Back in April, MOGA released its PowerA Pro Android gaming control, promising an improved experience over their previous generation controller. Now the company has announced they are back at it again, with plans to launch a new generation of MOGA Power Series controllers at E3.

So what’s new? The biggest change is that the controls will now be adding a “Boost” feature, which will recharge your phone while you play your games.

Unfortunately, MOGA isn’t exactly giving out many details on how this charging feature will work. If we had to take a guess, the controller probably utilizes an internal battery and then charges your phone using a microUSB cable.

The next-gen Power Series will come in two models, a compact version and a full-sized “Pro” model. While the boost feature is the biggest change, the new controllers also offer improved Bluetooth radios, better ergonomics and an improved form factor. This is especially true for the compact model, which now features clickable analog thumbsticks, a D-Pad and should buttons.

For the moment there is no word on when exactly these new controllers will be made available, or how much they will cost. The battery charging function could increase the overall cost of the controllers, but we don’t expect them to be too much more expensive than previous MOGA controls.

What do you think of MOGA’s controller offerings, how do you feel they compare to other options out there for Android?

Andrew Grush
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