In a video released for the Korean launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we get to see even more cool features packed into a phone that already had a lot of people excited.

While we have already seen a lot of what the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we haven’t seen everything yet. In the video a new feature was shown off: multi-window split screen support.

A list of apps is displayed either vertically or horizontally on the screen, and these apps can be dragged and dropped from the list to open a new window above or below the app that is already running. The video shows this feature being used to take notes while watching a YouTube video, open the messaging app while on Facebook, and use video chat while viewing a report in image form.

Other features are shown off as well, and the S Pen is given a lot of screen time, previewing videos and emails by hovering over them. One impressive moment shows a video being popped out of the video app,  resized and dragged around the screen on top of the web browser.

It’s important to note that all the features shown in the video are for the Korean model of the Galaxy Note 2, but it isn’t likely that Samsung would strip such an impressive feature from the phone when it is released elsewhere.

While the video was released for the Korean launch, it is in English, and is definitely worth watching. You can check it out below. If you just want to skip to the new features, start at around two minutes in.

If you were already excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it is very likely that you are even more excited now.  If you’re still not impressed, another video on YouTube shows some of the features in the video off in a hands-on demo where they work just as well.

What do you think of the features shown off in the video? Are you planning to buy a Galaxy Note 2?



Kristofer Wouk
Kristofer Wouk is a tech writer, gadget reviewer, blogger, and whatever it's called when someone makes videos. In his free time, he likes to make music, read and write short fiction.
  • Spacedog1973

    I have a feeling that this feature will not be available on all note 2s. Uk note 2s have been reported to not have this feature. ,most likely this will be true for other countries. I expect some will have to wait for custom rooms to be released to have a complete product with this software capability.

  • KB26

    Can google just make stock look like Holo, but add all the cool features into it?

  • @spacedog1973 what feature are you talking about all them not having?
    @KB26 It’s not Google at all that are making these features its Samsung & you will never see them on a pure Google device. If you want holo look then just download a holo theme launcher from the play store on to your Galaxy Note series device.

    • Spacedog1973

      Split screen as opposed to pop up screen. This has only been shown to be on Korean versions.


    I cant decide on this or Nokia Lumia 920 such an hard decision

  • Looking very good.

  • Doesn’t matter how good it is, Samsung might consider as lost in Australia market when fail to announce the release date or inform us when it is going to be here. I for one has bought the iPhone 5 already instead of waiting for nothing with this Note. I was so excited with this phone but too bad for a poor service and update information.

    • getting a GN2

      Ha ha it will be out this week in Australia ;-)

      • In Malaysia too. Luckily iPhone 5 is not even here yet. So it’ll be good for Samsung to convert iOS users to Note 2 instead of the other way around

    • Bronte

      You’re right about the lack of information and advertising etc in Australia, it feels like they’re really dropped the ball here. But I am just going to keep waiting for the Note II- no way would I go buy an iPhone because it’s here a little sooner. Far superior phones come to those who wait.

      • I am iOS user and for one I want to change to android and they have fail me. I love note 2 but I can’t wait. Now I’m using iPhone 5 and note 10.1. Not regret my decision at all.

  • swtrainer

    Excellent video – already had decided that the Note 2 would be my next cellphone when my current contract with AT&T is up for a new phone in December…the feature set is fantastic and the size is such that I can see it replacing both my cellphone and my Android tablet.

  • Wade Fletcher

    Aa can you please check if split screen is only available on the Korean version or other versionssuch as than international.

    • Sheik Mohamed

      I just contacted Samsung India. they said this feature is available for the Indian hand set too. Which means It is available for every one.Samsung rocks!!!!!

  • wyndslash

    I’m not getting this unless it comes with that multi-window functionality :|

  • karli fullmer

    Holy smokes I thought i wanted it before… i cant wait!!!!

  • Patrick Sutfin

    Jesus thats the first time I felt bad for getting an S3 thats the most awesome piece of gear I have ever seen… Apple will be in court trying to block it because it has a screen and has a phone… but seriously look ho far beyond samsung is to iphone now.

  • The Brigan

    yes! yes! yeeesssssssssss!!!

  • The Brigan

    What good reason (if there even is one, which i doubt) would there be to NOT to put those awesome features on the other countries versions of the note 2? Don’t drop the ball on this one Samsung!

  • Trout

    I am definitely in on Galaxy Note

  • “One impressive moment shows a video being popped out of the video app, resized and dragged around the screen on top of the web browser.”

    my good old galaxy note can also do that, as well as the s3 hooray

  • sadiq

    i had brought samsung note 2 but network is not respens wath can i do

  • sadiq

    i brought samsung note 2 froum bangkock but network is not

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  • geo

    I just got a note 2, and my surprise this phone didn’t came with multi-view window, samsung don’t disappoint your customers please updated the firmware for everybody.

  • Be nice if the video wasn’t PRIVATE !!

  • Dr M.S.Kaabar

    Just received a Samsung note2, but I need an instruction book, any help! Thanks