Moto Maker reportedly coming to T-Mobile this Friday, Sprint to follow on the 11th of November

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2013

Moto X

The Moto X might not be a beast from a hardware perspective, but the handset packs quite a few unique features including its active display technology, touchless control and plenty of other special software enhancements that help the handset provide an excellent user experience.

Unfortunately, the handset’s biggest selling point is still just limited to AT&T — we’re talking about handset customization. Changing up the handset’s accent, back cover and front allows users to truly make their devices stand out from a crowd. But what if you rock another carrier like Sprint or T-Mobile? The good news is that your day is finally coming!

According to a new tweet from @evleaks, the Moto Maker will arrive to T-Mobile this Friday, November 8th. While the tweet doesn’t give us any other details, yesterday @evleaks posted up a picture showing wood back options in the Moto Maker — so perhaps this feature will rollout on Friday as well? Of course that’s just speculation on our part.


Aside from T-Mobile, earlier today Android Central got their hands on a memo that claims Sprint will be bringing the Moto Maker to their network on November 11th. If true, that means all that’s left is U.S. Cellular and Verizon. It’s still uncertain if U.S. Cellular will even get the feature, though it is still believed the Big Red will at least get Moto Maker access eventually.

Keep in mind that neither of these alleged dates have been verified, so speculation is certainly advised. If the Moto Maker does come to Sprint and T-mobile soon, will you pick up the Moto X? Conversely, has the release of newer devices like the LG Nexus 5 and Note 3 dampened your interest in Motorola’s latest?

  • jonathan3579

    Now if they’ll just drop the price of the T-Mobile version too.

    • moises1204


  • Gimme the Wood Back

    Wood backs still “Coming Soon”… I’ve been holding out for awhile now as an ATT customer. Hopefully they’ll ship with KitKat by the time they get wood backs.

  • Tylerstravis

    TOO LATE… Loving my Nexus 5.

    • Damon Nevils

      Im not really impressed with my 5… I think I’m going to return it and get the Moto X.

      • Tylerstravis

        At that price unblocked with contract that’s blazing fast? I’m loving it.

  • Sarah Lyman

    I just hope a 32 GB version becomes available on Verizon. I’ll take Moto Maker too, but second to the 32 GB version.

  • aaron

    I’m mostly waiting for the 32gb version to come to T-Mobile, but moto maker would be nice. And getting the knocked down price would be nice too.

  • Finally! Except now I’m waiting for the Moto G announcement, and then maybe a review. Unless they drop the price on the T-Mobile Moto X to less than $500.

  • wanting a new phone

    while chatting with Motorola cust service on 11-10 via online chat, about getting a 32GB Moto X for T-mobile, I was told rather than getting the Dev. Edition with the 32GB, I’d be able to order a reg 32GB phone starting Monday, Nov 11th.