Watch this hilarious commercial for the MOGA gaming controller [video]

by: Bams SadewoOctober 24, 2012
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They say that profanity is an excuse for a lack of vocabulary. But really, who the fudge cares about choice of words and getting dirty looks from others when you’re trying to break some new records on Temple Run, or whatever game  the cool kids are hooked on these days.

This seems to be gist of the latest commercial for MOGA, the universal gaming controller for Android that’s bound to be embraced by mobile gamers across the country.

Perhaps we just live a very sheltered life, but it features many curses and expletives for a minute video. The ad has done its job in making us laugh, though. Due to the censored bits, we don’t think this warrants an “NSFW” tag, but you may want to keep the audio slightly down.

As for the Bluetooth gaming controller itself, it has dual analog sticks, four actions buttons, and shoulder trigger buttons. MOGA is already available in stores, where it can be had for $49.99. While you’ll find a free Sonic CD and Pac-Man copy inside the package, it doesn’t ship with the required two AAA batteries.

So, what do you think of the video? A reminder of how you are at your gaming worst?