MoDaCo.SWITCH beta 1 for Galaxy S4 coming to initial backers

by: Chris SmithAugust 22, 2013

Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

Galaxy S4 owners interested in running both stock Android and the default TouchWiz ROM on their handset should know that MoDaCo.SWITCH beta 1 for the handset will be released to initial backers starting today.

The news has been published on Twitter yesterday by Paul O’Brien, the developer of MoDaCo.SWITCH:

MoDaCo.SWITCH was first developed for the HTC One, allowing HTC One users to easily switch between the Google Play Edition version of the software for the handset (stock Android) and HTC’s Sense 5 ROM.

Then, O’Brien started a funding campaign to bring MoDaCo.SWITCH to the Galaxy S4.

Only initial backers will have access to the beta 1, but the final MoDaCo.SWITCH version for the Galaxy S4 should be available to anyone interested in juggling between the two Android experiences.

The video above shows you how MoDaCo.SWITCH works on the Galaxy S4.

  • Ryan Castle

    Will it work with the Exynos Octa version of the Galaxy S4? That’s the reason I didn’t get it (no CM10.1 support)

    • The Black Hand

      I9505 would be the Exynos Octa version.

      • Daniel

        no, GT-I9505 is the snapdragon version

        • The Black Hand

          Aren’t the international version the ones using the Octa? I know my U.S. AT&T version is using the Snapdragon and it has always been international=exynos for the past few years.

    • technology

      CM10.2 is already out for the I9500 variant but with some problems with Camera and Random reboots.

      Also, Grarak from XDA already working on a switch for the I9500 variant

  • GasparIPerez

    Just wow. Would like to see this on my S3, but that’s never going to happen…

  • krispy2525

    Would doing this void your warranty

    • Anon

      rooting period voids the warranty. So yes.