Motorola may be preparing several Moto G variants: Moto G 4G, 3G 4GB, and Cinema

by: Andrew GrushMay 9, 2014

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Come May 13th we know Motorola will unveil at least one new handset that will supposedly be “price for all”. Unfortunately, that’s really all can confirm about the event.

Some rumors suggest the event will showcase an upcoming device that will be much lower priced than the Moto G and could debut under the name Moto E, but again, there’s really no solid proof just yet. Adding more confusion to the wait, Motorola seems to be gearing up for a release of at least a few other new handsets including the Moto X’s successor X+1. Now it seems that three new variants of the Moto G might also be in the works.

Turning to these newer Moto G devices, they will allegedly go by the names Moto G 3G 4GB, Moto G 4G and the Moto G Cinema. Evidence of the first two devices comes to us by way of Russian-based, where they spotted placeholders for the Moto G 4G and the Moto 3G. This isn’t the first time that Motorola has unintentionally revealed more information about their devices through a website placeholder, as the same thing recently happened with the Moto X+1.


The placeholder pages really don’t tell us anything solid about the devices, and while they list pricing, odds are the pricing is also merely a placeholder. This does make us wonder what these two handsets are all about, though. If we had to take a guess, we’d say both of these handsets are probably minor variants of the original Moto G as opposed to full-fledged successors. For the Moto G 4G the only major change could be LTE, and the Moto G 3G may likely be the same handset we know and love but with the memory reduced down to 4GB.

As for the Moto G Cinema? Once again, evidence of this device’s existence comes through a placeholder on Motorola’s website, though the source this time is @evleaks.

Although the Moto 3G/4G are interesting enough, the Moto G Cinema really has us curious. Is it a redesigned handset with better speakers? A larger screen? A higher resolution? Or maybe all three? We really don’t know, but the mention of “Cinema” in the name makes it obvious that the focus will likely be on better speakers and/or the display.

We might not know much about Motorola’s upcoming devices, but it’s pretty clear that Motorola has something big up its sleeves. How much longer until they show their hand? Although we anticipate at least one handset unveil on May 13th, there’s a pretty good chance that at least a few of these upcoming devices won’t be formally unveiled until sometime later this summer.

  • Azeem

    Most likely, the Cinema will be with a larger screen and better speakers.

    • Jaime

      Probably just better (maybe front facing? ) speakers. This is a budget phone after all, a larger screen or better resolution (it already has HD after all) would increase the price too much.

  • TrixzD

    4gb moto g wonder if they ll put a micro SD slot in that 4gb is too little for a phone with no SD slot

  • wezi427

    How much of a price difference is there going to be between a 4G and 3G? Since I’m on Verizon’s network buying a cheaper phone off contract will allow me to keep my unlimited data. I hope that they offer a variety storage options. 64GB internal storage would be awesome, but I’ll settle for 32GB.

  • Silvantis Hardy

    don’t know why but when I heard cinema I instantly thought improved camera and video recording. If they do bump up screen size, resolution, and/or internal storage wouldn’t that defeat the premise of the Moto G as being an affordable smart phone? Or perhaps Motorola took a page from OnePlus and some how found a way to pack all current specs into an affordable phone. Guess we’ll see.