Additional Moto 360 details revealed: splash resistance, unique charging method and more

by: Andrew GrushMarch 19, 2014

Earlier today, Motorola had a live Hangout event where they talked a bit about the upcoming Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the Moto 360. Although Motorola wasn’t able to divulge too many secrets, the project’s lead designer Jim Wicks did shed a little more light on what to expect from the watch.

You can always watch a full recording of today’s event in the video above, but here’s some of the biggest takeaways:

The Moto 360 is for lefties or righties: Thanks to the “orientation free” design of the watch, it is possible to flip the Moto 360 around and wear it on either the right or left wrist. In other words, the UI will orientate to whatever way the watch faces.

The Moto 360 is a uni-sex product: Like pretty much every other smartwatch we’ve seen out there, the 360 is a one-gender-fits-all product. That said, Motorola says that the design should fit comfortably for both men and women and the existence of changeable bands will allow you to create a style/fit that best works for you.

Splash resistance: Motorola doesn’t get too detailed on what to expect in terms of IP certification, but at the very least the watch should be able to resist a splash or two.

Moto 360_Map

A unique charging method: The 360 is said to lack a charging port or any other kind of typical connector. They aren’t yet revealing how the device will charge, though inductive charging is probably a safe bet. Then again, perhaps they’ll do something completely out of the box here — we’ll just have to wait and see.

The 360 complies to one of two Android Wear standards: Wicks says that Android Wear’s UI is designed with both round and square screens in mind, and seems to imply that other rounded smartwatches could be in the works from other manufacturers.

Battery life is a priority: Motorola doesn’t specify how good the battery will be, but it does say that they consider this a priority — a sentiment we’ve heard from Motorola before.

Works with Android 4.3 or higher: Motorola’s previous statements suggested the watch would work with a wide range of Android devices, now we know that it will work with any device that features Jelly Bean 4.3 or newer.

For more details on the Moto 360 and what we know so far, you may also want to check out our original coverage of the Moto 360 announcement by clicking here.

What do you think, excited for the 360 (and/or Android Wear in general) or not? Could this be the smartwatch we’ve all been waiting for?

  • leviwhite9

    The Jelly Bean requirement sucks. My phone has Jelly Bean but apparently 4.1.2 just isn’t good enough.

    • T.J.

      In their defense, you’re already 4 updates behind.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      all my devices are 4.2.2 or older, lol. Life is a beach sometimes. :)

    • Christoforos Panos

      Its not like motorola wants to troll people with older android builds, its simply that android 4.3 changed the way notifications work and allowed apps to intercept, sync, or clear them. I cant recall if notifications also became actionable in 4.3 as well. All this functionality is required if you want an external device to seemingly integrate your phone’s notifications.

    • akko

      Don’t worry, if google or motorola don’t want to do it, someone will.
      As long as this watch popular enough, someone will make way to connect with older android phone.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Custom ROMs are there for you, my friend!

  • undercoverduck

    Could the charging method be somewhat reminiscent of the mechanism used in those regular watches you never have to change the battery of? Something with winding itself up or whatever. Or wouldn’t that work with the sheer power the battery has to be able to provide?

    • Prox

      they are called automatics, I like the idea, but I dont think there is enough kinetic energy created to run a microprocessor.

      • undercoverduck

        Woah, thanks! I didn’t know the English word was so much alike the Dutch one.

        And, yeah, I guess you’re right. You know what would be funny, though? If Motorola themselves don’t even have a clue just yet how they are going to solve the charging-problem, and are now scouring all tech websites in the hope that one of the rumoured possibilities might just actually work :P

        • Tristin Leonard

          I hope its auto chargeing cause yeah that would save having to plug it in and that would be cool

      • Tristin Leonard

        Never know they could have advanced the technology to where its a possibility

        • Prox

          I may be incorrect in saying this, but I think kinetic energy generated in watches is in DC and a processor would need AC. I think it may be a bit complicated to fit it something that small. Again, I may be entirely wrong here, but I think this is the case.

          • Jakob West

            Well, AC comes from the wall then goes to the DC converter of a computer’s power supply. A battery is also AC. I think those watches are DC.

        • Prox

          I am wrong, here microprocessors do run on DC. I dont know ha, maybe it does work.

  • Mur

    Kinetic charging?

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      Tesla tower like charging!

      • Nathan Powell

        That’s actually the same physics behind QI and all the other wireless charging tech

    • akko

      Deuterium beam charge

    • Dave Weinstein

      haha. why not an arc reactor, or a nano-sized thorium nuclear battery?

  • ddpacino

    Samsung is scrambling right now and will debut a round Galaxy Gear 3 along side the new Note in late summer.

    • Jakob West

      The note 4 wont be out till september at this year’s IFA, just like the last 3

      • Winston Purnomo

        IFA is in late summer, you pinhead.

        • Jakob West

          “IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It takes place from September 05 to 10, 2014 in Berlin.”
          Btw, im dirty dan.

          • Winston Purnomo

            Summer ends September 21

        • thecokedragon

          Most of September is late Summer ;)

      • ddpacino

        Late summer does extend into September, my friend.


        • Jakob West

          If all of you will look, I never said you were wrong. I was just giving a date.

  • apianist16

    This will be the smartwatch to beat!!!!

  • Bryan Kwong

    I want need this !!!!! okay not need but definitely want

    • Guest

      ^^ I know that feel bro!

  • Wesley Geddes

    “No watch in this device.” Awesome mistake! :D Made me laugh.

  • Shark Bait

    Skipped though, unfortunately only got a tiny glimpse of the device. I guess their going to keep us waiting. This does look way ahead of the game though! good job moto

  • T.J.

    I have had zero interest in every other smart watch. This one actually has me excited. Another awesome job by Motorola.

  • Clint McKay

    I cannot help but marvel at that brilliant piece of technology! It looks freakin fantabulous! Wow, that’s a smart-watch I’ll wear willingly :D Most others look cheap plasticky..

  • Tristin Leonard

    I want no need this so bad I think the charging could be solar or auto winding like when you move your wrist it spins gears and charges the battery that would be an awsome watch

    • Dave Weinstein

      Im not sure that a kinetic winding mechanism could generate enough power for a device like this…

  • Rohith Chadalavada

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  • Dave Weinstein

    This one certainly looks like it could be a winner. Even with all of Samsung’s marketing might behind it, they couldn’t get the Gear to sell well.

  • itzvarma

    Moto is on perfect track .. go on ..