Moto G root already available

by: Chris SmithNovember 30, 2013


Despite being available only in some markets, the affordable Moto G has already been rooted, allowing users to further customize their Android experience on Motorola’s newest handset.

The Moto G root has been made available by MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien, and the procedure is available to anybody interested in rooting their device – we’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to root your devices, and that you’ll be the only person responsible for whatever happens during such procedures.

In order to root your handset, you’re first going to have to head over to Motorola’s website in order to unlock Moto G’s bootloader. The process will wipe your phone’s data, so make sure backup your data before going forward. Also worth remembering is that unlocking the bootloader of the Moto G, even if done directly via Motorola’s website, will also void the warranty of your handset.

Moto G Root

The Moto G root works on the off-contract Moto G sold by various retailers, but it’s unclear whether it will work on carrier versions of the handset. In order to go further with the process, make sure you follow the available instructions posted on MoDaCo forums (see Source link below).

In order to see the Moto G in action, check out our hands-on video with the handset.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Only reason i would root a phone is to change the ROM and I kind of find it pointless changing the ROM on this phone since it benchmarks over the N4. Yet considering the specs the N4 should benchmark well over the G.

    • Leandro Brandão

      i just root because i cant live without greenify anymore, is so good as a battery saver for me

      • gommer strike

        And don’t forget the lovely ability to block ads with root. It’s great using apps and never seeing what would have been annoying and irritating ads.

        • asd

          And don’t forget you can backup apps with theirddata

    • Salaried tips

      It beats the n4 in quadrant which with antutu are worst most unreliable benchmarks. Check the geek bench, 3dmark and gfx bench scores

      • Luka Mlinar

        Good or bad Antutu has become the standard.

    • There are many more things to do with a rooted phone, not only just playing with roms and wallpapers..

  • Valtheus

    Probably i won’t take the root road with my Moto G. I do have another smartphone to fool around so intend to keep this one sharp.

  • Shaquille Noel

    Hoping to win the giveaway so i could root my Moto G :D

  • Miller Pilsner

    Anyone who’s rooted their G, can you edit or add/save additional apn settings afterwards? I can’t do so.