Upcoming Moto E allegedly spotted side-by-side the Moto G

by: Andrew GrushMay 9, 2014


Less than an hour ago, we reported on the possibility of several new Moto G variants that could be on their way in the not-too-distant future. It seems that’s not the only Motorola related news we have for you today, as the Moto E has now allegedly be spotted in an image that shows it side-by-side the Moto G.

The image comes to us by way of Android Police, and apparently was originally posted up by someone on Motorola’s Mexico Facebook page. As you can see, the image shows a device to the right that looks admittedly a bit cheaper than the Moto G, as well as a little smaller. The aesthetics are also clearly different, and it seems to be lacking a front-facing camera. It does, however, feature what appears to be a light sensor next to the ear piece. While the lack of a front-facing camera is a bit annoying, if this handset is sub-$100 like many rumors suggest, we really aren’t terribly surprised.

As for the specs? While the image doesn’t give anything new away, previous rumors indicate the handset will be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 1GB of RAM. Other specs include a 5MP rear cam, a 4.3-inch display, 4GB storage, a 1900 mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Obviously the specs aren’t exactly impressive, but the price sure is. The main target of the device will be emerging markets, though it could very likely show up in major markets as a low-cost/prepaid option as well.

We still don’t know much solid information about this alleged device, but thankfully we don’t have much longer to wait, as the low-cost Motorola handset is expected to formally be unveiled May 13th. For now, we’d take the above image with a grain of salt, though it could very well be the real deal.

  • João Grácio

    Moto E = Game changer

    • MasterMuffin

      Definitely not!

      • Mohammed Azoz

        +1 :P — a phone looking ugly + no spics
        only samsung sells such ugly Phones and make profits Tho ..

    • Shark Bait

      Its a bit hard to say that now, but if it is sub 100, then it could be!

  • lalala

    bottom is a speaker?

  • Hope this isn’t it lol, looks like a brick. But for a low cost device, I guess they have to cut some things. Maybe it’s that color, looks ugly in white.

  • Luka Mlinar

    If the plan was to make an ugly phone they succeeded.

    • MasterMuffin

      :D That looks really cheap!

      • Mohammed Azoz

        But why ?! u already got the Cheapest available with kitkat + good spics -.-

        • Luka Mlinar

          Maybe they can go cheaper.

          • Mohammed Azoz

            But that’s not Cheaper , that’s Crap … they ‘re following samsung like this :D
            and not All can Go Samsung’s Style :D

          • RanRu

            We have to wait and see. If they can make cheaper devices that still run smoothly, there’s no reason not to. The problem with Samsung’s cheap phones is that they run like cheap phones.

  • Ayush

    I think lenovo designed the body, thats why it’s so ugly!

  • guest

    those bezels……………..

  • RanRu

    The Nokia Lumia 520 has a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 512MB RAM, a 5 MP camera, and manages to keep the SD slot, all for $65 off-contract.
    Why is it so hard to put Android 4.4 on a phone with the same specs? KitKat was specifically designed to run on phones exactly like that.

    • RanRu

      Also, the phone really isn’t that ugly, it just has bigish bezels and a weird silver thing on the bottom. If it were black, and the back similar to the Moto G, it’s actually pretty attractive for a cheap handset.

    • Omran Terro

      Cause android needs 1 gb ram minimum to function properly.

      • RanRu

        KitKat was specifically designed to run [smoothly] on devices with dual-core processors, 512 MB of RAM, and qHD resolution. They even adapted a Nexus 4 with those specs for testing purposes.


        • Omran Terro

          Yes I know but even with kitkat 512mb ram phones lag.

          • RanRu

            I don’t know of any phone with 512MB of RAM that has no bloat and is coded wellwell enough to run smoothly. The whole point of the Moto E is that if Motorola is able to make a phone like that, then they’re proving that it is possible, and they’re setting a new standard for other manufacturers’ cheap phones.

  • Brian Shieh

    This vs Nokia X family?

  • That hardware bloat on the front… If they remove all that and make a plain front like the G it’ll be better looking *and* cheaper to make.

  • radduci