Watch the Moto G launch livestream here

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 13, 2013

The Moto G launch livestream is scheduled to start at 9AM EST, live from Motorola’s Sao Paulo, Brazil event.

After the much-hyped Moto X, the first phone designed in the Google-era, Motorola is gearing up to launch a less impressive, but potentially more disruptive follow-up: the Moto G.

The Moto G will cost around $200 unlocked, and for that money, users will get a decent entry-level device that promises to get most jobs done without a fuss. Unlike the Moto X, which is still only available in the Americas, the Moto G will have a much wider international release. The device already leaked extensively, with several retailers putting up listings ahead of today’s launch. The latest rumor suggests we may get to see the Moto X in stores as soon as tomorrow.

Check out the official info on the Moto G specs, features, price, and release date, and enjoy the livestream!

  • Devon McFarlane

    Well I kind of get their point and I’m sure their battery life claims will be tested but the Snapdragon 400 is sort of last years processor (with tweaks) or am I wrong?

    No mention of active notifications either

    • Tuan Ankh

      last year processor, but it’s not bad at all. :D
      You won’t find any decent smartphone with this year processor for less than $300. The S4 mini has dual core Snap 400 and it costs twice as much, I believe.

  • miko

    should of started already