MiHome Launcher: Bringing MIUI looks to your Android without rooting or flashing MIUI ROM

by: Carl ParkerJune 29, 2012
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Ever noticed how Android users have these different types of settings on their devices? Some techies are really good with these things since they know how to tinker with the User Interface (UI). Developers have created different ROMs to compliment Android devices, and one of them has made a name for itself for being user-friendly.

MiHome Launcher features a unique style of UI that makes Android users personalize their device with ease and convenience. The thing about this launcher is that once you install this on your device, it’s considered plug and play. You can even see thousands of themes and it can support over 10 screens where you can change settings with just one touch.

The MIUI ROM developers recognize the fact that not everyone using Android wants to tinker with his or her device extensively, so they developed this launcher, offering some of the ROM’s applications and features. The current version on the Google Play Store is especially tailored for devices running at least Android 4.0.

The MiHome Launcher app is getting mixed reactions from different users because of the compatibility of the launcher with other devices. Most users say that it’s not as smooth as the developers say it is, though the same users have given fair compliments to the launcher as far as the overall performance is concerned.

Currently, with this launcher,  you can modify the global audio settings such as volume and routing. It would also give permission to the app to take pictures and videos with the camera; this would allow the application to collect images at anytime that the camera is seeing.

These are just some of the many possibilities that MiHome Launcher is capable of. This could very well be just a prototype from its developers, so expect more improvements on the next update for this launcher.

The MiHome Launcher is now available for download through the Google Play Store.  If you’ve tried using it on your phone, tell us what you think of it.  We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section.

  • All bullshit. Nothing works better then the stock UI. Lags & bugs on MIUI & GO louncher. Galaxy s3

  • *than ;)

  • Jambo

    You forget to mention that if you have a newer phone with a larger screen that MIUI launcher is all stretched and looks like shit…would have been helpful…I used to use MIUI ROM on my old Desire…had it for two years…easily the best ROM…however the launcher and the actual 4.0 ROM never made the transition to ICS properly..stretched graphics and laggyness make it a complete no go for me…

  • mdquasem

    use it if no way to real miui rom. work flawlessly on my gb xperia arc. i can’t stand ics based miui (or stock ics). my complains, this launcher based on old miui launcher, so you have to create folder manually, old fashion in folder sorting, can’t resize supported widget & no option to 5 rows icon. i think you’ll be happy with this launcher if you minimalist, well organized clean folded & don’t want redudancy -like me. i just hope they will update the launcher to date functionality.