Microsoft releases first ad for Windows 8 [video]

by: Bams SadewoOctober 15, 2012

Android is about to welcome a new competitor. With Windows 8 — and a slew of accompanying tablets and computers — set to officially launch at the end of the month, Microsoft has officially started what’s bound to be an all-out marketing blitz by releasing the first ad for the new touchscreen-centric operating system.

The ad starts with a countdown, but one that doesn’t run all the way to end and instead stops at 8. You’ll be hearing and seeing lots of “eights” throughout the 30-second spot, which isn’t a total surprise given that that’s the magic number.

It then shows rapid snapshots of the flagship operating system running on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers from manufacturers like Acer, Samsung, Sony and possibly more. The tagline, as shown just before the final scene, is “Windows Reimagined.”

The official launch date for Windows 8 and devices powered by the OS is October 26, which will be preceded by a special press event a day before.  Any thoughts about the first Windows 8 ad to hit the airwaves?