November 28, 2012
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It’s hard to deny the major impact that smartphones and tablets have had on the globe, especially when it comes to mobile apps. Apps have become important not only for entertainment and information, but have even impacted the way we interact with others. By the end of the year, total revenues accumulated from mobile apps will pass the $30 billion mark.

This $30 billion achievement isn’t just from one store or ecosystem. This accumulated amount comes from various platforms from iOS to Android, and even Windows Phone and Blackberry. The total isn’t just from traditional paid apps either, and includes in-app purchases, subscriptions and in-app advertisements.

Even more impressive than the number itself is the growth it represents when compared to last year. This $30 billion figure is double over what was achieved by the end of 2011. Don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon, either.

Google Play continues to grow and has matured considerably since its early days when it was still branded as the “Android Market”. Apple’s AppStore also continues to see strong growth, and even alternative platforms like the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store are seeing expanded support recently.

Out of the annual app revenues for 2012, how much of the revenue came from Google Play? About a third of it, which isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t break down how much of that third comes from paid apps, subscriptions, in-app purchases or in-app advertisements.

What do you think of this new milestone, does it surprise you that sales are reaching such record heights or not?

Andrew Grush
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