More details about Sony’s crazy lens cameras

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 16, 2013

DSC QX100 sony lensSony’s lens attachments are real, believe it or not, and here’s another leak to prove it. The same folks that originally leaked the images of the two camera-lenses are back at it with diagrams and more details.

The two gizmos (we’re not sure what to call them for now) feature more controls that we originally thought, according to what appears to be a leaked user manual. The QX10 and QX100 will feature their own power button, microphone, a small status indicator display, a hook for belt, a socket for tripod mounting, ring control (just on the QX 100), a shutter button, and a “multifunctional” jack that we assume is a Sony proprietary connector.

The leaksters at Sony Alpha Rumors also provided the dimensions of the attachments, as well as their weights: 179 g for the QX100 and 105 for the QX10, with battery pack and memory stick included.

sony camera lens diagram

To get a better idea of what you’re looking at, know that the QX100 features similar components to those of the Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot (starting from $750 on Amazon), while the lower-end QX10 is likely based on the Sony DSC-WX150 Cyber-shot, a point-and-shoot that starts from $400.

We are confident that we’ll see Sony’s camera-lenses launched along the Sony i1 on September 4, but there’s a good chance we’ll learn even more about them by then, so stay tuned.

  • Joshua

    This is awesome what Sony is doing. Sure it is not for everyone, but this will go well with the Sony Honami/I1.

  • Gaylord Esposito

    This would pair nicely with my Nexus 4. Cheers.

  • MasterMuffin

    If the prices are right, there (sadly) are pretty much no reasons to buy a Lumia 1020 anymore. I should be glad for Android, but I like Nokia :'(

    • chanman

      I think there’s still a lot to be said for Nokia smartphones’ stabilization and oversampling techniques compared to this… Whether the consumers see that is another issue though…

      • and the size of these Sony lenses make it less pocketable than a 1020.

        • chanman

          For me, as I take my photos pretty seriously, a belt hook is good enough for me to carry this thing around everywhere.

  • Mochammad Santaka

    I am interested. It will only make sense if it is considerably cheaper compared to a full fledge camera. It’s like a bonus for Xperia owners (If it is an Xperia only device).

    I just hope, if it is successful, they’ll have a reason to put a sub par camera on future phones so they can sell more of these.

    • chanman

      rumors are out that it will even be iphone compatible, so I doubt it will only be Sony compatible on the Android side. To be frank, in the US at least (I know the case is very different in Europe), they have nowhere near enough smartphone market share to pull that off.

  • ProudToBePinoy

    In my opinion this is a better idea than having a not removable big camera lenses on the back of a phone, Great job Sony!!!.

  • As my two favorite pastimes are Cell phones “Android” and photography, I would think that i’d be more exited about this idea. But alas I think it will go the way of the KIN.

  • Brian Fajilan Panaligan

    it’s real and it is, it’s a great invention. Sony is really the best!

  • zgryfx

    If you’re in the market for a new smartphone / camera system, this might be an intriguing option. If you already have a micro 4/3 or similar camera, I don’t think this is compelling enough to buy.