MIUI is one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android, with plenty of supported devices. In fact, there’s even a handset shipped with MIUI as the standard operating system. All their development hard work has clearly paid off, as Xiaomi Tech have reported that there are now more than 10 million MIUI users worldwide.

The custom ROM gained popularly thanks to its heavily customised interface and interchangeable themes, although MIUI has received criticisms from some for supposedly trying to emulate an iPhone experience a little too closely.

If you’d like to join the 10 million other users, but can’t get hold of a Xiaomi Phone, then perhaps installing the ROM yourself is the way forward. MIUI is officially supported on a number of popular devices – you can see if you’re phone is supported on the official website. However, if you’re not into phone rooting and flashing, then remember that you can still install the popular MIUI interface on your smartphone through the MIhome Launcher.

Are you an MIUI user? If so, then let us know of your experiences with the ROM.

Robert Triggs
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  • MasterMuffin

    Used MIUI in my sgs2 back when it was the most stable Jellybean ROM, it’s really nice, I suggest to try it if you haven’t and if you’re interested :)

  • this rom still sucks ass.

    • le_lutin

      How so?

      • laggy (phones i have ran it on, s3, one X, galaxy s2, galaxy s i9000), slow, bad battery, battery hog, idiotic themes, almost everything in is fucking Chinese, ugly UI, bad wifi signal. i can go on and on about the flaws that make MIUI total shit.

        • le_lutin

          Not sure where you downloaded your roms from, but the roms i used were much less laggy than stock (smooth as hell in fact) , had excellent battery life (better than stock when I used the siyah kernel), were not battery hogs, looked fantastic and contained not one single bit of Chinese.

          Got all my roms from btw.

          P. S. Why on earth did you try it on 4 different phones if you didn’t like the UI in the first place?

          • reason i flashed roms on my phones? Cos i’m just like that :D the roms i had are from the same place. laggy as hell on all my phones.

          • George AV=Heinrich Himmler

            That’s an odd answer, that’s like saying I put a 1 litre engine in my Audi RS6 Avant and then saying it’s slow as hell and drives like shit but I did it because I felt like it. Where’s the logic in that? You sound like you are from Eastern Europe/Russia with the language you use.

          • Every one has a different experience. Mine with MIUI has be horrible, laggy, slow, bad battery, yada yada yada. Maybe you have has a better one, phones aren’t build the same. nor are people, i don’t like the “Chinese” style of theming, all white (horrible on amoled) and just weird themes. Even with a OC to 1.8GHZ on my s3 when i ran miui the phone was much better on stock. Jb miui btw.

          • oiio

            because he’s bullshiting

  • le_lutin

    Probably the best Rom I’ve ever used. Smooth as hell with a fantastic UI. Breathed new life into both my HTC desire and my sgs2. I have a note 2 at the moment and seriously considering sticking MIUI on it. It’s based on touch wiz so you don’t lose any of the s pen functionality.

    • cycad007

      Well I’ll be…It supports my HTC One S! Sure…I’ll give it a shot! :D

  • Attackofhubris

    It was my goto rom on my G2. I haven’t rooted my GS3 yet, but I’ll give it a whirl when I do.

  • Twisted247

    I’ve flashed the MIUI on my Galaxy Note 2 already and I can personally say I will never flash another MIUI ROM again. I flashed straight from the source and can honestly say that I have 5 other ROM’s that not only run MUCH smoother but also have way more options. Also 97% of the ROM and is options /themes are in Chinese. It does NOT run as smooth as the other ROM,’s I have backed up. MIUI ROM’s are EXTREMELY OVER RATED.