More alleged pics of the Galaxy F pop up

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 9, 2014

samsung galaxy f leak (1)

Last week we showed you this render of what @evleaks claims to be the Samsung Galaxy F, a souped-up version of the Galaxy S5 that Samsung is rumored to introduce this summer.

Over the weekend, Phone Arena came up with three images that allegedly represent the same device. Take them with a bit of salt, as the source of the images is said to be an anonymous tipster, in other words, as unreliable as sources get. However, the shots seem to match @evleaks’ render from last week, so there could be something in there after all.

samsung galaxy f leak (2)

We’re looking at what seems to be the black version of the Galaxy F, with the same brushed metal texture on the back and arrangement of the front camera and sensors as in the @evleaks render. The screen bezels appear to be much thinner than on the Galaxy S5, which wouldn’t be a surprise, considering that the Galaxy F is rumored to feature a 5.3-inch display in a frame that’s similar in size with the Galaxy S5.

samsung galaxy f leak (1)

We still don’t have solid clues on the build material – the chromed sides and brushed metal back cover could easily be plastic, just like the very convincing LG G3. According to Phone Arena’s tipster, this is a pre-production model that’s indeed encased in metal and the device is actually smaller than the Galaxy S5.

What do you guys think? Real of fake?

  • Anonymousfella

    Looking forward to the note4 tbh. This seems more like a money grab opportunity for Samsung.

    • 26

      That’s samsung. Let’s see how many S5 variants is going to come just like S4 variants.

  • Looks pretty cool, but it’d look better in white. :D

  • systemupdate

    Samsung gotta move to metal now. They are already way too late. Come on Sami.

    • das

      why have they ? isnt metal just a nuisance and damages easily ?

      • systemupdate

        isnt it better to at least offer people the choice? they make a ton of phones that dont sell, make a metal one for those who want it i would say. Samsung Galaxy M?! lol.

        • das

          well people do have the choice ,buy a metal backplate

  • Daniel

    Looks like speaker is not on the back/front, so is this water/dust resistant ??

    • Blowntoaster

      Speaker is at the bottom, like the Note 3. see reflection in 2nd & 3rd pic.

  • _X_

    Look at them bezelz!!! if it is metal, then this will be a Stunner! Sad that I cant have it since I’ve got the normal S5, but it would have been more exspensive thus I dont care! Good luck Sammy! Show all the anti-Samsung group that you can make the best Android device!

    • supremekizzle

      Yeah. Look at that bezel complete with a physical home button. Are you Marty McFly, because I think we found ourselves in 2011…

  • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

    Samsung needs to hire some designers because their phone are hideous. They should take some notes from Sony, HTC and LG.

    • carlosfrancoz

      You’re right! So now the same boring and awful S5 design but with metal back is called “premium” WTF!

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Yes, it’s the same design but a metal back now. They need a redesign if they want it to look good.

        • Gator352

          They need to redesign their design team…

      • Gator352

        That’s because everyone screams that metal (aluminum) is premium and plastic is cheap. You’re right though, just because they ad a metal back doesn’t make it premium. Heck you can get a metal back for the S5, if not, you will be soon.

    • das

      erm ,for a start LG is a copy of Samsung phones , HTC and sony are BRICKS ,seen the size of their ugly arse bezels ? plus theHTC looks like a BRICK with its thickness ,jesus u got no taste

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Yep, I have bad taste.

        • rawr.itservin

          Atleast you admit you have bad taste.

      • Gator352

        So what is your real opinion?

      • Ben Edwards

        What bezels are you referring to on the One? A lot of people seem to use the speakers in their bezel argument, when in fact they’re speakers. You know, things that make sound. Not useless wasted space.

        • Jesus

          um… serious?
          Those speakers on the front are also bezels… you know, stuff that’s not the screen, on the face of a phone.
          Besides those, you’ve got the fat black bezel with the HTC logo, and also thick sides…
          HTC’s simply done a terrible job with the design. Lowest screen-size / phone size ratio among the flagships.

          • Ben Edwards

            As serious as a heart attack my friend. It may not be screen, but it’s still not wasted space (apart from perhaps the black HTC logo bar…that’s pretty pointless).

            In all honesty it’s kind of a moot point though, the whole phone has been designed around incorporating the dual front speakers and amp. We have no way of knowing how the One would look if HTC had never added those elements to the phone, but I can almost guarantee it would be a lot smaller in all aspects.

            It’s simply a design trade off they chose to make and I personally have no issues with that. At the end of the day, no one has a gun to your head forcing you to buy a One. If you don’t like it, go buy something else. It’s all good.

          • das

            yes because speakers on a phone matter m,NOT ,samsung and LG have it right ,sony and htc phones waste physical space with big ugly bezels and fat bodies

          • Ben Edwards

            Y’know das, I’m really glad people like you don’t have any control over the mobile industry. With such a close-minded view the innovation would be absolutely stagnant and we’d all have the exact same phone.

            How boring.

          • das

            just sharing my opinions and tastes ,no need to get hissy, i find people using speakers on their phones in public extremely annoying ,why have tinny distorted phone speakers when people with common sense would plug in earphones for much better quality

      • Aadil

        Maybe you should look at the measurements of these phones. One has the least width of all and S5 and Z2 have virtually the same size in width,height and thickness while the G3 is just slightly bigger and thicker but the size difference is still less noticeable.
        LG hardware isn’t a copy of Samsung as seen in the recent years. The design, the buttons are all completely different.

  • Chris

    Who cares. We need to see the Note 4!

    • JohnCurton

      Couldn’t agree more :))

      • Chris

        Can’t WAIT!! Where are the leaks!??!

        • Gator352

          In Apple’s pants when the see the N4!

  • Blowntoaster

    that backplate looks like plastic to me. very shiny, polished, pebbly look like the S3.
    it does not look nice, & if it is metal, it’s probably going to be slippery as hell. I (me, myself and I), prefer the regular S5/Note 3 rubbery plastic feel. just nicer in the hand and easier to grip.

  • melvnx

    The Backkplate is plastic! If you look at the 1st image, on the left side you can see the indentation for your finger to pull off the back cover to get to the removable battery

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      The HTC One Max had a removable back.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Samsung devices are getting boring. Samsung announces one or two devices every month. BORING!

  • bakakun028

    I hope note 4 won’t be metal…

  • zygis

    brush metal fuuuuuuuuuuu

  • andrew

    now i’m just disappointed at my s5.

    • Gator352

      I’m disappointed at your S5 too…..:)

  • Ben Edwards

    Seems legit, but I still don’t believe it’s metal.

  • Jack Jennings

    It’s like all they’ve taken from people bashing their design is that it should be made of metal. ‘Here you go, have the same phone but with metal on the back. Will you buy this one now?’
    BAD Samsung! Go back to the drawing board and actually design a nice looking phone!

  • Jayfeather787

    If this comes out with a Snapdragon 805, it might be a problem for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Snapdragon 800 variant of the S4 is hated by Samsung. They receive updates last, and have almost no development.

  • Adon

    Its a fake. The base S5 i used didn’t “Powered by ANDROID” when you turn the phone on. Secondly, the sensors are look odd. 3rd- The Camera is clearly odd. 4th- The SAMSUNG logo’s are off, the back one is painted, however on a OEM Samsung S5 *even the S4,S3,Note 3 ) the SAMSUNG logo is indented and its Silver/Chrome on. The front Samsung logo is slightly off,its silver chrome and the FONT size is smaller.


  • Sarper

    These are fake there is no model number at the screen and the letter F is not close to the Galaxy name. They first said it is a 5.2 inch device now they are saying it is a 5.3 inch device. This is obviously fake.