Cheap phone meets expensive car in Moto G Ferrari Edition

May 14, 2014

    motorola moto g ferrari edition

    Motorola is gearing up to introduce a special Ferrari Edition of the popular Moto G. The device, featuring a Kevlar back and prominent Ferrari branding, will initially launch in Mexico starting from June for 4,999 pesos (around $387.)

    The Moto G Ferrari Edition may look like a million dollars, but its insides are exactly the same as the regular Moto G LTE’s, which Motorola just launched worldwide along the even cheaper Moto E. More precisely, you get a 4.5-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 400 processor, 16GB of storage expandable via microSD, and the much clamored for LTE connectivity. For the record, the Moto G LTE costs 1,000 pesos ($77) less than the Ferrari Edition.

    The black and red theme is, we must admit, quite an improvement over the utilitarian look of the standard Moto G. But what else do you get besides the bragging rights? Not much it turns out – perks include Ferrari themed content (think wallpapers and ringtones) and a special range of Ferrari branded accessories.

    Leaving aside the curious association between a super luxury car brand and an entry-level smartphone, it’s not the first time phone makers have teamed up with luxury brands for exclusive editions. Porsche, Prada, or Bucheron are some of the best known examples.

    No word yet on the international availability of the Moto G Ferrari Edition.


    • MasterMuffin

      Buying this phone makes absolutely no sense

      • Mayoo

        It will attract some iPhone users, you know the type that like to flash a classy device without knowing what’s inside or how to use it.

        • MasterMuffin

          That’s just stupid generalising! All iPhone users know that they have a battery inside their device ;D

          • Tsadok Salomon

            A battery that last less than half a day :-(

            • kieraeastedi321

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            • Seth Forbus

              I know its popular to hate on the Galaxy S 5, but with the extreme power saving mode it has I’ve gone over a week.

            • Tsadok Salomon

              We are talking about the iPhone right?
              Almost every phone out there have better battery life then the iPhone :-(

            • Seth Forbus

              Try telling an iSheep that.

            • Tsadok Salomon

              Ohhhhh I know they are so a*** about it so sad well it’s their loss and Our gain:-)

    • Luka Mlinar

      200$ for a different plastic cover. Not only are they unable to win a race, i expect they will have the same luck selling phones :D

    • Piotr Rogulski

      Just different wallpaper and back cover…

      • David Bowline

        It is Kevlar and I’m sure they had to pay Ferrari something for the branding rights.

    • David Bowline

      I’m a little confused. The Moto G LTE costs $200 and the Ferrari ed., costs $387 (4,999 pesos). How pray tell, is that a difference of $77 (1,000 pesos)?

      • cycle454

        1000 pesos correlates to $77. not $77 less than the ferrari edition.

        • Ben Edwards

          Your comment doesn’t answer the above question at all.

          • rafael ceja

            The cost of the Moto G LTE in Mexico is 3999 pesos, about 310 dollars. If you want to purchase the Ferrari edition (in Mexico) it will be an additional 1000 pesos, about 77 dollars.

            • Ben Edwards

              That is a much more useful answer!

    • RanRu

      Less expensive than I expected, given the trend of other “luxury” tech products.
      I would be interested in being able to buy just a Kevlar back (without the Ferrari badge).

    • Jose Torres

      So we are paying a $208 premium for a different back cover, plus the word Ferrari on the front?