two updates now, it’s become pretty functional.

    • copper

      wow developers amaze me everyday what do they actually major in I know a degree is not enough to develop apps but if I have to major could someone suggest something related to developing

    • Nik

      I have it on my nexus 7 (2013). Works fine but screws with daydream
      It won’t go into daydream on the charger if I get a notification