MoDaCo Switch for HTC One now in public beta; Switch for GS4 seeking funding on Indiegogo

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 26, 2013


MoDaCo Switch is a unique application that lets HTC One users quickly jump from HTC Sense 5 to stock Android and back, all while retaining user data. In other words, all your apps and settings are preserved and shared between the two flavors of Android, making dual-booting a painless affair.

MoDaCo founder Paul O’Brien announced Switch a few weeks back, and since then he made surprisingly good headway in completing the project. Beta 8, the latest build of Switch, is a public beta available for download. Note that the app was developed for and tested on the European GSM version of the HTC One. O’Brien offers all the needed installation instructions and some support, but keep in mind that the process requires a fair amount of savvy with things like ROMs, custom recoveries, and backing up and wiping devices.

In addition to Switch, which is as simple as it gets in terms of user functionality, O’Brien also plans a companion app, that will let users select some of the features that will be available in the two operating systems.

As promised, Paul O’Brien will set his sights on the Samsung Galaxy S4 after he completes Switch for the HTC One. The British dev launched an Indiegogo campaign To gather funds for test devices and development time.

  • Uzin

    This definitely sounds exciting. Anyway its even more exciting to see that Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone5 for 182 reasons shared by people at: BRAND COLLAGE

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is an awesome solution for people who bought it and only later found out that there was a Play edition coming out. How is this dude having a hard time gathering 1000£? O.o

  • M00T

    This would be great, I bought the S4 at the Verizon launch day, and the day I got wind of the GPE, let’s just say I got my knickers in a twist. This really brings the best of both worlds.