Moto G will start shipping in India on Thursday, starting from Rs. 12,499

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 5, 2014

Motorola Moto G aa 8

The Moto G will start selling in India this Thursday from retailer Flipkart, Motorola announced today.

The Moto G, which first launched in November, is one of the phones that impressed us the most in 2013, thanks to its super attractive price and great specifications. The 4.5-inch device will be available in India for Rs. 12,499 (approximately $200 at today’s course) for the 8GB model, and 13,999 ($225) for the 16GB version. As the Moto G lacks an SD card slot, the higher capacity version seems like the best choice, especially if you want to pack a lot of media on the go.

The Moto G is available in India in a dual-SIM version.

Flipkart will be offering the Moto G starting from Thursday, though it’s already listed on the website. The retailer will have a period of exclusivity on the device, even though some other local retailers have also listed the Moto G as coming soon.

To make the deal sweeter, Flipkart is throwing in discounts on ebooks and clothing products for every Moto G customer, as well as a massive 70 percent discount on the Moto G colored shells.

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The main specs of the Moto G include a 4.5-inch HD LCD display, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, and 1GB of RAM. The device runs Android 4.3 out of the box, but KitKat should grace it “in a matter of days”. As an added bonus, each buyer receives 50GB of Drive storage.

Are you buying the Moto G? What devices available in India can match the Moto G in terms of bang for the buck? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks, Deepak!

  • nagateja

    This is Dual sim version only. Single sim variants are Unavailable. They come with 4.3out of box and no idea on Kitkat yet :(

    • Sriniketh Ramachandran

      it comes with a guaranteed upgrade to 4.4 :)

      • nagateja

        But thing is greedy geeks like me cant sleep because the single sim version internationally already has kitkat. Even then thats a great buy. Undoubtedly

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I think only local manufacturer devices can compete with the Moto G, though they all have not so great displays (in quality, not resolution) and weaker chipsets, but they do offer the advantage of a microSD card. But for those that don’t want local devices, Moto G won’t have any match, except for Nokia’s Windows Phone devices (though those have WVGA screens, no front cameras, dual-core processors at this range, not that the last point matters for that well-optimized OS.) Motorola’s gonna do good, though the online-only model will cause issues..

    • tocsin

      Yes they optimize the os so well you don’t need a front facing camera lol I guess you meant first point not last point

    • nagateja

      The online only issue would be a matter of time. Definitely. Because even the Nexus 5was available soon with all brick and mortar retailers at same price as that of play store.

  • Vikhyath Kamath

    Under 20k there’s absolutely no competition for moto g at least for a year. Only the Samsung galaxy grand 2 can compete with it..but that is double the price of moto g!!

  • parth m

    Moto g is gr8 and has potential but it isnt that it does not hav competition locals like micromax are a big threat. They are of good quality too( some of em) and the chipset in moto g isnt new its old (abhijeet). Kitkat will come in not much time(nagateja). I can say this cause im usin one (local)and im satisfied with it at this price

    • nagateja

      Issue comes when u compare the reliability than raw specs. Definitely Moto G has superior build quality and even if the update is sligghtly delayed, it is guaranteed. But the so called “Local” generally dont update the OS.
      And the chipset mighy not be the best beast till date but it is from a faster, high quality chip maker Qualcomm, the so called “Local” has the Mediatek processors, even if they are Octacore, they perform a bit underpowered. No offense.

  • Jayfeather787

    Great for price.

  • Deepak

    Yo’re Welcome Bogdan.

  • Naveen

    Bought 16GB version just after 5 mins of release. Its a steal for the price with good offers from Flipkart.