Moto Labs introduces Android based home energy use monitor

by Michael OrylJune 8, 2009
DIY Android Home Energy Monitor

DIY Android Home Energy Monitor

Moto Labs, part of cell phone manufacturer Motorola’s R&D efforts, posted late last month about an Android-based home power use monitoring system it has developed.  In a nutshell, the system runs Android and uses external wireless cameras to take photographs of a home’s power meters, uploads the photos to, and then analyzes the photos to determine the power consumption rate – viewable through an online Google Gadget.

You can learn more at the Moto Labs website.

The entire system runs not on a phone, but rather a BeagleBoard – a relatively low cost computer board that runs a TI OMAP processor.  The BeagleBoard is available for US$149.  You can learn more about the BeagleBoard itself over at