Moto 360 review: probably the best Android Wear smartwatch yet

by: Joshua VergaraSeptember 19, 2014

The Bottom Line

With its elegant design and robust performance, this could very well be the smartwatch you've been waiting for

  • Round face looks great
  • Minimalistic design helps it blend with many styles
  • Great wireless charging
  • Heart rate monitor implemented well
  • Voice commands still awesome
  • Large face not for everyone
  • Round form factor makes plenty of apps awkward (for now)
  • Android Wear still growing
  • Watch strap not easy to remove/replace
  • Battery life barely gets by
The Moto 360 addresses a number of issues with smartwatches in general, and that’s where it gets its charm. Its round face and minimalistic design succeed in style and its charging dock helps keep the smartwatch useful even when off the wrist. This might be the softest entry point for Android Wear we currently have.

The Moto 360 has been one of the most highly-anticipated devices of this summer, following its announcement and quick preview ahead of Google I/O back in June. Of the three smartwatches announced during the event, this was definitely the most watch-like, being the first Android Wear device to come with a round face. We got a better look at the smartwatch in Berlin, and have done the unboxing and initial setup process. Today, we dive into the comprehensive review of the Moto 360!

moto 360 unboxing initial setup (11 of 13)

Of course, the most noticeable design element right off the bat is the round face of the Moto 360, perhaps its most marketed feature.  It is a big, but sleek, device, and I’ve made jokes in previous videos of it feeling like an Oreo strapped to your wrist, but that wasn’t meant to be a negative. Of course, liking a design is a matter of taste, but the fact that this watch features a very neutral look and profile can be considered one of its strengths.

moto 360 ifa aa (15 of 16)

The two choices consumers have is between the silver and black versions of the metal construction, which have standard black or grey leather straps, with the option of a steel bracelet version expected in the future. Keeping with its more watch-like design aesthetics, the Moto 360 also has a button on the side, though it offers little functionality, other than to wake the device or access the system menu.

moto 360 review aa (4 of 9)

The leather band is quite thin when compared to the width of the body, but it isn’t unattractive by any means. That said, if you’re unhappy with the standard bands available, you might run into a few problems if you are looking to swap it out. This is because the bars that hold the band in place are tucked pretty far into the plastic back, making it difficult to find bands that can be fixed in there.

moto 360 ifa aa (12 of 16)

Of course, it won’t be a discussion about the Moto 360 if the black bar at the bottom of the watch face isn’t mentioned. While there is no denying that it is a blemish on what should have been a perfectly round face, the fact that it houses the ambient light sensor and more, somewhat helps with the backlash. That said, though it does get in the way in the beginning, it isn’t something that you won’t get used to after a little bit of time.

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Whether or not this is the best kind of design for Android Wear is a matter of opinion, but I will admit that Motorola’s version is one that seems to fit the most styles. With the screen on or off, the simple round design helps the Moto 360 blend into any clothing ensemble, and that is probably the most appealing part of this smartwatch, at least for me.

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As far as the display is concerned, you get a 1.56-inch LCD screen, with a resolution of 320 x 290. The display comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which means that it should be able to withstand some punishment. As far as the colors go, the cards and information displayed look quite good. What is most striking about about this watch is its size. It is the largest Android Wear device thus far, and does well to display everything in an easy to read fashion.

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Touch sensitivity wasn’t much of an issue at all, though the round face does lead to some challenges. For example, any applications that require precise swipes from a corner need special aim, and while it is something you get the hang off after some time, it has proven to be a nuisance on more than one occasion.

moto 360 ifa aa (14 of 16)

While the Snapdragon 400 seems to be the standard when it comes to Android Wear devices, the Moto 360 packs a TI OMAP 3 processor under the hood, which may be older, but still provides a comparable performance nonetheless. Performance has been quite good, maintaining good speeds throughout, with rarely any signs of slow down. More importantly, I haven’t faced encountered any unexpected reboots or similar problems.

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Beyond the performance, and with the lack of Android Wear customization afforded to OEMs, hardware is one of the areas where these smartwatches can differentiate themselves. In the case of the Moto 360, it does have more to offer than just a round face. IP67 certification for resistance against dust and water helps it brave the elements, so you can basically wear this watch wherever and whenever you want.

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A heart rate monitor is present underneath as well, and I have to admit I like the way it looks better than any others available. Heart activity is presented on a scale that shows you your upper and lower limits, which is something I really like. You can also set it to record your heart rate periodically throughout the day, so that you know how much strenuous activity you’ve had.

moto 360 on charger review

Wireless charging is another marquee feature of the Moto 360, and I think it is the best charging implementation yet for an Android Wear device. An included dock allows the watch to lie on its side, and when connected, the watch face rotates and continues performing as a clock. Most smartwatches need to be charged daily, and this function addresses one fundamental issue with such devices — when they’re off your wrist, they are far less useful.

moto 360 unboxing initial setup (10 of 13)

Charging doesn’t take long, which is a big plus and very important for anyone who is concerned about the mixed battery life reports that have been making the rounds. In my case, the battery life has been decent, and has gotten better after a few battery cycles. Out of the box, the device did have abysmal longevity, dying in under 6 hours on a couple of occasions. But after draining the battery and charging it back to full a few times, it’s finally working for around 12 hours. That still cuts it really close, and still a big point docked off for this wearable’s longevity.

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Because manufacturers aren’t allowed to add their own customizations to Android Wear, the software experience is largely the same, regardless of which smartwatch you get. Notifications via cards, heart rate monitoring, step counting, and the extra functions available via various compatible applications is what you get with the Moto 360. What has to be mentioned is that the notification cards are quite large on this display, covering up a large part of what could be an attractive background. The main change here is the inclusion of a Motorola application, that allows you to change the look of the watch faces, and add your biometrics for better health monitoring.

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As the watch face is round, pretty much every available option takes on an analog motif, including the digital one, that still comes with a ticker around the rim. When it comes to the round face, it does pose some challenges for application and watch face developers that have yet to change their code to match it. This will certainly get better over time as developers start making apps for the round face, but for now, some just don’t work very well on this display.

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As always, voice commands are the main way to navigate through a lot of the functions of Android Wear, and things are no different on the Moto 360. You can tap on the screen to get there, or just say “Okay Google,” and then perform any of the voice commands you like, such as sending a voice dictated text message, to start a countdown timer, or to access the features of some of the applications on the device. That said, some commands do go straight to the phone, rather than being shown on the watch, which is still a limitation when it comes to Android Wear.

The Moto 360 will set you back $249, making it the most expensive of the lot currently available. It makes sense for the kind of quality you get, but if you’re looking for just the Android Wear experience, the Samsung Gear Live is cheaper at $199, with the price of the LG G Watch falling in between the two.

moto 360 unboxing initial setup (3 of 13)

To some people, the Moto 360 might feel like a device with a round face just for the sake of having a round face. Granted, there are some flaws here and there with regards to the black bar at the bottom of the display, and the battery life. That said, a neutral but attractive styling makes this a smartwatch that actually toes the line between smart and watch, while other may make you look incredibly geeky, which of course, isn’t a bad thing. Overall, the Moto 360 has its flaws, and perhaps other manufacturers will do a better job at cracking the round form factor. But because of its all-around more natural take on the smartwatch game, for now, the Moto 360 just might be the best entry point into Android Wear yet.

  • Shark Bait

    it is the best looking by far, but still not as nice looking as my watch, and doesn’t tell the time as well, and doesn’t last as long.
    Im still not sold on this smart watch fad. I have a feeling it could be like the 3D of the tv world. (shit)

    • Fiddle Castro

      Agreed with you…up until you said 3D of the TV world. My 3D TV makes watching 3D at the movies look like some cheap amateur setup.

      Looks MUCH better at home.

      • PoisonApple31

        3D TV lol

      • MichaelSammler

        Agreed. Everyone thinks of the 3D first introduced. It is so much better now. Absolutely amazing. Been playing a few games in 3D that look fabulous.

  • Jay

    With all those Cons, how did it still rate 8.2?

    • Luka Mlinar

      Only real con is the battery life. The rest is subjective or will be resolved with time.

      • noone2

        Poor battery life on such a device should make it more like a 5. 12 hours battery life on a watch is borderline a bracelet.

    • Fiddle Castro

      MKBHD has a new vid up today on it. He has a much better review.

      I don’t want one, but it’s the best smartwatch so far (needs a SIM though)

  • PeterBlood

    More Android dumb watch POS. The Watch will be out soon enough so why bother with this pathetic dreck?

    • mistercow4u

      Because the iWatch does the exact same things but looks ugly as hell.

      • PeterBlood

        The Apple Watch will run rings around lame Android offerings (and will be more successful by far) but I expect to hear the usual Fandroid in desperate denials. Go ahead and buy your invasive Google POS if it makes you happy but I’d like something better and well thought out from Apple thanks.

        • mistercow4u

          Apple reads your iMessages.

          • PeterBlood

            No, there is end-to-end encryption in Apple Messages. Apple also refuses officially now to compromise with authorities and submit ANY user data by government request.

            Google however data mines, steals your personal data, tracks all your moves on the Internet and operates this way BECAUSE IT HAS TO, as it’s their prime business model. Apple doesn’t have to do this, it’s not how they have to do business.

            Remember you’re a proud, if foolish, Fandroid though. By using Android you have never cared if your personal data is compromised anyway, right? You can’t put your head into the ground and ignore this one. You are OWNED by Google if you use anything Android (a system mistakenly thought of as “open source” – check Google terms of service to phone manufacturers – ever occur to you Google has to get something in the deal it gives out as “free”?).

            On top of that because of fragmentation Google can’t issue encryption of data updates to all phones simultaneously like Apple can. It’ll take YEARS to so that.

            Me-too Google: Uh, okay, we’ll do default encryption like Apple, too (it’ll just take several years to roll out)

            “There remain significant differences between how Apple and Google are handling encryption. Apple, which controls both the hardware and software on its devices, will be able to deliver the updated encryption on both new iPhones and iPad and also most older ones, as users update their operating systems with the latest release, iOS 8. That is likely to happen over the next several weeks, and for those with iOS 8, the encryption will be so secure that the company says it will lack the technical ability to unlock the phones or recover data for anyone,” Timberg reports.

            “By contrast, Google does not have the ability to deliver its updated operating system, called the ‘L-release,’ quickly to most users… The newest Android devices will likely ship with default encryption after October, but it will take many months and probably years before most Android devices have encryption by default.”

            Widespread Android Vulnerability ‘A Privacy Disaster’, Claim Researchers

            You own a real “piece of satisfaction” or should I say POS user compromised device. Google may eventually protect you against the authorities but what’s going to protect you against Google?

          • mistercow4u

            And who manages the infrastructure that transfers those messages with end to end encryption? Apple’s servers. They can break the encryption if they wanted.

            Apple can officially refuse to government requests. But they’ll have to hand it over when presented with a warrant. They simply can’t access locally stored data anymore, but all iCloud data is up for grabs.

            Apple collects your data too. Read their privacy statements. They just keep the data for their own purposes without you getting any use out of it.

            And Android encryption has been out for awhile. It’s simply on by default now. Those that care can go turn it on without a software update.

          • PeterBlood

            No, Apple has gone to great lengths to say they DO NOT collect data from users so don’t. All of it is under user control so they can’t respond to requests from government. They don’t want to be known as anything like Google eagerly is and embraces in that regard.

            You are wrong about Apple Messages too as Apple has said:

            “Apple issued a statement affirming the security of their iMessage instant messaging service, rebuking suggestions that the company could, if forced by court order, intercept the encrypted missives.

            “iMessage is not architected to allow Apple to read messages,” Apple spokewoman Trudy Muller said in a blunt statement to AllThingsD regarding recent suggestions that the iMessage protocol could be subject to a wiretap. “The research discussed theoretical vulnerabilities that would require Apple to re-engineer the iMessage system to exploit it, and Apple has no plans or intentions to do so.”

            Androids encryption in this new regard has NOT been out “for a while”. If it was the article would make no sense. Apparently there are existing vulnerabilities for encrypting data that need to be corrected as admitted by Google themselves. The article states:

            “The next generation of Google’s Android operating system, due for release next month, will encrypt data by default for the first time, the company said Thursday, raising yet another barrier to police gaining access to the troves of personal data typically kept on smartphones.”

            So you’re wrong again. Better revise your dubious self-serving erroneous facts.

            Newest Androids will join iPhones in offering default encryption, blocking police:

          • mistercow4u


            The keyword here is by “default.” Encryption has been available since 2011 for those who wanted to turn it on.


            They can if they want to.


            Apple’s own privacy statement. They collect data. You can opt out, just like you can with Google.

          • PeterBlood

            How many folks know they can turn on the encryption and actually do that?

            Apple keeps contact info and credit card information of course but doesn’t track your every move. Any other info is not identified by users like Google’s is. Apple is still the least invasive provider of smart phones. It’s not a good image to have these days so of course Google is pretty tight lipped about their policy in terms of non-invasive. They sure do collect a LOT of info! (No thanks.)


            Thanks for being civil btw.

          • mistercow4u

            Having encryption on by default isn’t without its downsides. If you forget your password, all local data is lost unless you performed a backup. And if you backup to iCloud, that data can be made available to authorities with a warrant. You can backup locally to iTunes, but I hardly doubt many people do that. In most cases, the people that really cared about having on probably know to turn it on. The ones that don’t probably don’t care as much.


            Apple does in fact collect location data of users. I don’t think a file is stored locally anymore, but the data is transmitted to Apple for their use.

            In response to all the info Google collects, it does look like a lot, but that may be because they specifically list it out. Apple has a more blanket statement that just say “a variety of information, including name, mail address ….” It may in fact be similar to what Google collects. I’d venture to guess it’s not as much as Google, but there’s really no saying for sure.

          • PeterBlood

            Of course just don’t forget your password! There’s maybe no panacea but I recovered a stolen iPod simply because it was useless to the thief to try to erase and re-use thanks to Apple’s security measures.

            You can’t even begin to equate Apple with Google’s preoccupation and abuse of personal data for their own ill-gotten gains, including selling your data. Apple doesn’t tie the data it might get to the user in any way it can access.

            Direct from Apple:

            1. Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone?
            Answer: Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.

            5. Can Apple locate me based on my geo-tagged Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data?
            Answer: No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data.


            Sorry you can’t try to excuse Google’s draconian use of user data. That is their business model, that is how they must roll. It is NOT Apple’s business model, they don’t need to do that. They monetize in other ways not abusive to users and do that very well. I know the tendency is to assuage and try and make all things equal but it’s not. Google is WAY more invasive and everyone knows it. They THRIVE on having that kind of information at their disposal.

            Last year it went crazy in China:
            Nearly 35% Of Android Apps In China Secretly Steal User Data, Another Sign Of Google’s Lack Of Control

            Google Chrome is bad too:
            Google Chrome’s cache exposes personal data

            I’ve put my trust in Apple for over 22 years and have never regretted it.

          • mistercow4u

            5. Can Apple locate me based on my geo-tagged Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data?
            Answer: No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data.

            They do in fact track location, but it’s just anonymous. So tracking, as long as it’s anonymous, is okay?

            Google doesn’t actually sell your data unless you allow it.
            “We do not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Google unless one of the following circumstances applies:” Consent, Domain Administrators, External Processing, Legal Reasons.

            There’s additional description of what each of those categories represent but I removed for brevity’s sake.


            Sharing personal information with third parties requires a user’s consent.

            The information collected by Google stays within Google unless you opt in for them to share.

          • Jayfeather787

            Stop while you can man! I have dealt with PeterBlood before. He’s just a troll.

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah because JayFeather787 is a bush league run of the mill Fandroid off-his-meds ADD loser who quotes the local choir of faulty facts and figures with impeccable faulty logic and reasoning.

            Mistercow4u, unlike you, is a decent person who doesn’t instantly succumb to the name calling and cluelessness unlike low class slobs like you so we can actually have a nice discussion. I usually never start it unless I hear those same ignorant cliches coming from the Goober peanut gallery. There is sign of measured intelligence in the Android galaxy but it isn’t coming from hyperactive fools like you, but decent and much classier people like Mistercow4u.

            Maybe you could learn a lesson here? (But I doubt it.)

          • Jayfeather787

            *Chuckle*. You call me a name caller? Read your comment again.

          • PeterBlood

            *Bigger chuckle* You know who you are and what your usual low class style & neanderthal tactics are around here when challenged. I respond to jerks in kind, jerk.

          • PeterBlood

            The Apple location data stays local to the user. Apple still has no access to it.

            Unfortunately Google DOES use it for their own purposes. All I’m trying to establish is Google could go much further in keeping this user data in a way like Apple does, but i don’t think that would suit their purpose.

            Looking at Google’s track record (which includes Android origins) and their company’s business model I would feel really uncomfortable using any of their products or services, and that’s why I don’t. There HAS to be something in it for them to monetize on and that can lead to “evil” practices known and unknown. Apple, as I have said, has no reason and knows they must distance themselves from anything suggesting invasive behavior. Even when it’s a “freebie” like that U2 CD that annoyed some people when it automatically loaded on their devices. I think we can agree customer is king and should be respected.

          • mistercow4u

            5. Can Apple locate me based on my geo-tagged Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data?
            No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data.

            Location data is sent to Apple’s server. They have access to location data. It seems to be anonymous, however they do keep track of users. There used to be a local, unencrypted file. That was the whole reason for Apple’s response memo that you quoted from previously.

            Apple has their own iAds. They have reasons to collect data. Apple collects data and uses it in house. Google collects data and uses it in house.

          • jamie brown

            Fuck off, asshole

          • PeterBlood

            Quit talking to yourself fscktard.

          • jamie brown

            Go crawl back under your rock fuckhead.

          • PeterBlood

            But you already live there permanently you losing, irrelevant & miserable POS.

            It’s so great you BOGOFian cheap Fandroid fscktards are done with as Samsung & Android tanks and Premium iPhones take over. True superiority wins out – all over the world it appears as Apple’s massive profits and sales quarter and Samsung plummeting financials show. Go back to your 32-bit Antique Dealer neck of the woods and let your small brain matter continue festering.

          • jamie brown

            Android,Apple,who cares? They both have pros and cons…but either way. your still a dribbling piece of miserable shit. Enjoy your evening!

          • PeterBlood

            Your mother did not birth you, she shit you out. That’s why they call you “Mr. Brown”. Enjoy your Village Idiot mindset! You appear to be quite comfortable with it.

          • jamie brown

            Do us all a favor and hold your breath until you die. Thanks!

          • PeterBlood

            Everyone’s hoping you’ll do it first! Wouldn’t want to deny the rest of the world that great pleasure. Obviously you will not be missed.

          • PeterBlood

            Say you’re quick, posting on a four month old thread. Go back to your hobby of counting cat turds in the kitty box will yah?

          • jamie brown

            Your “know it all” attitude will someday get the shit kicked out of you if it hasn’t already. Wish I could watch.

          • PeterBlood

            I can understand since you don’t know fsck-all.

          • Alex Nolan

            What the hell are you even doing on ‘ANDROID’authority bro? 0_o

          • Danny

            You sir are a dummy. Does this mean that everyone who uses the internet doesn’t care about privacy? I’ll be honest, I don’t care if dropbox, google drive, onedrive has all my personal pictures. I don’t care if they “data mine” on where I am all day. I mean, in the end. They scratch my back, and I scratch theirs — right?

          • PeterBlood

            You “sir” then are THE BIGGEST DUMMY. If you don’t mind being data mined and abused by blatant data hoarders like Google then you deserve everything that’s coming to you. Especially when it’s completely unnecessary to be so exposed. Typical Fandroid willing victim mindset. I suppose you don’t mind invasive government prying either? Or willingly give up constitutional rights as long as you can just have your video games and customizable phone? Pathetic.

    • PoisonApple31

      You like Apple Watch? Looks like a kid’s toy.

      • PeterBlood

        Just like your feeble comments are from a kid’s mind? Spoken like a true disingenuous Fandroid – everything else is a “toy” just because you say so even though designed by two if the worlds best designers. It’s laughably pathetic and your nervousness is palpable. All Android smart watch offerings so far have been designed by clueless morons waiting to see what Apple’s going to do. Apple is the acknowledged leader.

        • PoisonApple31

          Just because its the creation of two of the world’s “best designers” automatically means the design is flawless? What a dumbass. At least you get a better taste of Android in iOS 8. Once again Apple is playing catch up.

          • PeterBlood

            Better than anything Android “super-dumbass” designers have come up with dimwit. Love brandishing your ignorance don’t you and use disingenuous dismissiveness as a strategy which is a giant FAIL.

            Android is built for losers like you as a kind of “Pleasure Island” where you turn into an ass. Enjoy your deeply flawed device and ecosystem, along with the usual Google invasion of privacy and personal data parasite approach.

            You need to write a book: “THE ART OF DENIAL: THE LIFE & TIMES OF TYPICAL CLUELESS FANDROID.”

            Read it, hear it and weep:
            Citigroup: Demand is off the charts for Apple’s 64-bit Phone 6/Plus

            BLOOMBERG – Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6/Plus fueling mass upgrades from Android:
            “‘This is going to be a nightmare for Samsung & Google,’ Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies Inc., said of the larger-screen iPhones.”

            FORBES – Reviewers fall all over themselves to praise Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6/Plus

          • PoisonApple31

            So you know how to use a thesaurus, good job.

          • PeterBlood

            Sorry if my standard vocabulary is beyond your Neanderthal knuckle dragging level of comprehension – something I expect of Fragmendroiders like you who think they’re hilariously dismissive, instead of just prime doofuses.

            Obviously you are incapable of recognizing opinions worth listening to except the usual choir of idiots. Butthurt is what Fandroid are getting right now as many former Android owners drop kick their fake wannabe old craptastic Andreck phones into the garbage and buy an iPhone 6, the real deal. Rave reviews, larger models and declarations of “Best smartphone on the market” seem to have something to do with it. All Android ever really had was size and now that’s evaporated overnight.

            So sorry for the many MANY current & ensuing losses from the platform of your misguided choice. Heh heh…

        • noone2

          Last I checked, Ive wasn’t a watch designer…

          • PeterBlood

            Last time I checked it’s a technology driven smart watch and not a standard watch. Ives is a technology designer. You do the disingenuous math bunkie.

          • noone2

            “My watch design looks much worse because it’s not a standard watch, it’s a technology driven smart watch.”
            “My car design looks much worse because it’s not a standard car, it’s a technology driven smart car.”

            Great excuse.

            “It may be a shitty watch design, but it’s a great smart watch design,” says nobody. Ever.”

          • PeterBlood

            Who said anything about an excuse? It’s a fact. There are design limitations and considerations for a smart watch that’s basically a display on a wrist but I wouldn’t have expected you to figure that out with your low octane IQ.

            You might not like it but you’re hardly the final arbiter of good taste or design sense. After all, you like (blech) Android. So your taste can be hardly trusted or acknowledged. The real test is how the device itself will work. THAT will be the added beauty of the design. That side digital crown knob is pretty smart.

            “You also just might be a redneck Fandroid, if you disingenuously dislike everything Apple makes just because, well, you hate Apple.”

            “It may be a great smart watch design, but I wouldn’t have a clue,” says self-serving Noone2. As ever.”

          • noone2

            A crappy design due to technology limitations and considerations is still a crappy design, especially when a core aspect of the product is style/design. Tomorrow morning when you take your Apple Watch off the charger, don’t forget to throw on your Google Glasses. You’ll look great. Well, great relative to the technology limitations and consideration, at least.

            I actually like Apple designs. In fact, the Macbook Air is my ideal laptop form if it didn’t have such a mom-oriented resolution and if it was designed to Windows normally. I like the iPhone 5/6 design as well, but I use mainly Google services for business and as such choose Android. Tried using iOS, but since I don’t like OSX or use any Apple services, I found it no better and slightly a dumb experience in some ways. Both Android and iOS have their pros and cons, but personally I see no reason to waste time switching — both make calls and send message equally well. I also just don’t feel I can trust Apple with my dick pics.

            Sorry dude, but you are in fact the loser fanboy. I couldn’t care less who makes the products I buy so long as I like them and they work. Apple, Google, Magnum by Trojan, Asus etc

          • PeterBlood

            No one said you have to buy one. They will have health and Apple Pay benefits among many other things developers will come up with. How dumb is it for you to put down a device you don’t even know that much about, yet thanks to Apple it will no doubt have some excellent features unlike hapless Android so-called smart watches.

            All current smart watches have to be charged daily. Apple has just made it easier with the magnetic wireless charger that slaps on the back.

            Google Glass is an idea looking for a reason to be and a way not to become a social pariah. Maybe someday but not Google’s way. Talk about terrible obnoxious design.

            Mac Book Air is rumored to be out with Retina Display soon. I have a MBP with RD and it’s fantastic.

            That’s funny I also dislike Google services which also include invasive data mining and tracking. In my opinion OSX is a far more productive OS.

            Of course, pick the technology that works best for you. Usually though it’s just what people can afford which involves compromise

            You don’t have to load your small VD infested dick pics into iCloud and the problem there was mostly with people picking poor passwords. Apple did have to fix the multiple password attack issue just on iCloud, which already exists everywhere else in the Appleverse. You’re very trusting with Android with it’s 99% malware rate.

            Loser fanboy? Don’t think so. Too bad, you started sounding actually reasonable. I’m guessing you must mean “Minimum by Trojan.” :)

            Enjoy your tech.

          • tltksscs

            Here is what I don’t understand. U go on a android fan site only with intentions of making people mad because they don’t use the same type of product that you prefer to use. It’s kinda pointless to do such a thing because nothing u say is going to persuade them to switch products (calling them idiots certainly isn’t going to do it). It just seems pointless to me unless u just get a thrill off trolling on a fan site. I am sorry but that seems kinda childish.

          • PeterBlood

            Cruising on ancient threads are you? Pointing out facts is childish? Try using that in a debate and see where it gets you.

            Fandroid don’t matter anymore and are irrelevant. No point in beating dead horses and their moronic choices that’s true. The part of the world with money is choosing Apple iPhone 6 now and the large phone advantage has evaporated overnight.

            Samsung is floundering and doesn’t matter anymore either, losing to Chinese companies like Xiaomi on the low end and Apple beating them on the high end. Galaxative S5 sales have tanked, they’re still selling more old cheap S4 phones! Samsung quarterly profits have also tanked and heads are rolling over there as a result & as we speak.

            What’s happening to Windows phones of lowering/cheapening the bar and fewer to none premium phones to appeal to more will happen to Android. Google’s latest Android OS Lipstick was an unmitigated fragmented disaster making Apple’s extremely momentary 8.01 update problem look like walk in the park on a nice day.

            Majority of profits Apple still takes (86%) and businesses have to make profit to keep going regardless of no-profit market share. Sorry, you guys and your lost geektard souls just don’t matter now in late 2014 and here on out. The Emperor you chose to worship never had any clothes but you weren’t bright enough to figure that out.

          • jamie brown

            He’s a loser with no friends.

    • noone2

      Why bother with the Apple Watch either? It’s equally a POS.

      People who wear watches don’t wear watches that need to be charged, especially charged daily. Any watch that requires such charging is a POS and nothing more than a bracelet with a sundial. In other words, it’s an ugly bracelet that may or may not be able to tell you what time it is.

      If people’s phones regularly die or have low battery, and they typically have far longer battery life and more important usage than this watch, just imagine how often these watches will have dead batteries,

      You’re an idiot if you wear a smart watch. End of story.

      • PeterBlood

        How do YOU know? It hasn’t even been released yet but it already shows the promise no Android watch does. Apple is the leader in these things. Always has been, always will. They define the space. Then Shamdung & Foogle copies and make one 3X bigger (and then Fandroid idiots praise it to the hills). Good luck with that approach on a smart watch.

        “You’re an idiot if you wear a smart watch. End of story.”

        Hmm, that was said about the original iPhone by the jealous & clueless out there too. Then, BOOM!!! Yep we know how that played out. Those that underestimate Apple are doomed to soon look like an azz. I look forward to imagining your crestfallen and unbelieving face as millions & more millions are sold.

        • noone2

          Maybe you missed the part where Tim Cook said how easy it is to charge every night. I’ve never heard him say that about any other products. That was Apple’s way of not revealing the equally terrible battery life of their watch. Why would you mention how easy it is to charge every night if it had such great battery life?

          No, you are an idiot if you wear a smart watch because smart watches still suck and will continue to suck for the foreseeable future. The technology doesn’t exist to make good looking, long lasting smart watches. Neither Apple, nor any other smartphone maker is much further along in battery, display, or semi-conductor technology than anyone else. If Apple somehow made a smart watch with a week of battery life, we’d see the technology in all their other products too. This just in: Apple products have similar battery life to competitors!

          And if selling millions of them is the sign of a good product, I guess that means all those crappy, cheap Android phones that sell by the millions are great products too, huh? Millions of people watch reality TV every week, and oh boy, I must look like an “azz” for telling people how terrible and retarded the shows are and how terrible and retarded they are for watching them.

          Get used to charging that weird bracelet on your wrist so that when someone texts or calls you you, you’ll be able to look at it, see who it is, then take out your phone to respond. Hell, get you to charging it so that you can let someone know what time it is when they ask. I on the other hand will advance directly to Go when a notification beeps, and just take out my phone. I’ll reserve the space on my wrist for something that looks good and tells the time flawlessly for years on end.

          BTW, Apple watch looks like POS compared to these standard watches you speak off. I don’t think anyone I even know would be caught dead wearing a $350 POS like that. The reason thousands and thousands of watch designs exist is because most people don’t like wearing the same watch as everyone around them, and because it’s a very style-driven thing. The Apple products may have a certain status and cachet, but that’s only because it operates in an industry almost completely void of such things and at which such status is affordable even to guys flipping burgers. The watch industry exudes status and cachet, and the Apple watch is hideous, cheap looking, and has to goal of everyone wearing the exact same thing on their wrist. Who the hell wants to wear the same watch as everyone else? Would you like to wear the same clothes as everyone else? The same car as everyone else?

          Get ready for a flop, or rather, an insignificant splash. People who don’t wear watches aren’t going to flock to this because they don’t wear watches, and people who do wear watches don’t like garbage like this.

        • If every comment you post is about the superiority of apple why don’t you go on a full apple fan site ?

          • PeterBlood

            I do most of the time, but it’s not a fan site but a great Apple news site.

            Sometimes it’s fun to watch Blandroid flounder here and be amused by some of the ridiculous things they say. (Not to mention being served some humble pie and not liking it one bit!) Particularly now when there is a seismic shift of Android users moving to iPhone 6 now that size is no longer a differentiating feature. It’s sort of like watching a Google train wreck by way of South Korea.

            Next year though will really tell the tale of how much Android sinks in popularity and segues into just a cheap bottom level phone, mostly made by Xiaomi & Google. Certainly Samsung is now getting squeezed on the low and high end. The sun may be setting on the Samsung Premium Android era, but time will tell. Certainly their adverts show their desperation poking fun at Apple instead of just telling people why their phones are better (hint: because they ain’t IMHO). Essentially they are giving Apple unintended free advertising by doing this. They fail to truly give a reason to buy their product instead of Apple’s.

            The amount of money spent on Samsung PR just to keep sales going vs. profit & sales I read are hardly worth the effart or bother as their market share & profits begins to fly on fumes and nosedive. We hardly knew ye.

            But Android itself isn’t going away anytime soon.

          • Noel Kelly

            So nice that I don’t have to go to these iSheep “news sites” that you claim to peruse for my amusement. Thanks to you I can remain on my own comfortable Android site and have the amusement come to me! Well done, sir. Your ignorant shite spewing has given me a good chuckle. Far be it for me to tell you what company you should buy from or what os they should be using (it’s all very subjective, you see, and to each their own, I say). I love my MacBook Pro and don’t see myself ever having much use for a Chromebook, so I’m not exactly pro-Google and anti-Apple. The day iOS catches up to Android and fixes its 2 years worth of missed opportunities and Iris-melting horror show design aesthetics, is the day I MIGHT consider actually buying an iOS device. Your ignorant and blatant attempts at trolling an Android news site certainly haven’t changed anything for me. By all means though, continue your sad crusade against Android here all you like; I can always use a good laugh.

          • PeterBlood

            There are no greater doofus than sSheep & gSheep Fandroid who will defend their hobbled choices to the death, regardless of genuine issues. You show your colors well and would be exactly the kind of followers the world’s dictators need to mindlessly follow despite the evidence to the contrary to your eyes and ears.

            Most of my sources I pick are deliberately and usually non-Apple related for exactly the kind of disingenuous simpleton Fandroid criticisms you dismissively display, as if good points can’t be raised on those sites. This is why you have a reputation of huge denial.

            You guys are also good at ridiculing designed to humiliate but in fact only serve to make you look like a prime juvenile idiot bereft of any actual arguments. Congrats on succumbing to your 10 year old impulses!

            You can try to paint any falsehoods you like but the fact of the matter is Apple is cleaning premium Android clock these days. Now that you rabid cult fanboys can’t argue phone size you goth nothin’. LESS than nothin’.

            As far as laughter it’ll be Apple fans pointing down at you as you shrink not only in market share but respect. We are getting the last laugh right now. Samsung profits have shrunk, they are worried and rightfully so. Even Google is questioning Android itself as was supposed to originally be a way to reach an affluent class of people that ironically buys and supports Apple instead.

            Android is pushed to users who are, in general:
            a) confused about why they should be choosing an iPhone over an inferior knockoff and therefore might be less prone to understand/explore their devices’ capabilities or trust their devices with credit card info for shopping; and/or
            b) enticed with “Buy One Get One Free,” “Buy One, Get Two or More Free,” or similar offers.

            Neither type of customer is the cream of the crop when it comes to successful engagement or coveted demographics; closer to the bottom of the barrel than the top, in fact. Android can be widespread and still demographically inferior precisely because of the way in which and to whom Android devices are marketed. Unending BOGO promos attract a seemingly unending stream of cheapskate freetards just as inane, pointless TV commercials about robots or blasting holes in concrete walls attract meatheads and dullards, not exactly the best demographics unless you’re peddling muscle-building powders or grease monkey overalls.

            Google made a crucial mistake: They gave away Android to “partners” who pushed and continue to push the product into the hands of the exact opposite type of user that Google needs for Android to truly thrive. Hence, Android is a backwater of second-rate, or worse, app versions that are only downloaded when free or ad-supported – but the Android user is notoriously cheap, so the ads don’t sell for much because they don’t work very well. You’d have guessed that Google would have understood this, but you’d have guessed wrong.

            Google built a platform that depends heavily on advertising support, but sold it to the very type of customer who’s the least likely to patronize ads.

            iOS users are the ones who buy apps, so developers focus on iOS users. iOS users buy products, so accessory makers focus on iOS users. iOS users have money and the proven will to spend it, so vehicle makers focus on iOS users. Etcetera. Android can have the “Hee Haw” demographic. Apple doesn’t want it or need it; it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.

            When looking for the sources of these FUD attempts against Apple, just ask yourself, “If Apple’s product is successful, who stands to lose the most?” It works like a charm. In this case, look no further than those who’ve shackled their fortunes to a product whose name — not coincidentally, if you believe in karma — rhymes with devoid, tabloid, schizoid, and destroyed.

      • The baterie just needs to be abble to live for two days and it will be fine

  • Guest

    Here’s my original smartwatch. Tells the time, doesn’t need charging, multi-function display, battery life of about 3-4 years. Changeable strap, too…

  • Guest

    Here’s my original smartwatch. Tells the time, doesn’t need charging, multi-function display, battery life of about 3-4 years. Changeable strap, too. You can even still buy them, almost 30 years after they first came out!

    • Heimrik

      YES!!!! F’ING A! Love that watch. That little beauty got me through so many math tests…. lol

  • What are the best Apps to load onto this?

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    simple but attractive

  • Bryant

    Just surprised one of the cons isnt the dead space on the bottom of the screen?!? Besides that it looks like a puck sitting on a strap, I seen versions with the metal wrist strap which is much better.

  • diper07

    Black bottom brezel = ugly
    I wouldnt even but it because of that.

  • Heimrik

    PeterBlood needs to take his Apple sales trophy and take a vacation….. sheesh…

  • Heimrik

    Its a neat little gimmick. A gizmo gadgety toy. Not much more. I can see this whole smart watch trend, fad, or phase, whatever it is, just fading away in the next 2 years. Its mostly cool now because its new and its concept still fresh and unexplored. Which makes it exciting and therefore desirable. But it will fade once people grow tired of such irrelevant toys. Especially such toys that have poor battery life. It will eventually become a tedious chore. An annoying task which then becomes an irritating inconvenience… People will buy it, wear it, show it off to their friends and family, tinker and customize it, then they’ll throw it in their sock drawer or night stand. Only to be sold at the next family garage sale….

    • Linh Nguyen

      everything you said could be said of smartphones vs regular phones of the past

  • The Doctor

    Someone please break out the Xanax for PeterBlood. He’s gonna blow a vessel soon…

  • pas!

    love it…

  • Glenn Palmer

    What do the prices run???

  • misfitprce

    I considered this watch but got my square LG G Watch for $160 and the battery lasts me 2 days usually with notifications and navigation turn by turn on it daily so. I’m quite happy with it. The 360 looks nice but when I make step to round it’ll be to the LG G Watch R which has 410Mah instead of 400 on my G watch or like 300 on 360. 360 is beautiful but needs charging far too much. Get the LG G Watch R if you need round watch. Higher density screen and much better looking. Also first P-OLED screen on G watch R.

  • Alexandr Slobodchikov

    Hello everyone!
    Let me introduce my brand new app for Android Wear – Watch phone.
    This is just another dialer but with perfect design recognized by many users.
    Proof on xda-developers:
    Link on Google Play:
    Thank you for attention!