More HTC Sense 5 screenshots hit the internet, and damn they look good

by: ŠtefanJanuary 8, 2013

We caused quite a bit of uproar yesterday when we said we weren’t huge fans of HTC Sense. Admittedly, the company does have quite a few fans out there, but just one look at their current financial situation shows that they don’t have as many as they need to stay healthy. But enough about that, let’s talk about the future. Yesterday we stumbled upon two images of what was alleged to be the next version of HTC’s Android skin, Sense. Today, courtesy of Pocketnow, we have a few more. We’re happy to say that the same clean lines are there, along with an updated homescreen that looks a bit something like what we saw in the HTC Rhyme. The most obvious question if of couse when will HTC formally announce their new software?

Let’s think about this logically. Mobile World Congress is next month. We think that a device that’s codenamed the “M7” will be announced there. It’s set to be similar to the Butterfly/DNA, but have a better camera, and a design language that’s more polished than anything we’ve seen from HTC in the past. So could Sense 5 show up on the M7? Possibly, but the number 5 just bugs us a little bit. Shouldn’t it be reserved for the next version of Android? If so, does that mean HTC is going to do what Samsung did in 2012 and announce the M7 by holding their own event? Google I/O is in May this year. See where we’re going with this? HTC could launch Sense 5 on top of Android 5 either at Google’s event or shortly thereafter.

Yes, we know we sound like conspiracy theorists, but we can’t help but think deeply about HTC. They were the first company to produce an Android phone, they were the first company to make a Nexus, and for many of us, they’re a company that’ll never leave our hearts.

But given the choice, we’d rather own a Samsung. Maybe that’ll change this year.

  • I’m…not really impressed…

  • nani

    they look worst

    • le_lutin

      That sentence makes no sense.

  • LazyTechy

    HTC should first:

    1. Embrace SD extenstion again
    2. Let the stupid Beat Audio go

    • 3. Take care of their customers
      4. And update their phones

    • Adam Eldin

      1. My Evo LTE has a 64gb micro sd lol
      2. beats audio actually makes a diff on the DNA and the one x+, before that it was just a very nice EQ feature, not as much of something to base marketing off of

  • Stock or GTFO

    • Chris

      you can always root.

      • That’s the first thing I do after unboxing

  • No thank you, HTC. I would sooner use smoke signals than buy another phone with Sense.

    • Joe Palomino

      why not root and take off sense ? i have the htc amaze and i haave no sense on it and running faster than sgs 3 with newer apps and s voice as well more options and several tweaks to rom control i even have android beam . no need for newer phones they can only add so much because of the size so no major difference but memory and os which can be fixed by rooting

      • Chris

        android nerds are getting pretty lazy these days.

      • Joe, I’ve been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt (Well, except for the bit about being faster than SGS3, let’s not exaggerate.) But just because it is possible to do so doesn’t make me any happier about Sense being there in the first place.