Google pushes mobile Gmail redesign inspired by iOS app, no love for Windows Phone, though

by: J. Angelo RacomaMarch 11, 2013
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New Gmail mobile app Android

Access from your mobile device today and you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Google has quietly pushed an update to the mobile version of Gmail, which includes a few user-interface improvements, as well as better aesthetics. According to Google, this update has rolled out to users on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.

Google did not include a changelog in its announcement, although it made reference to how the feedback they received from iOS users when the search company released an updated version of Gmail for the iPhone and iPad, whose users “like the redesigned UI, along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar.”

New Gmail mobile app on iOS

If you’re familiar with the Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad, you would likewise be familiar with some elements included in the updated mobile web Gmail version, such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar. The same changes will take effect in Gmail Offline soon.

One thing’s interesting, though. While Google has rolled out this update for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle (which is, of course, a fork of Android), there’s no mention of Windows Phone. The Next Web notes that this does not come as a surprise, given that Google has been leaving Windows Phone behind in terms of accessing mobile services like Gmail, Maps and more.

I’ve read comments from Android users clamoring for Google to implement the same user experience on the native Android Gmail client, seeing how the iPad version got rave reviews. This might bring us Android users closer to that experience. But there’s a catch, of course. Mobile web is not necessarily as fluid as a native app, so if this UX is to your liking, you’ll have to make do with mobile web for now.

  • Peterson Silva

    Hmmm not sure if the way Google is flirting with iOS lately is exciting, really =/

    • jangeloracoma

      Don’t worry. They’re just flirting. It’s not like they’re getting married. ;)

  • good strategy

    Apple is Google’s enemy. Googe will do well to try to win over iOS users by placating them. At some point fanboys will realize that almost all of what they do on their phone/tab is related to google. Then it will be hard to justify spending so much for pretty much just hardware. Then they are likely to drop apple. (Apple sucks sh!t and they deserve to loose users. Piece of crap firm.)

    • kascollet

      And what we’ll we gain then ?
      The fact that Google services stays functional on every platform doesn’t harm Android and Google needs the money coming from other platform’s usage… to keep on developing Android !

    • Jason Mann

      Umm. Apple is a software company. Only a couple of companies in the world at their level. Remember they revolutionized both smart phone and desktop OSes. The industry undoubtedly changed forever with the release of the iPhone and Macintosh, and it was their software that did it.

  • Mike

    Why the design of native gmail app in android is not as good as IOS?

    • R.pi


    • R.pi






  • duncan duncan

    Undoubtedly google is copying from Apple.

    • Able Lawrence

      They are implementing googles own app from iOS (developed by Google). Google has separate teams working on different platforms. Innovations by one team will be ported after user response data. That is all that is happening here. Somethings come to android first and others to iOS depending on which team came up with the idea. Your apple fanboy bias is showing

  • duncan duncan

    Undoubtedly google is copying from Apple.

  • Fgoogle

    F U Google!! i’m using gmail for spam anyway, windows phone all the way now!

  • Trueh8r

    No worries, the WP8 native email client looks and works a lot better than any web app.

  • rjmlive

    I don’t even use gmail as my junk email anymore. Really enjoying and my connected accounts and aliases is all I need. I couldn’t be convinced to let go of my Skydrive and Office web apps. Microsoft really got it right.