Moto 360 is Motorola’s first Android Wear smartwatch and it looks amazing

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 18, 2014

Google just introduced Wear, a brand new implementation of Android for wearable devices. The initial focus is on smartwatches, and the first OEMs to launch Wear-based devices are LG, Samsung, Asus, HTC, and Motorola.

LG already announced the G Watch, due in the next quarter, and now it’s time for Motorola to attempt to dazzle us with the Moto 360.

The Moto 360 will be voice-enabled, feature deep Google Now integration, and a fitness component. Besides that, the device looks like a beautiful conventional timepiece, with a round watchface and even a mechanical button on the right hand side. With the Moto 360, Motorola says it wants to “reimagine the wristwatch for the future” and continue with the basic wristwatch design that “has endured for a century because of its elegance and usefulness at a glance.”


While the company doesn’t provide many details on the technical aspects of the Moto 360, it does hint that users will be able to wake the device with a simple flick of the wrist. From there is voice controls: “Just say “Ok Google” to ask questions like who won the Stanford vs. New Mexico game or what time your flight leaves, or to get stuff done like scheduling an appointment, sending a text, setting an alarm or taking a note.”

Moto 360_Map Moto 360 Cafe

The Moto 360 will be available in a variety of style worldwide starting this summer, but the US will get it first. No info on pricing just yet.

For more details, or just to gawk at the beauty of a truly classy smartwatch, head over to the official Moto 360 page.

  • jrop

    These look pretty cool. I’m waiting to see more in depth facts before I decide if I’m interested, and by far the most annoying fact omitted from theses announcements is a price!

  • Shacham Ginat

    Please, PLEASE give as the ability to customize our watch via MotoMaker, PLEASE!

    • AnTxJeTs

      Oo good one

    • Arcybiskup

      Heil Ginat!

    • Teh

      not happening, I’ll be satisfied with just replace the deafult strip with something more elegant than plastic :)

  • Jack Parker

    It HAS to be prices below £99 because then it may be worth it. The galaxy gear was £250 and was terrible

    • thartist

      Not like it must, 150 could be a BIG step forward.

    • Mur

      I’m thinking at least $200 for this one. Anything less would be ludicrous.

  • D’Ander McSullivan

    Let the wearables game begin!

  • Brendon Brown

    An Android smartwatch that looks like a watch. I would definitely pick one up.

  • How often does it need to charge per day?

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      The device is not finished just yet… patience!

  • Working for myself on my own schedule, I’ve no desire to wear a full-time (or even part-time) device on my wrist ever again – though would do so for medical monitoring reasons or somesuch.

    Still, this is the FIRST member of this device class – period – that I’d probably actually want to try on and can understand how my friends would want and enjoy. Actually attractive (way more than Gear, Pebble, et al) and the functions exposed on the site all make sense.

    Here’s hoping Lenovo are good stewards of the new Moto, as I’ve like nearly everything they’ve done since bringing out the X.

    I personally expect Google to keep treating Motorola like “family” for a good while even after the transfer of ownership, as I think they see them – and Lenovo in general – as a counterweight to Samsung forking too far from the Google vision of Android, which brought about the flowering of the “almost stock Google experience” in the X and G.

    I’ll speculate further they decided that this would work more effectively if Moto WASN’T owned by Google, but was in the hands of a company who knows a lot about iterating and moving high volumes of good to high quality product…. …especially since others like HTC and LG have been mostly reduced to picking up the pieces Samsung hasn’t grabbed in markets like the US.

    …and that their recent moves to enforce adherence with the whole Google Play stack, where much of the value is segregated from the AOSP core is another prong of this strategy.

  • Shark Bait

    A smart watch that looks like a watch!!!!! This is the future !!

    • carlosfrancoz

      ^^ THIS!! is what Samsung could have done!

      • Shark Bait

        Unfortunately Samsung don’t seems to care about design

        • carlosfrancoz

          You are so right! look at the Galaxy S5, it was like an ugly toy from Hasbro, I don’t know (I have a Note 3 and love it just in case). Then look at the Galaxy Gear… was like those plasticky cheap watches sold at $5… but THIS! This is what I was asking and dreaming for! lol… a smartwatch that looks like a real watch! Just imagine this beauty in your wrist at work!!! NICE! lol

    • Kelly Caffrey

      Exactly what i thought!
      Along with Google’s actual input/ UI this is the first smartwatch since the Pebble that has actually interested me.

    • Juan A C

      I’ve been quite resilient to smartwatches until now. This is the only one that looks classy, sober, the kind of timepiece that you may see in the wrist of an organized, succesful guy. Not like the other brands, that make you look like a hyperconsumerist geek.

  • RayRamirez

    All of these smartwatches absolutely need to be waterproof! No exceptions. If that is done then I can definitely see them all becoming the new standard in watches

    • Flip Jumpman

      I agree 100%! A watch that’s not waterproof is not a watch.
      This watch looks pretty cool…

  • Groud Frank

    I am at the office looking around and I don’t see a single person wearing a watch except a few older works(60 yrs and above). Smartwatches have a barrier where they still haven’t proven their value like smartphones or tablets did. Even if OEMs do make their case, people will still hold off on getting a smartwatch because their smartphone does everything it can. What can circumvent this problem is charging the **RIGHT PRICE**. Make it cheap and affordable so everyone can get one; It has a better chance of being mainstream and people buy into mainstream. After a year or 2 of this, raise the price slowly. OEMs need to understand that they will incur a lose in this smart watch business in the short term. You can’t be charging consumers $200 for a smartwatch when they could get a decent smartphone for that price.

    • Fred Chiang

      im pretty sure companies like google would do their economic research beforehand and charge almost if not exactly the correct price based on demand/supply

      • Groud Frank

        You mean like they did with the Nexus Q? :P

    • Cao Meo

      imo smart watches will not replace your phone, they will offer easy access to the info w/o the need of reaching for the phone all the time.

    • Achal Garg

      Okay, I wear a watch, and so do many at my workplace. Currently, it just fills the empty hand. And the idea of a smartwatch would be a hit, for the busy folks!

  • MY

    Alright, when is it coming to Canada, my wallet is READY ;-) I want one now

  • Izwan Rahman

    need some depth to the screen. or perhaps parallax effect. then it’ll be awesome

  • If this can last a week on 1 charge, we have a winner! Beautiful watch!

  • WitnessG

    If this has a battery life of a week then its game over for all other smartwatches.

  • Cal Rankin

    Heck. Yes.

  • This didn’t show anything, so how is the author of this thread so happy? lol, seriously. Looks like a regular watch in this video…nothing special

    • Cao Meo

      Can ordinary watches give you warnings or relevant info right when you need it?

  • rafael ceja

    That is one awesome device!

  • AussieGreek

    I think it looks ordinary.

  • lolzor logic
  • Darktanone

    They’re all trying hard to beat Apple to the punch!

    • They are all jumping on the smartphone bandwagon, set in motion by the likes of pebble. Not Apple. Just like any other big brand, Apple just want a piece of the pie.

      • Darktanone

        It wasn’t that long ago when Apple introduced the very small and square iPod Nano. Soon after it was introduced, third parties created watch bands so it could be worn like a watch. This prompted Apple to create a series of watch faces that included a Mickey Mouse face. I believe the Nano-inspired watch preceded the more recent Pebble watch. I also believe the current crop of smart watches, including Google’s offering, will continue to see so-so adoption. If and when Apple decides to jump in, that’s when this thing will take off.

        • But that watch never took off. Like a lot of other brands before that, smartwatches didn’t really appeal. When pebble first showed on kickstart, there was a huge interest in it. And it showed that the world might be ready for smartwatches. So.. I’m not saying pebble is the first smartwatch, it isn’t. Nor is Apple.
          And time will tell if people will adopt Google’s offering or not. Or they are waiting for Apple. But I seriously doubt it is only up to Apple to make this work.

  • Ramsudharsan Madhavan

    I would go for it if it has better battery life when compared to techno-watches produced by other companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

  • Adon

    MOTO,very nice surprise . Your watch is simple but very elegent, looks like a designer watch by RADO/Longines.

  • Ben

    How is the display a CIRCLE!?

  • roger’d

    Finally, a smart watch that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear!

  • Android-Belgique

    any idea how much this would cost .

  • jamie

    This puts the gear to shame, but the real deal here is google wear, google won the smartphone wars by making an OS available to manufacturers, looks like their going to do the same with the smartwatch

  • IronLiver

    now this looks promising

  • Ste

    Finally Someone giving a s*** about design. I m not going to buy because for my taste is still too big, but hey this looks nice! Sammy check it out!

  • gommer strike

    How’s the battery life?