Moto G now shipping from Amazon

by: Derek ScottDecember 16, 2013

Motorola Moto G aa 17

For all you budget hunters out there, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon is now shipping the Moto G. Previously delayed by weather problems, our Moto G pre-order was shipped from Amazon on December 15. And in case you haven’t seen how good a budget smartphone can be. Here’s our review of the Moto G.

Buy Moto G now from Amazon – 8GB ($179.99)  / 16GB (199.99)

Let us know your thoughts on the Moto G down below. Will you be picking one up?

  • AndroidBoss

    This is the best budget phone.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      we know

    • [A]dri[A]n

      I think the BLU Life Play is a better budget phone. That’s just my personal opinion though. For $20 more you get better cameras (they’re really nice) SD slot, thinner and lighter phone, removable battery with amazing battery life and a larger (absolutely gorgeous) display. They also use the same processor. The only thing I could think of that’s better about the Moto G is the timely software updates you’ll probably get :P

      • Tuấn Ankh

        Build quality is not so good though. Many people reported bad micro USB connector which broke after a 2 months. I have one. The wall charger failed a few weeks ago for no reason. It already killed 2 of my microSd cards while using (that’s more than $40 lost for me xD). The cameras are somewhat good for photos (a lot of noise when it lacks sun light), but recording videos is quite bad. It also records in .3gp file. Like… seriously? The processor is not the same. It’s at 1.2 ghz, but the speed is waay worse. It cannot handle gaming as well as the Moto G. I’ve tried Ironman 3 and a few other intense games. The snapdragon 400 with Adreno 305 is much better than the mediatek cpu and the gpu of the Life Play. In fact, many games aren’t even supported, like Asphalt 8, Thor TDW, and more. In the US, the BLU also loses as in signal reception and data (you won’t notice when you are in the area with strong 3g coverage). It does not have T-Mobile 1700mhz 3g band either.
        But yeah, the display of the Life Play is gorgeous. I really like the display.

        I don’t have anything against you, man. I just don’t want people to fall for BLU phones. The sd card issue may not be on every device, but the performance and data connection of the Life Play are no good comparing to the Moto G. I would love to sell my unit to get a Moto G instead.

  • I bought my dad a Moto G on Friday night and it arrived this afternoon. It’s the T-Mobile compatible US 16GB edition. I’ve been testing it out all afternoon. So far I think it’s a huge improvement over his existing HTC Evo 3D

    • NeedName

      I’m curious how it works on T-Mobile. What speeds are you getting? Do you know if it is only on the 1900Mhz band?

      Keep reading people talking about the 1700Mhz band for T-Mo, however I thought that required the 2100Mhz with it. . . the info for T-Mo has been a little confusing. . . as it usually is.

      • We haven’t made the switch yet (we’re waiting for VM to get us some account info so we can port his number), but I’ll get back to you on the speeds.

  • Shark Bait

    Moto x in the rest of the world please …..

    • Jesus


  • Cao Meo

    I don’t know if the G keeps that great price when it reaches developing markets, or this is just another subsidized phone from Google.

  • Wavefunction Collapse

    Canada? Or are we stuck with the more expensive, carrier-specific 8GB version?

  • drew550

    I too am very interested in whether this phone is decent, in the TMobile world. Hard to find information about compatibility and functionality, with a particular carrier.

  • Diego

    In Brazil there is a unlocked Moto G 16Gb Dual-SIM Music Edition (comes with a Sol Republic Tracks Air) and costs R$699,00 (about 300USD)

  • sonofaintnobodylikejesus

    I ordered my Moto G from Motorola the 9th of Dec. Today 12/18 it has not shipped. They said they would be shipping yesterday. The also said they were upgrading to overnight/etc… but it doesn’t matter if it never ships…

    • sonofaintnobodylikejesus

      Called them up… Now it will be delivered before Dec 24…