Minuum keyboard leaves beta with version 2.0, 30-day trial now available

by: Andrew GrushMarch 13, 2014

Back in January the Minuum keyboard received a version 1.2.3 update that brought a redesigned keyboard layout and a few other changes. Now an even bigger update is heading our way, as Minuum 2.0 has arrived and has officially dropped the “beta” tag found with past versions.

For those that are new to Minuum, the keyboard app basically takes an entire keyboard and scrunches it down to just one line. Such a layout is ideal for those with smaller-screened Android devices or for those that simply want to maximize their screen real-estate. The predictive capabilities of the keyboard involve a learning curve, but they really are very good. There’s also a way to quickly switch back to a full keyboard mode, for those times when you need it.

So what’s new in the latest update? While most of the changes have to do with minor visual improvements and reduced lag when using the keyboard, there’s also text sharing across apps and a quicker way to access emoji.

Here’s the full change-log, detailing what’s new in version 2.0:

  • Reduced lag when keyboard is closing
  • Visual improvements
  • Download languages in setup activity
  • Added PT-BR language
  • Bug and crash fixes

The Minuum keyboard is a solid choice, but one of the biggest complaints is that there has been no way to try out the $3.99 app before buying. Thankfully, this has been rectified in version 2.0, as a 30-day free trial version of the app is now available! To grab the updated Minuum for existing users, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

What do you think of Minuum, worth the $4 asking price or not?

  • JSo

    I have yet to find a keyboard to replace the stock Google keyboard on my Nexus 5. I don’t think I will ever use a custom keyboard again.

    • Corey Watford

      Ever use Swiftkey?

      • CrayK

        I have jumped to Google Keyboard from Swiftkey. Somehow the typing experience on Swiftkey ain’t that great.

        • AfrodanJ

          I cant use any keyboard without swipe to delete. It’s hardcoded into my thumbs now.

      • JSo

        Yes. It’s ok, but in my opinion, doesnt have all that much over the stock keyboard. I’m a little OCD when it comes to looks too and I really dont like the look of Swiftkey either. Not even the themes.

      • AfrodanJ

        Can’t leave Swifty as hard as I try. Is it just me or do you find when writing in capitals it cant predict for shit….It guesses words that just don’t exist when you are trying to type a simple word

    • Sean Brown

      I used to use storm Google keyboard, but I found its auto-corrections and auto-predictions were too rudimentary for my liking. Actually I went through about five different customizable keyboards before coming to the conclusion that I wanted to use Minuun; Google keyboard, Fleksy, Swiftkey, Touchpal, and now Minuum.

  • Albin

    I have an older small-screen LG. I haven’t bought too many apps, but this looks interesting: intuitive key location despite how narrow it is, and especially having the top row of numbers and special characters on the main screen instead of extra clicking for them. I’m using the free but full sized Gingerbread Keyboard to get front screen numbers the LG stock keyboard didn’t provide. Checking the store, I see it’s 23mb and that’s a complete deal breaker for my internal storage.

  • cjoc

    Swype for me. Never liked swift key and stock doesn’t have enough features.

  • uberSkeptic

    Yeah, the Google keyboard is fantastic. I’ll give this a try, but $4 is VERY steep for an app. I too moved from Swiftkey to Google Keyboard. I especially dislike Samsung’s TouchWiz copy of the two.

  • Mochammad Santaka

    Still waiting for it to support my native language.