June 8, 2009
DIY Android Home Energy Monitor

DIY Android Home Energy Monitor

Moto Labs, part of cell phone manufacturer Motorola’s R&D efforts, posted late last month about an Android-based home power use monitoring system it has developed.  In a nutshell, the system runs Android and uses external wireless cameras to take photographs of a home’s power meters, uploads the photos to Flickr.com, and then analyzes the photos to determine the power consumption rate – viewable through an online Google Gadget.

You can learn more at the Moto Labs website.

The entire system runs not on a phone, but rather a BeagleBoard – a relatively low cost computer board that runs a TI OMAP processor.  The BeagleBoard is available for US$149.  You can learn more about the BeagleBoard itself over at BeagleBoard.org.

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