Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour lands on Android, not without errors and glitches

by: AdrianDecember 11, 2012

They teased and teased and teased and finally they decided to buck up and do the deed. We’re talking about the folks at Gameloft, who’ve just unleashed Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour onto Google Play.

The fourth title in the first-person shooter franchise comes to Android a little over a year after Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and less than a week after making its way to iOS devices. Still, you can’t really complain about “delays” of weeks, especially when it’s obvious Gameloft put a lot of thought into making Zero Hour as unique of a game as possible.

And although you can’t say there are a lot of innovative functions or features in MC4, it does have the makings of a great shooter game, possibly the best in the series. The “storyline” and “plot” are definitely as simple as they can be, but hey, who plays these games expecting mind-twisting riddles?

What you expect is thrilling action, frightening villains, a lot of gore, blood and combat and MC4 delivers beautifully in all those departments. The multiplayer has definitely come a long way from Modern Combat 3, being now redesigned from the roots, while the visuals are far more impressive than ever.

Hardcore old-fashioned gamers should definitely also appreciate the two different playing modes, where you can alternatively be the good guy and the villain, while the little things, like sound effects, controls and weapons, have been improved themselves, albeit not as significantly as the multiplayer.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that don’t work this time around either. First off, Zero Hour is a whopping $6.99 in Google Play. Also, there are a lot of people complaining about an “error 941” blocking the downloading of the game.

The glitch happens every so often and it’s not just limited to a number of specific devices, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it is. Now, we wouldn’t go as far as say Gameloft botched up this release as Rockstar did with GTA : Vice City, but it’s definitely not our idea of a perfect launch either. Too bad, Gameloft, you really seemed to have a winner there!

  • MasterMuffin

    Still the best game on Google Play :) just waiting for the cracked .apk (sorry)

    • idiot. don’t pirate apps.

      • oh i assume you can afford his game as well as yours and in the meantime buy me the game as well… not everyone can afford games.

        • you can afford a smartphone………

        • Andrew Moore

          I guess if you get a job and spend all day working you don’t expect any pay then? Did you know it actually takes time and people working to make games like this.

        • This mentality is the reason developers like Gameloft develop for iOS first. I wish you guys would stop discouraging devs to write good apps for our platform.

          • George Av

            true :) if these FAGS would stop pirating apps, then MAYBE developers will be more encouraged to develop for android. Besides, you have a Smartphone, what costs around $500 and you can’t find 7 bucks? WTF is wrong with you?

          • MasterMuffin

            Sorry George, but I’m not a fag. It seems that you’re a fag because almost everytime I see you commenting on something, the comment is rude and you say stupid things about people you don’t know. Anyway I agree with you that it’s stupid to pirate, but here’s my explanation: I pirated mc3 when it came and I liked the game, so I bought it. And that’s what I’m going to do now too.
            And btw it’s bullshit to say anything about “android pirates are the reason why developers hate android”, iDevice users pirate as much and it’s even easier for them if they jailbreak their device…

          • George Av

            ahahahahaha it’s not bullshit, it’s totally true. dead trigger is free cos cunt’s like you pirate it.Shadow gun dead zone is free – again cos of people like you. behind all the android apps you use are real life people, that need to feed family’s they make a living of these apps. You have money to afford a android smartphone, and you can’t find a mear 7 bucks? like what the fuck?

          • MasterMuffin

            Well the dead trigger thing is true, but I bought it when it came because it didn’t cost that much and when it became free, I got an alien gun :) And dead zone is free for iOs too you know… And yes, the people in Gameloft do this as their jobb and I know that, I just want to make sure I don’t use 6 euros for nothing! And it doesn’t mean that if you have an android phone, you have money. My friend doesn’t have much money and he has Zte blade one, which costs under 20 euros…

          • Adrian Diaconescu

            Okay guys how about if we tone it down a bit? I’m not one to usually exercise censorship, but when a certain line is crossed I have to interfere. So, from now on, try to keep things civil, because I will be keeping a very close eye on comments containing swear words, insults and so on. We’re all in the same boat here and there’s no reason to get heated up like this. Thanks!

          • MasterMuffin

            Yes sir :)

          • Just read your little bio above. Are you a fan of Van Wilder?

          • Adrian Diaconescu

            I actually just saw that a couple of months ago… for the first time. Does that answer your question?

          • Hehe, well not particularly. I assume that you are implying you are not a fan since it took you that long to watch it. However, you may have become a fan once you watched it. I only asked because of the line about the “differences between light and dark beer”.

          • that isn’t a android phone. that is android dumb phone. you can’t even call it android for that price. it’s like calling a $1000 car – a car.

          • MasterMuffin

            Well that’s true, it’s a terrible phone :D

          • MasterMuffin, the point that you seem to be completely avoiding is that “I can’t afford 7 dollars” is not justification for stealing. I am not sure why that blatent fact evades your logic, but if you can’t afford something, then you don’t get it. I would love to be driving around in a Ferrari, but I can’t afford one. Bummer for me I know, but that certainly doesn’t give me right to run out and steal one does it?

          • MasterMuffin

            Well Ferrari is a much bigger thing than a small file… And if you read my comment, it’s more like test driving a ferrari to see how’s it like and buying it if I like it, like every other car buyer does!

          • you won’t buy the game, i guarantee it. you may say that you will – but you won’t that’s the nature of buttwipes like you. :) you have a smartphone? what one? is it high end? then WHY DON’T YOU BUY THE GAME!!!

          • MasterMuffin

            you guarantee it? How about a bet, lets say 7 euros? ;)

            and btw, I have sgs3 if you must know…

          • you have a s3 cost? 500 euros and you can’t find 7 bucks?

          • MasterMuffin

            If I bought every app I wanted, I would use hundreds of euros in a wee k to apps. What if the application isn’t what I wanted or doesn’t work at all in my phone? So that’s why I test almost all apps before I buy them, I”m not a millionare! :)

          • Theft is theft. It doesn’t matter what you are stealing.
            Furthermore, “oh i assume you can afford his game as well as yours and in the meantime buy me the game as well… not everyone can afford games.” This comment argues that if you can’t afford a product, that it is ok to steal it.

          • MasterMuffin

            well that wasn’t my comment so… (?)

          • Haha, I see that now. Sorry for the mix up. The point still stands however, despite saying it to the wrong person.

          • MasterMuffin

            yep, stealing is wrong no matter what, I guess I have an evil side o.O

          • Don’t we all…

          • BrainOfSweden

            I’m pretty sure there would be a lot more pirates on iOS if it was easy enough. If something’s worth doing (for their own personal interests), people will do it. I know a lot of pirates that uses Mac’s, simply because Apple hasn’t blocked that opportunity yet. Please note that I’m not saying wether I support piracy or not, just providing my thesis.

    • BloodThirstyJon


      • MasterMuffin

        Spit your father’s cock out of your mouth before writing sh*t.

        You see I can play that game too >:)

    • yeah, but we BUY it

      • MasterMuffin


  • Its not just this game getting 941 error codes…dead space is as well…

    • Andrew Moore

      I’m finding I’m getting loads of reports of this error today for my app. I also tried to by another app and got the same myself.

  • BrainOfSweden

    Perhaps was the last 7 bucks he owned?

  • Someone

    I don’t need a PC anymore!