MIUI Officially released for the Epic 4G Touch

by: AlexanderJanuary 16, 2012
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Finally the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Epic 4G Touch, now has an official MIUI release. For those who do not know what MIUI is, it’s a ROM that – in many peoples’ opinions – feels a lot like iOS. Mostly due to the fact that there is no app drawer, and all your apps are placed on your homescreen. While others can  and will argue that it does not feel like iOS because there is to much customization on MIUI for it to be iOS-like. But we can all say, it’s closer to iOS then Android right?

Anyways let’s get down to business, if you’re an Epic 4G Touch owner, and have rooted your device then you may want to hit the source link below and download MIUI for the Epic 4G Touch. This version of MIUI is Gingerbread 2.3 (probably 2.3.7), but MIUI is working on Ice Cream Sandwich for other devices, so it shouldn’t be to soon before the Epic 4G Touch gets it.

If you download and install MIUI on your Epic 4G Touch, let us know in the comments how much you are liking it.

  • just flashed it today and i am feeling it so far. downloading the ICS theme for it right now and will set up my folders. always been a fan of miui on ns4g, nook , and evo 4g

  • Irish5243

    Love it been using miui on and off since they started porting to the of evo very smooth on e4gt room for improvement not 100% but at least 80 only thing not working is gps at this point last I knew, and seems to need some work with 2d stuff 3d seems smooth

  • Tim

    It’s clean and fast. But, my GPS, video camera, and 4g are not working yet.

  • Rlevesque79

    Load it…unload it. Fun to mess around with. Response is fast and clean. Love not having the app draw, plus all the crap apps that come with phone.