Robert Scoble: “Microsoft should give up Windows Phone and go Android”

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2014

WIndows vs Android Windows 8 Android Logo Brand -1

Robert Scoble currently holds his title as one of the most influential tech bloggers. You may better recognize him from a popular image in which he is showering while wearing Google Glass. Long before his tech baths he was mingling with Microsoft as a Windows evangelist, though. He has his background and knows the company, making his opinion on Windows Phone of significant importance.

Scoble’s opinion on Microsoft’s mobile platform is firm and sound: he believes the company should ditch Windows Phone all together. He then goes on to express that going Android would be the best choice Microsoft could make.


“The real answer is, give up Windows Phone, go Android, and embrace and extend like you did with the Internet. But they don’t listen to me.” – Robert Scoble

In this interview with Geek Wire, Scoble also goes on to express why he believes Microsoft is failing in this highly competitive market. One main discrepancy is that Microsoft is no longer a startup. It works much more like the massive corporation that it now is. This turns Microsoft into a “committee-driven and slow” company.

The problem with Microsoft is that it’s so committee-driven and slow. It’s not a startup anymore.

Satya Nadella may be trying to change this by hosting hackathons, which he thinks is “cool” and may spark some developer interest. He claims the real problem lays on the fact that this won’t change a thing as long as they stay in Seattle. His belief is that if Microsoft should succeed in the mobile market, it would be by winning San Francisco, which he considers the “center of the world” for tech.

Should Microsoft really go Android?

Android and Windows Phone

As true Android fans, we support variety, competition and an open market where everyone can have a piece of the pie. This would be the case in our ideal world, but there is something making Microsoft fail in the market. As much as they have grown, they are still losing terribly.

Seeing Lumia smartphones running Android would be an epiphany in the flesh

Fellow writer Robert Scoble also holds truth in his words when he says “that train has sailed”. With that said, should Microsoft really switch to Android? As a Google follower, most of us would agree that seeing Lumia smartphones running Android would be an epiphany in the flesh. Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) makes some of the best hardware around!

As for my real opinion? I’ll be damned if ever see Microsoft pulling such a move. This would mean Microsoft getting off its high horse and give up in front of Google and the world. Simply put, it would signify defeat. Rationally speaking, the platform is still new and continues to grow, so Microsoft won’t be making such drastic changes any time soon… as sweet as that idea sounds.

  • kkhgc

    I want my Lumia nexus with 41mp camera ois with double tap features and glance screen feature.

  • Microsoft shouldn’t give up on Android. What they’re doing on Windows Phone, which is good, is just something that can’t be replicated properly on Android.

    • AbbyZFresh

      “can’t be replicated properly on Android.”

      Like what exactly? I can’t name anything?

      • Salman Thaw

        Every phone runs vanilla OS. Each and every single one of them. They’re all Nexuses. No Crapwiz, no Nonsense.

        • kg2105

          There is still bloatware. And the complaints about oem skins on Android are exaggerated. Also it’s pointless when the “vanilla” is Windows Phone.

      • You can look no further than what Nokia decided to with the Nokia X family

  • xoj_21

    they should give alot of money to nokia and let them free.

    and give up windows phone.

    they already embrace and extend.. killing nokia

    • sofia_top10

      If you’re considering a new Android phone this spring or summer, the Samsung Galaxy S5  is the best choice for most people. It's the most balanced in size and power, without flaws that could be dealbreakers, unlike most of the competition. It has all the features you’d expect from a major Android phone release: the fastest processors, a 16 MP camera a gorgeous 1080p screen, the ability to shoot full 4K video, and a battery that lasts longer than a day. It’s also the first widely available flagship smartphone that has real water-resistance out of the box. The Galaxy S5’s IP67 rating means it can survive a dunking in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes

      • rubbaluvva

        i guess you work for samsung??

      • asdasd

        Flaws: cheap plastic, no-bugless-gimmicks, money-qualitity ratio is 25:1. Not the fastest processor, ugly design (Really? It’s the S3 design..). You’re just a fanboy, Samsung is crap. Go for Xiaomi, Oneplus or Sony for proper money-quality ratio.

        • Tyrone_83

          The plastic not cheap. That’s not even a release excuse to hate on the phone. Why is it that everybody biggest grief is the back of the phone your not gonna be looking majority of the time. Your acting like other companies do use gimmicks to lure people into buying their products.

          Telling people to go for the One? Sure it’s a nice phone but have fun when they need or ask an invite to buy the handset and if somebody does have a spare one they make you jump thru hoops for no good reason when you wont get the invite anyways.

        • Jose Torres

          Don’t forget that they burn up on occasion, that’s a big no no.

        • Jesus

          He may be a fanboy but it’s clear that you’re also a fanboy.

          E.g. how’d you come up with that ratio? Out of your ass?

          Also not sure why you included the Sony for “proper” value. It costs around the same as a Samsung, and there’s not much difference to say the 1+1.

        • BreyAAl

          although i agree that samsung’s design(software/hardware) is not up there with the others but i would disagree with using plastic as a flaw.

      • TrixzD

        I don’t think xoj_21 even mentioned getting a new Android phone lol. Nice try though how much is Samsung paying you to do this

    • ThunderCrackR

      Also ” the platform is still new and continues to grow”. For how long will people still consider the WP platform a new one? I think that the time has come for it to be considered mature. This new thingy is only an excuse not to blame Microsoft for its slow development!

    • Farrel

      Even though I dislike Microsoft and WP, objectively speaking, the best course of action for Microsoft currently is keep with Windows Phone. They can’t afford to go both WP and Android now (considering recent 18000 layoffs). and there’s too much resource will go wasted if they go Android.
      I think Satya Nadella did the right thing.

    • Droideka

      Q: Should Microsoft really go Android?
      A: Yes.

  • John Grabb

    If the guy that offered this up is the same guy who wore Google glass in the shower then he is an idiot.

  • Iron Man

    I want Jarvis as my android phone.

  • Victoe

    I think Windows Phone is a great OS. Every time I pick up my girl friends phone I am amazed by the OS’s smoothness and its an older HTC 8X.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      When you get out of the home screen and really go to the apps, it’s really slow. Besides, the apps selection still sucks, and even the apps available don’t have enough features or are just dead slow.
      It’s nice that you have an open mind about that OS though. But don’t fall for it. xD The homescreen is not where you can judge if the OS is really good or not.
      This next part is about my thought on Windows Phone so far, after over a year using it. If you don’t feel like reading it, just… scroll past. That will save some time. xD
      I had a Lumia 521 and now own the Lumia 635 (look at my pic right now. That’s the Lumia 635 right there. xD). Very smooth home screen, and most things look so much better now with WP 8.1 (comparing to WP8). Still, the speed is really sad in reality. Launching facebook, Messenger, Here Drive, camera, and some other stuff, are just so slow. Ram management is not good either. Even Microsoft’s own apps would force close while running in the background (without much multitasking). So yeah, don’t ever fall for the “Windows Phone uses RAM much more efficiently than Android does” craps. It’s a big lie. If I have to say it, then iOS is the one that uses RAM well. Even WP8.1 doesn’t use ram more efficiently than Android 4.2. Resuming apps can also take forever. And back to launching app, I thought Touchwiz’s camera app was the slowest of all smartphones to launch. On my Galaxy Light, it is noticeably slower than on the Moto G or LG Optimus L90. On the Lumia 635, however, it takes even way longer, which now makes me feel like my Galaxy Light is a superphone. In fact, I’ve used the Lumia 920 for a few days and played with the Lumia 925 several times at the stores. They are both pretty slow when loading stuff, too.

      I got the Lumia 521 in May last year. It has been over a year, and I don’t feel like it has improved enough to compete. Windows Phone itself is not so new either, so I expect much more. WP8.1, the latest version, is still behind comparing to Android Jelly bean 4.2.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Light (a one year old device with an even older version of Android).

      I don’t want WP to die anyway. It’s nice to have something different. Though the OS is just way behind. An advantage of recent WP devices is that they are updated regularly, but then even with all these updates up to this point, they still can’t compete (with that Galaxy Light of mine). The only real good WP device right now is the Lumia 520/521. That’s because it’s only $50-$70. I’m not sure how it is elsewhere, but in the US, $100 can buy a Samsung Galaxy Light with waaayyy better performance than even the Lumia 635, and it has more features. The LG Optimus L90 is also a super competitive device, priced at $99.60.

      • cr_buck

        Funny. I have had a different experience. I have a Lumia 1020 with WP8.1. I have over 800 installed and save the camera it is actually faster than my Tab S with a Snapdragon 800 with less apps or my Nexus 7 except the camera of course. The camera takes great photos but is painfully slow. Facebook is universally slow on any device I have used. That said, comparing speed on a developer preview is a little deceptive because performance tuning is last after bug fixes. Over all, on all the gadgets I have Windows Phone is a touch faster than stock Android which is faster than iOS which is faster than Android with Touchwiz for me.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          I’m on full Windows 8.1, not developer preview. Just saying.

          Edit: Full Windows Phone 8.1, lol.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          And yep, that sounds like a totally different experience. I find the OS kinda smooth even more devices like the Lumia 635, but the loading time is a bit of a pain and some apps have been force closed or took forever to resume (Here Drive, Xbox Music, Microsoft’s Health and Fitness app while doing GPS tracking). The way the OS load with slow animation usually gives me a feeling that it doesn’t take that long when I launch an app or go back to the homescreen, but when putting side to side with the Samsung Galaxy Light, BLU Studio 5.5S, or Moto G, it’s quite obvious. Those 3 phones I’ve owned for longer than the 635, and they all have more apps and games on the 635, just in case it matters.

      • DiamondAvatar

        The HTC 8X is a fairly high end device. You are comparing it to a very low end device.

      • Blogsworth

        I call BS

      • shen

        Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope all WP fanboys out there can read those.
        I don’t want WP to die too, but as user and developer, I can’t justify enough reason to get a WP phone.

        • Tuấn Ankh

          You’re very welcome. xD
          And I didn’t even go into the issues with the apps there. Apps are still seriously lacking if you’ve been on iOS or Android. And even the apps available aren’t good enough. Facebook is an example. It lacks so many features, and it’s very slow in comparison. Apps like Viber (and even Skype) can’t get their notification to work properly.
          I don’t want to cover too deep in this now, but well, the lack of apps and features make me feel like a high-end WP device is not worth the money (Why would I want a more powerful device that still lacks in features, right?). On the other hand, a low-end or lower mid-range WP device is probably great for people new to smartphones or those who just call, text, browse the web, check email.

      • paxmos

        Although a Microsoft fan, I don’t use a Windows phone for my daily driver but how about using a real phone (powerhouse) for your comparisons?? All these phones you mention are crappy phones regardless of the platform they run on!!

        • Tuấn Ankh

          Well, if you didn’t know, most of them can do most tasks a powerhouse can do, especially the Galaxy Light. If you’re spoiled kid or somebody with extra money to spend, great. You definitely didn’t know the “crappy” Galaxy Light has all features the Nexus 5 has anyway. ;)

    • monkey god

      Windows phone feels very refined, but a refined OS doesn’t make a great platform. It takes a lot more these days than just speed or “it just works” to be competitive with Android and iOS.

    • rubbaluvva

      i am amazed how much it sucks balls.

  • Carl Draper

    Of course, doesn’t take a tech expert to realise that! (Also did you *really* have to show Scoble in the shower again?!) And yes Microsoft would rather crash and burn than admit defeat!

  • He’s just some blogger, influential or not. As an Android and Mac user, I’m no Microsoft fanboy, but I don’t want the platform gone – it’s good for competition to have three big players in the game.

    • rubbaluvva

      they just need to revamp it totally or get out of the mobile business and concentrate on undoing the disastrous changes that have been done to windows , windows 7 is the pinnacle of windows versions and i use it on 2 machines and it is very easy and reliable , i have tried windows 8 and absolutely hate it , i wont have it on any of my systems and would only buy a laptop on the basis i could reformat the sucker and put on win7 , if they went back to a version similar to windows 7 i would buy it but until then i will use win7 , ubuntu and OSX which even though it is apple is miles better than the current incarnation of windows!!

      • kikos

        Yep even with Windows 8.1 Update 1 it’s still horrible, dunno why but I almost always got issue with win8, while on Win7 all my programs can run hassle free.

        There must be something fundamentally flawed with Win8.

  • Gagandeep Singh

    I Think Windows is a very good platform,It is fast , smooth and very good third option in smartphone world.But somehow I feel it is not windows operating system that is failing , but it is Microsoft strategy. I do not know why they want to go in different direction instead of joining other companies like Apple,Google etc.

    Here I have’nt met single people around me who use Microsoft ecosystem so seriously as they use Google.So why they are fighting with Google.Why do not they bring Google services into windows phone.Apple does that still there is healthy competition b/w Apple and Android.

    If people do not want to use Google ecosystem they wont use anyways on windows phone.So they the gates be opened.
    In Short even though I am Android fan , but I do not want windows OS to vanish.

  • cr_buck

    Funny thing is Robert seems to be under the false impression that Google is still a startup. With Google being a big corporate type now they are little less interesting and I miss their original underdog status. Google is guilty of being slow and lacking direction as of late. I don’t want to be forced to have a Google+ account for everything or sign into a Google account to watch YouTube on my Tab S. Besides, even if Microsoft did do Android it would be in the Microsoft way, like the Nokia X. It just would not be the same.

    • Salman Thaw

      This is so true. Google still believes it’s a startup and an underdog. Google now is closer to being Microsoft of the 90’s in terms of a tech super-power than it is to being a small, dynamic startup.

      • cr_buck

        So true. I remember that whole ” works best in IE” and now I see sites that do that in Chrome and I mean Chrome only. They don’t even work in Webkit browsers because of the Chrome specific hooks. It’s like the world had been turned upside. The same old game but the players have switched teams.

  • Salman Thaw

    The fact that people are talking about Microsoft needing to do this and that with Windows Phone means that the platform is succeeding, very, very slowly, but slow and steady. No one is suggesting that Firefox abandon their platform, or Sailfish, or anyone else because they’re not seen as serious competition.

    Microsoft is bringing serious competition to Android and it’s a wonderful thing. The fact that every Windows Phone is unskinned is something I wish Android had. I like customization, but I wish there was a GP edition of every phone. Samsung and Sony make such great hardware, but I’m not a fan of their software at all.

    The no-skin reduces the update cycle of every phone as well.

    All the advancements in mobile we have today are due to intense competition between OEMs and Operating Systems. The more competition the better. Remember when Nokia used to run the world? They much did phones improve from one model or year to another? We now complain that “Android L didn’t wow me enough,” “Windows Phone 8.1 did not bring enough features.” “What is iOS 8 bringing to the table?”

    We’ve been spoiled, but that’s a great thing.

    • paul cook

      Are you drunk ms brings nothing to push the others people don’t buy the phone no matter what it has because it’s Microsoft most 20-40 year old people think computer slow and old so they don’t want it. Tech works on what’s cool apple only sells because it makes people think they are rich and popular andros makes people think they are free to do what they want in the phone with the most specs. That’s the real truth deal with it people ms should allow Nokia pure android phones with cortana built in and big camera Premium devices to take in extra money and show people they can change get on Googles good side maybe they will get full youtube access and cross platform tech that’s the only way to win these days

    • Capt Kirk

      No, you got it wrong, or you’re delusional. Firefox and Sailfish just launched last year.

      Windows Phone is 4 years already. And its from Microsoft, #1 company in desktop OS. And, they already waste millions just for this platform, but only get small market share after all these 4 years..
      Followed with the latest layoffs on Microsoft.

      Any experienced businessman can see that this platform is not profitable.

  • abazigal

    I guess the question is – why bother? What advantages would a Nokia phone running Android bring? The battle right now is not over devices, but the whole ecosystem. Using Android would bring no strategic advantages to Microsoft whatsoever.

    • rubbaluvva

      i used to care about Nokia like everyone i HAD a soft spot for it having lots of Nokia’s years ago but now they have gone darkside to me the brand is dead and buried , its a shame as Nokia if they had had some decent advise which made sense a few years ago could have been second only to Samsung if they had embarrassed Android big style but being like Microsoft control freaks they did a deal with the devil and have lost , shame really.

  • Bryan Kwong

    As much as I love Android, I think competition is key.

  • iANDROID8.1

    really? I haven’t heard his name

  • Heimrik

    If I was a tech and economic advisor to Microsoft, I would say to them, in regards to their current situation in the mobile market: ” Do you guys want to continue perpetuating your stagnant “pride”? Thus continuing to flail and embarrass yourselves on an international level? Or do you want to make some seriously significant revenue? Then you need to start producing pure Android Nokia flagship devices….”

  • Shark Bait

    I completely agree with Robert, from a purely monitery standpoint Microsoft should make the hop. They have been pouring billions into its mobile division (and covering their losses through licences) for very little gain. Microsoft could package its services and apps with android and attract loads more users than they could ever hope with WP.

    However this is marketing suicide! A company saying “our product kinda sucs so we use the competitors”. Then there’s nothing stopping that image rubbing off on office and windows, and suddenly you have a crap reputation!

    So yeah, its the right thing to do, but could never ever happen.
    I don’t understand what MS are doing with mobile, they pour billions into it for nothing. Like Nokia, cost them billions and they don’t get the brand, or patents, and now there laying off the staff, what’s left?? A big hole in the accounts!!!

  • wat

    Now they have bought Nokia I agree, simply because they need to make profit on their hardware in order to overcome the investment. Otherwise they would have no reason to because the money mostly comes from the store which would all go to google anyway.

  • haikallp

    As a former Windows Phone user, I disagree. Competition is good. I think Windows Phone is getting mature. I rather have a windows phone than the iPhone.

  • BozzyB

    They just should give up.

  • Fer

    The thing here is that lagdroid fans, like this blogger,(a complete d#ck btw) could never enjoy Nokia’s hardware running that malware nest, WP is a good OS, small and simple, but unlike most lagdroids, it works

    • Furnaceboy

      Lawl.Nobody here is going to take you srsly mate

      • Fer

        I don’t care

        • kg2105

          yes you do, and if anything has lag it’s the primitive Windows Phones with crappy hardware.

          • Fer

            You obviously have never tried one, even on older hardware, they work flawlessly, something that androids can’t do, even using the newest hardware, they lag, crash, have crappy batteries that explode for no reason, and get infected by all kinds of malware and viruses, that’s lagdroid like

          • Wayne Peterkin

            Not true. I have a 521 right definitely struggles with this level of hardware. I now understand how they were able to get the phone to function on such low ram. The resume times are insane. The HTC 8X on the other hand functions well on 1GB of ram but I still see slow down from time to time. It’s not often but it does happen. WP8 uses the animations to make it seem as if it doesn’t load a bit slowly. WP, like Android at this point in time, needs at least 2 GB of RAM to function properly. My main device is currently an Xperia z ultra gpe, no lag.

  • Dusan

    As long as they stay Windows on their tablets. While I will always buy an Android phone, I will never buy Android tablet. Surface Pro tablets are just too damn good. If you have the money.

  • Will S.

    Without Googles Android, Microsoft going Android would worse than continuing with WP.

  • kg2105

    Disagree about Nokia making the best hardware around. They have good build quality yes, but all their recent Lumia phones have mediocre-poor designs/screens/internal hardware. Running Windows is far from Nokia’s only problem when it comes to smartphones.

  • MGB

    The problem with Windows UI is that it is so damn UGLY.
    A large proportion of phone buyers now are women, and when they unlock their screen they want to see a nice phone shaped icon at the bottom of the screen to make a call with. The same goes for messaging, contacts, camera etc. The don’t want to sift through those ugly tiles trying to find the one they want.
    That’s why the iphone is the main choice for women (and I’m not being sexist). It’s popular simply because the UI is so easy to use.
    MS had to come up with a design that looked different to what was already available, but it just doesn’t attract new users. Simple as that.

  • Teic

    I think his opinion is a rather stupid one. There should be multiple choices when buying phones, as with everything else. Each mobile OS will find their customers. If there’s no competition then there’s no need for advancement either.

  • Frohawk17

    Finally someone had to say this ! Its a dead market won’t get any better , everyone is iPhone or android

  • rubbaluvva

    yes but Microsoft is notoriously arrogant and would never agree to that they would rather the entire business went down the can rather than admit windows is beyond repair now because of what that bald idiot Ballmer did to it

  • Nick2000

    Why would Microsoft even consider dropping out when they have millions of dollars to throw out the wall until something sticks. The only thing wrong with windows phones is a lack of apps and they are working on it. So you guys only want Ios and android to rule the phone software more competitions better for the consumer at the end it dries innovation.

  • Noel Kelly

    Embrace Android? Yes. Ditch Windows Phone? God, no! While it would definitely be nice to see a Lumia running Android, I think it would be a damn shame to see Windows give up on their own platform. I absolutely love Android and as of the foreseeable future, I can’t see myself using any other mobile platform, but to see a Google/Android monopoly would be bad for everyone. If anything, I’d like to see Windows Phone with a larger slice of the pie.

  • Tom Susala

    I completely agree!!! I had an HTC Windows Phone and it was like a Fisher Price toy…Spinning tiles and other baby crap, and hardly any app availability

  • Rob

    No no no no no! I love my windows phone. Android is like a cheap gimmicky toy in comparison. We don’t need to dumb down real phones with android toys. 8.1 is great.

    • Rob

      And my 1520 will destroy my buddies LG g3 in speed on every app.

  • Paul Allen

    I just finished installing Windows 8.1 on a MacBook Pro and I have to say I don’t hate it. I tried hard to embrace OSX but switching from iOS to Android gave me less incentive to do so. WP8’s vertically-scrolling home screen and the Samsung ATIV SE’s removable battery and microSD slot are pretty tempting but I don’t know if I could part with my Note 2’s S-pen. Too bad you can’t just buy a copy of WindowsPhone OS and dual boot it. Also, too bad you can’t just buy an app license and install/use it on whichever device/OS you choose.

    • droidtomtom

      +10 You can buy a Mac and install Linux, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Mac, etc. Wish all hardware and operating systems allowed you to do that.

      • cr_buck

        Unfortunately Mac OS licensing only allows you to install it on Apple hardware unless you break the TOS and build a Hackintosh.

  • Crutchcorn

    I don’t think so! I think if anything that they need to find a way to appeal to more devs and make windows phone a lot more open and hackable… Not make it Android exactly but they need to take some hints in this way. Google brought the devs, they brought the consumers, they made Google improve Android. The cycle of Happy. SAME thing needs to happen to WP. I actually like big parts of windows phone, but A) they don’t have the software others do B) not as customizable and C) not as hackable ;)

  • Blogsworth

    Microsoft will never go with crappy Android

  • indio7777

    Good…let microsoft spend billions trying to save their sinking ship.

  • Daniel Collins

    I think Nokia should make WPs and Android phones (REAL ones, maybe with their custom launcher, but with decent specs), because we do need competition, and I kinda like WP 8.1.

  • loaymansy

    Apps are the key, more developers for quality apps microsoft

  • Daniel Stone

    In my opinion i really hate reading articles like this regardless which OS is saying. I like choices to choose from regardless it being android, WP or iOS. Every OS has it’s pro’s and con’s, WP has been around for sometime but the OS is now starting a shift and its becoming better and even catching up to iOS or android. Think bout it years ago when iOS ruled the market android was claim to be laggy and it was not welly accepted by people as well. But look at it today android is now everywhere and its a good OS. So why not give WP a chance ? I read the comments people are saying WP killed Nokia or how WP sucks and that.. really ?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Android is not necessarily accepted because it’s a good OS. It just happens to be a cheaper alternative to iOS that’s in literally every phone. Much like how people use and support Windows because Macs are way too expensive.

  • Faux-News

    utter rubbish.

  • paxmos

    No one should really take a guy who showers with a Google Glass seriously, would you really?

  • Darrin ‘djb’ Beresford

    in short…NO they shouldn’t! WP is actually a decent os thats very stable (at least for me and 2others in my house hold also using a wp) if you want a laggy droid go buy one I for one would never go back to android for a phone!

  • javaper

    I wish MS hadn’t bought out Nokia, and but it’s still stupid for anybody to listen to this idiot. Just the image of him wearing the glass in the shower should make nobody want to listen to him.

  • joriginaloak

    as a windows phone user and lover I will chuck myself under a bus before I go Android….stop talking fekking bull****!

    • AbbyZFresh

      And you post on AndroidAuthority? The site of all things Android?

      • droidtomtom

        True, but it was an article about Windows Phone and he probably came here to read the article from a news aggregate link.

  • fuzzylumpkins

    “consumers should have fewer choices” seriously?

  • AnneDTownsend

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  • ButtaKnife

    What I find hilarious is the notion that Microsoft is limited by being in the Seattle area, rather than all of the problems with the company itself. There are plenty of start-ups and other companies that succeed outside of the Bay area.

  • Steve Brain

    Give up Windows Mobile? Absolutely. It is god awful.
    However, I wouldn’t personally just go straight to Android. There are enough flagship models as it is. The market is literally flooded with them. Instead you should turn Windows Mobile into an operating system that is actually good. Not to mention the horrendous Windows 8 on PC which after a month of using I reinstalled Windows 7 to keep my sanity in check.

  • Kamal Abdullah

    I don’t think Microsoft should go Android. What would happen to choice if this happened? Competition? I like the fact that their are multiple OS’s to choose from. Microsoft going Android would be one step closer to industry stagnation, IMO.

  • Lion

    Just leave Nokia alone D:
    You’ve already put them through enough Microsoft!
    All you want is MORE MORE MORE.

    But for real, Stop dragging Nokia’s once good name through the mud.