‘Moto G’ link appears on Motorola’s website, has since been removed

by: Andrew GrushOctober 29, 2013


Just last week a new Motorola trademark showed up for the name “Moto G”. Since then we’ve heard several reports claiming that Moto G will be the official name for the upcoming budget version of the Moto X, previously called the Motorola DVX.

In reality, we have yet to see any real proof that Motorola plans to use the trademark name anytime soon – until today.

A little over an hour ago the first reports came in revealing that Motorola’s website had been updated to include a button labeled “Moto G”. Clicking the link would bring users to a non-existent webpage “www.moto-g.com”.

As these kinds of “accidents” go, it didn’t take long before the link was completely removed, but it certainly got our attention. Although the mishap doesn’t prove the Moto G’s launch is imminent, it certainly lends credence to the idea.

So what do we actually know about the Moto G (aka Moto DVX)? Nothing officially, though the rumor mill claims the device will have a 4.5-inch ‘non-super AMOLED’ display, a dual-SIM slot, removable colored backs and the same X8 computing system found on the Moto X. We have also heard that pricing for the Moto G (DVX) will be around $200 – $250 outright.

It seems hard to believe that Motorola could offer the phone for such a low price considering it doesn’t seem terribly different from the existing Moto X – so speculation is certainly advised. Perhaps Motorola will actually cut back on the processors for the Moto G, too? Only time will tell for sure.

What do you think, would you be interested in a lower-cost version of the Moto X or are you more interested in picking up the Nexus 5 when it arrives?

  • Tanner Hoyt

    Uh-oh. Here we go again. We can’t even get our hands on the Nexus 5 before Google teases another phone.

  • NeedName

    the pricing still seems far fetched.

    • adam evans

      I dont see it being that off. The nexus 4 was about $250 and had much higher specs for the time of launch. Using motos own chip and 720p screen isnt going to be particularly expensive now

      • Cole Raney

        But it is Not much different than the moto x and that thing is a lot more expensive.

        • adam evans

          Moto x is made in america and customised which adds costs. Copying the internals also saves time and money on testing new hardware and software

          • Cole Raney

            I won’t deny being made in America makes it cost more, but not 3 times as much. You have a good point about copying the internals.

  • RanRu

    There are plenty of Android phones that are sub-$200 (even sub-$100) outright. And it’s not like the software is costing them anything extra. If Motorola can do with that hardware what they did with the year-old tech in the Moto X, I don’t see this being all that farfetched.

  • Ugo Marceau

    I’m wondering how such a phone would work without an Amoled screen. In the Moto X, the Amoled screen was used to show notifications without wasting energy because the Amoled can light up only certain pixels and the rest of the screen remains off. Put an LCD or any other screen in there and you can’t light up only part of the screen. I think it’ll still be an amoled but maybe just an older version of it…

    • RanRu

      I assume by “non-super AMOLED” screen they mean an AMOLED screen which is not super.

    • Diazene

      it’s only on for a short time, and when it’s not in your pocket or on it’s face

      actually, I think LCD is quite better for always-on screens, they don’t bun-in

  • adam evans

    moto had better make this one available world wide other wise they can say good bye to seeing a profit any time soon!

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      I’m guessing the “G” stands for global not mention the dual sim cards…

      • adam evans

        global! good thought. we need a decent dual sim device here in the UK! their are just non

  • John Locke

    They should launch a Moto phone outside the US.

    • cretinick

      Moto X already been launched outside the US, you know?

      • Begstodiffer

        Canada & mexico don’t count! How about UK EU & OZ?

        • cretinick

          I’m not talking about Canada or Mexico. There is more in the world besides North America and Europe, you know?

      • John Locke

        Really? I meant they should launch it outside North America then.

        • cretinick

          I Know…
          We have it in Brazil (South America) about a month after the US launch. Probably others countries in the Mercosul have it too.

  • cretinick

    What about the camera?
    If it is the same, OK.
    If it is better, great!
    If it is worse… If it is worse… then will be a dealbreaker

  • daniel

    dual sim device sounds good and i wouldn’t mind a lower clocked chipset with 1gb ram, a lower 5 or 8mp rear cam, 1.3 front cam but resolution must remain the same

  • dual sim device for developing markets, isnt it?

  • MrDivaNYC

    i thought the Moto X WAS a BUDGET phone? LMAO! hahahahahahaha!
    BBM Me: 7B725FA9