moto 360 on charger review

We are hearing from a long string of Moto 360 users stating that the latest update to their Android Wear powered Motorola smartwatch has increased battery life in a big way.

The majority of conversation is taking place over on Reddit, with one of the most dramatic cases reporting 30 hours off the charger and an amazing 53% battery remaining.

To get this level of awesome battery life you’ll need to turn off Ambient Mode on your Moto 360. If that is not desirable to you, no worries, Ambient Mode has also undergone some tweaking, which will dim the display and run a minimal clock, that also has improved battery life, just nothing as good as when ambient is turned off, sorry.

The update we are talking about is Build# KGW42R. While looking at that software version on your Moto 360, tap on it to see that you are running Android Wear version


We were all worried when Motorola announced the specs of the Moto 360, then shortly after when it was revealed, and promptly disputed by Motorola, that the Moto 360 has only a tiny 300mAh battery installed. This battery size and some immediate reviews of the watch seemed would be the death of the highly anticipated round-faced smartwatch, reporting the need to charge the watch twice daily. Thankfully, this has proven false, with most users able to get through their day without much issue. Not even the ‘outdated’ processor slowed things down, as the Moto 360 is still sold out at most retailers.

The new update, in addition to new display controls, is said to poll Bluetooth far less frequently, resulting in another huge bump in battery performance. Here again, users are reporting that the Moto 360 is still working great as a Trusted Bluetooth Device to unlock your connected Android device.

If you are suffering poor battery life on your Motorola Moto 360, have a quick check for the KGW42R update.

Have you been holding off purchasing the Moto 360 because of the poor battery life reports? Will you grab one now? If you’ve got the watch and update already, let us know how it’s going for you?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • venorme

    I hold on buying Moto 360 not because of battery but coz of it being unavaliable in my region. And resellers want almost 2x of the original price

    • Hisham

      actually they’re getting cheaper on ebay, the other day an auction ended for $270 with 0 bids, but after checking with my current location i have to pay %46 taxes for any smartwatch, means i have to pay over $400 without the shipping :/

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    • nos

      i fall for that :( i bought mine today for 350$ , i just couldn’t wait any longer

  • Alexandre

    I m french and it’s still not availeble on my country for the moment , it should be this week ^^

  • geekco

    Not available in Portugal , waiting for it . But i’m probably going for the LG G Watch R .

  • Duncan_J

    I’d it was available in Australia from an importer I trusted I’d already own it.

  • Android Developer

    How well do the other competitors do with their batteries?

    • Keg Man

      about the same

      • Android Developer

        Is there a comparison? a benchmark?
        I also wonder how well the dedicated Tizen and IOS work on smartwatches , regarding batteries.

        • Adrien Assadian

          Not “about the same” sorry. The G watch I have lasts me a full day, with about 50 to 60% left when I take it off at night. With the always on display.

          • Keg Man

            I didn’t realize the g watch got an update. the reason I said about the same is because no watch truly gets 2 full days reliably without charging. So most if not all watches get at least a solid 16-17 hrs, and thats as far as watch technology gets unless you go lower screen tech like a pebble.

          • Foosa Noble

            I have a gear live and a gear 2. My gear live barely makes it through a 12 hour day. My gear 2 can last two and a half days… 2 days is possible with a smartwatch android wear needs to update some settings to improve battery life it can be done this article is proof. OK google…..

          • T.J.

            As far as I know, the Gear doesn’t have an always on display.

          • PoisonApple31

            Definitely wrong. The Tizen watches can get at least two days. My Gear 2 Neo usage with moderate usage would land me 3 days, almost 5 days without low usage.

  • Keg Man

    7:30am-11:00pm 25% remaining. :)

  • Adam

    i had my screen always on the entire day in ambient mode and i still managed to get 15% left 7am-10:30pm
    . best update ever

  • Haik

    I know it’s crazy to write about this here, but hey,, Yesterday I got an invite from OnePlus for a 64Gb model of the OnePlus One and I haven’t got enough money to get it, the invite is valid 24 hours only :/
    Dame it, don’t know what to do

    • PoisonApple31

      Go work the street corners…

  • Jeff Penver

    I was going to wait, but bourbon convinced me to import one to the UK. I’m expecting to pay £50 import duty :(

  • PJ Orlando

    I happen to be in best buy Sunday and they had one. So, picked it up and the update was waiting for me. Yesterday with I would say a fair amount of usage it lasted for about 12hrs and had 28% remaining. I am loving it, for me and what I like to do during the day. Its something I would recommend but I also have an expectation that it will get even better.

    • AbbyZFresh

      I used it for 12 hours and i had barely 55% remaining. Did you play with it too much?

  • hoggleboggle

    if it can get 48hrs of usage out of a single charge then it is starting to look like a good replacement for my aging pebble. Looking forward to the Metal strap version when it comes out

    • mercado79

      There was an article, on Android Central I think, that showed you can use the metal strap from a Pebble watch on the Moto360. Apparently they go for $20 on Amazon.

  • Romeo Bucur

    Just imagine what this thing would have been with a newer processor in it.. it’s still my favorite Android Wear device but darmn … i wish…

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Maybe the 2nd gen moto 360 I’m still happy with my moto 360 but it’s ancient soc definatly leaves something to be desired.

  • Dragonscourgex

    That’s good to hear. I am holding off until they release the metal bands. But I have been looking at the Asus Zenwatch…I think they actually did a square face watch right. Samsung, LG and Apple should take notes.

  • Feicherman

    I never understand where these “statistics” come from. Yeah, 30 hours if I disconnect it from my phone…best I’ve seen (after update) is 5% per hour with normal to light usage. It is noticeably better than before where I would Average 10% decrease per hour. I work 12 hour shifts and I’d say on average your gonna get between 13 and 17 hours realistically using it for messaging , emails, reminders etc. Maybe 20-23 if you only work 8 hour shifts. If you’re getting 30 hours you probably don’t need a smartwatch ;)

  • crutchcorn

    Sweet! Great news for any owners of the device

  • Chuck

    Hmm, not on mine. Updated, off the charger at 91% and in 40 minutes went down to 85%?!

    I have no custom watch face. Only have Wear Launcher app.

    • etienne.jean.theron

      That may not be “lost charge” but rather device recalibrating how much it charged in the first place. Devices in general have an issue reliably knowing how much charge is left because it can’t be directly measured. It is based on assumptions and experimentation and some battery readings, but never 100% accurate, especially directly after you take it of the charger, which give the illusion of a better charged state than what it really is.

  • Jose Torres

    My watch has the latest update, I was out all day yesterday with more than average use over 15 hours. It ended up with 27% remaining. Not much of an improvement but at least it didn’t die halfway through the day (still better than my first generation Moto X which ended at 7%).

  • PJ Orlando

    Maybe AbbZ… I had text and voice sent them plus navagated once. Played with settings a bunch too. Trying it today and will drain completely and hope on the recharge its better.

  • hupey

    I have a Oneplus One with really bad touchscreen issues, when they are fixed i think i will buy a moto360
    (coming from Germany)

  • Fiddle Castro

    GREAT news!

  • AndroidDev123

    Waiting for 2nd gen. Batteries may be acceptable now when there aren’t many apps, but I’d like to hold onto my watch for a few years and I’m sure current batteries won’t be enough for all the apps available in the next couple years. I’d also like to have NFC support since I’m using Google Wallet more lately.

  • Feicherman

    I paid 250 at best buy…

  • Rahul Kumar

    I am using Moto 360 have KGW42R update and Android Wear version but have no improvements in battery…..

  • Arndan

    i will buy when i can buy it here in Norway

  • maulgandhi

    Best Deal on MOTO 360 $25 off using the following code