Leak: Moto G will reach LTE speeds with today’s announcement

by: Edgar CervantesMay 13, 2014

Moto G Outdoor Portrait AA 1600px

Motorola just can’t keep its devices behind the veils! The Moto X+1, Moto E and Moto G variants have been all over the news lately. We are now seeing what could be the very last leak (probably not) before the official announcement, this time coming straight from Amazon.com.

The popular online retailer has listed a couple Moto G versions labeled as “Black Universal LTE” and “White Universal LTE”. This bit of evidence is not in plain sight. You must go to the “other sellers” section of the Moto G. Both versions will show up as options, but clicking on them will take you nowhere.


No new details on the rumored Moto G Cinema and the Moto G 4GB have emerged yet. These two devices were recently leaked along with the LTE version, though, so we might also see them tomorrow. The former should be a media-focused smartphone. It’s assumed it will feature a larger display, better resolution and/or improved sound.

Meanwhile, the rumored Moto G 4GB should simply be the current Moto G’s successor. In addition, we are hoping to see the Moto E, which should be even more affordable than the Moto G. Is that even possible? We are not sure, but we will see more about this at tomorrow’s Motorola announcement.

I am truly excited to see what Motorola has for us. The device continues to be one of our favorite cheap smartphones and it is Motorola’s most successful smartphone to date. For under $200 (and some of these could be even cheaper), the Moto G series is a true winner! Can Motorola beat themselves this year?

  • The Moto E sounds great for people that have been putting off getting a smartphone. I think for someone looking for an affordable smartphone the Moto G is still the best value. Now with 4G LTE, I can finally recommend this for Android lovers on a budget (ie: my mom).

  • Arvin

    I’m in love with my Moto G. The only device I’m using purely stock at the moment because I don’t feel like I need to mess with it: battery life is great, build quality is excellent, speaker is loud. And for it’s price point, man this little guy can sure perform. :)

  • Jonathan TAM

    This isn’t really relevant but is the moto G better or the xperia v better. People say xperia v has a good build quality.