Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android gets pulled in less than 24 hours of its release

by: Varun RajDecember 11, 2012

If you were planning on purchasing the newly released Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour game by Gameloft for your Android device, I am afraid you will have to wait a few of more days. The game has been pulled from the store and is no longer available for purchase. The game has been already delayed, with the iOS version debuting a few days earlier than the Android launch.

Gameloft has not given an official word on Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour being pulled from the Play Store but according to speculations there was a problem with the downloading mechanism of the game which caused errors when users got the game. As with other games of its size, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour needed to download content from Gameloft’s servers after installation, which caused the problem.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour isn’t the only high profile game that has disappeared from the Play Store after being recently released. This past week, Rockstar also pulled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City due to the same downloading issue with the game. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will return by end of this week, according to Rockstar

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was priced at $6.99 so for those who purchased it in time it’s a bigger disappointment than for the rest of us who missed the opportunity. Did you get the game while it was available?

  • have been waiting for this game’s release for so long…….Disappointed :(

  • Their fault. This wouldn’t have happened if they would have used the APK Expansion Files. People should boycott such games because often it’s a pain to have to download large files from developer servers.

    • this way, is slight protection towards the douchebags that pirate their apps

      • Good point

      • BrainOfSweden

        It’s also a good way to give people with poor connection no chance to try and eventually refund the game in 15 minutes. The expansion function of Google Play works great, no reason not to use it. It doesn’t stop piracy to avoid it either, there is a working Vice City download floating around, and as you probably know, a working MC4 leak as well.

  • Alberto

    Hope will be available again this week… cant wait!

  • yep, got the game first thing this morning. a friend that uses IOS and has android called me at like 7am screaming through the phone “MODERN COMBAT 4 IS OUT FOR ANDROID” xD

  • Łukasz Miezin

    Okay, I bought the game, that I didn’t have a chance to install apk file, let alone download the game. I’m waiting for re-release.

  • milkshake

    Got an error yesterday morning trying to download Dead Space after I purchased it 99 cents. Called Google a about it, they gave me a define, and told me to try buying the game later. Was going to try buying it again but now its $6.99. I was very dissatisified.

    • milkshake


  • Andrei

    I have been playing MC 4:ZH on Motorola DEFY+(android) for a week. The cracked apk is available on the web since december 6, you can even play online. I am gonna buy the game when it’s officialy released only to support the developers, even if they don’t deserve it.