MoDaCo Switch for Galaxy S4 will be coming soon, funding campaign a success

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 31, 2013


Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo has recently released the first public beta of Switch, a custom ROM that lets HTC One users quickly switch between stock Android and HTC Sense 5, while maintaining a single set of user data. Because data is shared between the two OS versions, all the apps and settings are preserved when switching, which is the app’s main selling point compared to other dual-boot solutions.

As you’d imagine, developing such an application requires time and, by extension, money. That’s why O’Brien took the Galaxy S4 Switch project to Indiegogo, with the goal of collecting £1000. The project already gathered almost £1400, and there are still 17 days to go until the campaign ends. That’s great news, but it gets even better – Paul O’Brien announced that his ultimate goal is to make Switch available to any ROM developer, for any device.

I’m not setting stretch goals per se, but all subsequent donations help get us towards the ultimate goal of making Switch available for all ROM developers to use and thereby all devices. Switch is for you – Android fans. :-)

The British dev also said that he also plans a companion app for Switch that will let users select specific features that they want to use from each ROM.

To contribute to Switch, head over to the source link below.

  • DefaultUser

    lol, seems like everything needs funding these days

    • broke software developer

      and why not? when you’re putting out a product that people actually want why work for free?

  • End in sight

    This is going to rock the android world.

    I keep wondering how Google and the OEMs are likely to respond.

  • Protoss

    Paul O’Brien does a really really really great job with that Dual boot, but if he can do the same with a Dual boot android/Windows Phone, that’s gonna be fucking amazing