Monster unveils its own tablet, the $150 Monster M7

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 20, 2013


Earlier this week, Monster took the wraps off their very own tablet line, the 7-inch M7. Yes, Monster – as in the folks that charge around 50x more for their HDMI cables then they are actually worth. So does that mean the M7 will be equally overpriced? Actually, not so much.

The $150 M7 probably is actually pretty cheap, though its specs won’t exactly blow anyone away.

The tablet features a 1.6GHz processor, 1280 x 800 display, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Not surprisingly, Monster also throws in a PowerControl app designed for controlling compatible Monster accessories. There are also a few small tweaks to the Android UI, but overall this is a pretty ‘typical’ low-end budget tablet.

The Monster M7 takes a page out of Nokia’s book (and now Apple’s apparently..) by providing tons of colors, 8 in all. The company also boasts that their tablets feature a “non-skid” surface.


The M7 is certainly an odd move for Monster, which is known for its high-priced accessories. Perhaps the company feels it is is time to branch out and try something new. Regardless of the company’s motivations, we have to admit that the M7 doesn’t look half-bad (at least for the money).

The 7-inch M7 is available now, exclusively through Walmart. Looking for something a bit bigger? Monster is also prepping a 10.1-inch model for release sometime this fall.

  • EnX$$

    looks good as a design

  • RanRu

    For a hot second, I thought this was referring to the energy drink company.

    • Dragonscourgex

      Haha, me too. I forgot about Monster cables.

    • Andrew Grush

      A Monster energy drink tablet… if that were true, I’d strongly consider buying that, lol. (looks around at the several Monster Energy cans laying around on his desk…)

    • Chris Martinelli

      hehe… Good thing they didn’t price it like their cables. If they did, it would be a $3000 tablet with $150 specs.

    • cjwilliamsUSA

      One other series of Android tablets to launch this week feature Intel’s new processor and offer impressive performance for a mid-range device.

      Ramos Technology has partnered with Intel to introduce the i-Series with 8″, 9″, 10″ and 12″ models– ranging from ($199-$299) and all models feature HD displays.

      Intel’s processor with Hyper-Threading technology runs four threads simultaneously and outscores many mainstream quad-core tablets in benchmark testing —

      The most compact model is the Ramos i-8 ($199) and is the world’s thinnest 8″ tablet– featuring a 7.9-inch HD screen and aluminum-nickel frame for a sleek design; similar in size to the mini iPad… and is easy to carry and almost as compact as a 7″ tablet such as the Nexus 7, but with 40% more screen space… which makes viewing tablet content much easier– and the new Ramos i-8 matches most features of the Nexus 7 – plus MicroSD storage.

      One of the first sources to feature the new Ramos i-Series of Android tablets is– TabletSprint

  • GS4

    Look terrible. I hope no one will buy it just because it’s a brand.

    • Bjajjull

      Lol, why do you think people buy Apple products?

      • YoloMcSwaggerDawg

        At least the difference between this and Apple is you get what you pay for with Monster

        • Richard C. Johnson

          With apple you over pay 5x for the same piece of shit.

  • Topcat488

    Not bad for $150.00, and the “colours” looks REALLY nice… Not childish like Apples’ colours but “bold” and something an adult can carry.

    • One Note

      These colours are much better than ASUS memo ME173x!
      (insert slam) actually avoiding Memo for the terrible colors,
      makes the product seem poorly planned?

  • n11

    Their next iteration will support monster energy cup holder…!


    Odd move for them. Will a smartphone be next?

    If they priced this like they price their cables, this would cost $850.00

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Should have shipped with 4.2

  • tendoboy1984

    I’m actually interested in this. It has everything the Nexus 7 (2012) had, for a cheaper price (minus the Tegra chip obviously).

    Monster’s products are usually high quality, so I expect good things with this tablet. Hopefully it won’t have many hardware issues like a certain other tablet company (*cough* ASUS *cough*).

    Now where’s my Belkin tablet? :)

  • tendoboy1984

    Damn it, yet another -$200 tablet I have to choose from…

    I’m torn between the ASUS Memo Pad HD, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Hisense Sero 7 Pro, and the HP Slate 7.

    Actually, the HP Slate isn’t worth buying because it has no GPS, and the newer Slate tablets are coming in November.

    • SContrerasMer

      Nexus 7 (2013) seems pretty good to me, i think i’ll buy it

  • Amber

    I got this for Christmas. It is great! Looks and feels like an iPad mini. Can’t beat the price either! Definitely a good buy and doesn’t dissapoint the “Monster” name :)