Microsoft ad compares Surface RT to Galaxy Tab 3, guess who wins

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 28, 2013

Microsoft isn’t above some good old-fashioned negative advertising, as the Scroogled campaign without doubt.

Just this week, Microsoft sent Google fans into a tizzy with a commercial starring the characters from reality TV show Pawn Stars, explaining a naïve customer how Chromebooks aren’t “real laptops”.

Now the Redmond-based company is pushing an ad that compares a Microsoft device with a competing product in a very specific area: connectivity. The ad explains how the Galaxy Tab 3 can only connect to external displays and other devices through additional connectors, though, ironically, the Surface RT itself needs an adapter to connect to a display, as the small disclaimer in the ad confirms.

The conclusion is simple – the Microsoft Surface RT has a full-size USB port, so it’s the better product. That might be true for some users, but the ad skirts the many other aspects that define the tablet experience, from portability to apps and performance.

As part of the same series of commercials, Microsoft also compared the Surface 2 with the iPad Air, with the Windows-powered device coming on top thanks to its support for hands free control and multiple user accounts.

  • Luís Nabais

    They forget that connecting a computer to the Micro USB port also charges the tablet, at the same time!

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      No no, I think Samsung just got served.

    • Android Developer

      @lusnabais:disqus true, but it’s usually a very slow recharging, or even drains the battery on some cases, especially for tablets.
      it might be different for USB3 though.

  • Mayoo

    Hahaha, wires…

    MS is funny.

    • Maher Salti

      -usb host cable?

      -saving space on the actual device, keeping it nice and slick..

      -battery lasting over 2.5 hours..


      -tons of apps that work…

    • shreyas s

      Sounds like you stopped using cables in your daily life.
      finishing your job wirelessly?

  • Luka Mlinar

    That’s all they have, an extra USB port? FFS it has WP on it. It’s like saying go with satan, he has an extra torture chamber in his flat.

    • arsel

      I don’t think it has any WP. perhaps you mean RT ?

    • shreyas s

      Surface tablet runs on windows rt not wp

  • Davey

    MS has fallen so far behind on making innovative products, even when they design a potential new product they find a way to displease the customer. Aside from Win7 and Office I will prob never use or buy another MS product again.

    • Adam

      U wont use Windows 8? :C

  • marycontrary

    Microsoft… what the actual fxck?
    I couldn’t think of a shitter way to market.

  • Luqmaan Mathee

    Anything beats the tab 3.

    • iamtravis182

      I hate Samsung products, and I especially hate Touch Wiz, but I would take a Tab 3 over a Surface any day.

      • Luqmaan Mathee

        I like Samsung products but I don’t like the tab. I too would take it instead of the surface though because of android.

  • MasterMuffin

    But you’ve got to admit that connecting to other devices with Surface is better than what any Android tablet has to offer. Still bad marketing though

  • Sabau Raul

    That’s all you’ve got Microsoft, a full sized USB port, out of everything, that’s what you’ve got… I’d also like to point out at this time, that neither of the devices has a full sized floppy disk drive, so there you go!

  • SContrerasMer

    i can’t understand why Microsoft targets samsung on their ads if Samsung is one of the biggest partners on the Windows Phone project, Samsung even has Windows 8,and Windows RT Tablets!(ATIV series)

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      they also make more money with android sales as well..

    • Competitors in some areas, not in others. Also, Samsung does very little for WP.

  • APai

    poor microsoft, clutching at straws

    • winwoman

      Microsoft rules!

      • APai

        …the desktop :P

  • reality speaks

    Thos wiil never stop, android fans! Did you ever own galaxy tab! I own 3 models they are so crap to relay on them connectivity or play back, but I guess this MS hate keeps blinding most of us that this unstable “echo system” is the wow OS that we need!

    I did compaired between them and the only thing this android was better is the wide range of app’s.

    Bloggers would you stop this android Ad campain and please. all of what you blogging are lie’s! But i think you can’t.. I mean how would you make money right?

    • APai

      I’d say bring it on. microshaft deserves all the flak in the world. scroogle ? how pathetic is that ? a leading monopoly in desktop sells some crappy FUD tshirts against its competitor, how do you explain that ? android fans dissing them is nothing in comparison.

      for years at end we saw microsoft FUDing the hell out of linux and all kinds of competitors small and big, they got away with it.

      I’d say, let it go for a long long time. damn them. they deserve it. and more.

    • z Simmons

      could you please explain exactly what is wrong with this particular blog post? seems pretty accurate and fair to me. Microsoft’s ad, on the other hand, is very shallow and simplistic.

      • APai

        absolutely. maybe he’s just a microsoft shill in disguise, trying to pass off as an android fan trying to say – android/ google and everyone of us is wrong, while he rides the high horse. pretty hoarse.

    • Timmy

      Did you use a Surface tablet to write this nonsense?

  • iamtravis182

    Microsoft still living in the past.

    How many people walk around with point-and-shoot cameras still? Most people take personal photos with their phone, which can easily sync with a cloud service (ie Dropbox) and then they are readily available on any device!

    A USB port? Please. 2005 called, they want their hardware back.

    • APai

      good you mention that. microsoft thought they are the only people with a 20mp cam :) that too, they got it by using a trojan, no less. no one else would want to make windows phone!

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      maybe for casual users but for them there is apple… i have reflex..printers, xbox360 controllers, mouses, external hd, gopro camera all things that have a native support on surface and no i’m not living in the past just not a casual fanboy i don’t have a surface but I would love to try one

    • shreyas s

      Oh, what about DSLR’s?

      • iamtravis182

        If your shooting with a DSLR, then you should have a real laptop with photoshop to edit larger files.

        A DSLR in the commercial would have made more sense though considering point-and-shoots are phasing out.

        • shreyas s

          I agree with you with that part.but calling USB cables as 2005 outdated hardware is really wrong. Would u do all the work wirelessly?as you said you sync all the photos wirelessly is available even in Microsoft tablets.

    • Geek Tweek

      “A USB port? Please. 2005 called, they want their hardware back.” #Epic

      • Funny how things today continue to come out with USB ports/cables.

  • perfectalpha

    As much as folks want to hate on Microsoft (and I know it is a popular thing to do these days), Windows 8.1 (even RT) is legit. If you want a comparison, or think Surface RT is inferior…how bout you get a look at Facebook + Twitter apps between the two on a 10 in tablet and then say Windows RT is inferior. Email is a better experience on RT.
    I know this is an Android site, and I know some folks are pro-Android (I am myself, I own a Nexus 10)…I think for your average consumer who may have to update a resume, print it out, look at Facebook, etc. the Surface isn’t a bad device. I would agree it is better than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 10″ device. They could have picked a better reason as to why, I won’t dispute that however.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      For $200, it’s a good device. Heck yeah!
      It is great for web browsing and work. But for those who want games and more fun stuff on a tablet, the Surface RT is not that great.

      • perfectalpha

        I won’t dispute that either. Windows has its issues too. I think games is probably the area it lacks the most. There are some fun ones there, but nothing ground breaking either. Also, the Surface 1 hardware leaves a bit to be desired with the screen and chipset. Then again, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 3 leaves a lot to be desired as well.

    • Tim Jordan

      RT is lock-in-ware. We all know this about UEFI. Microsoft doesn’t have enough time to make an OS which runs on every CPU architecture under the sun so they should develop their own distro of Linux and port all their applications to that distro. This will put them on all platforms from smart watches to super computers. It will be a big win for Microsoft.

  • Eric Hayes

    I wouldn’t use my tablet to charge my phone. And anything RT sux ass.

    • marcell

      RT is dead.

      With lots of full-featured Win8.1 cheap intel baytrail tablet boom lately, RT no longer has place in this world.

      Even RT apps in Win8 (they call it ‘Windows Store apps’) are just a big wasteland. Nobody use it. Corporates never use RT apps either.

    • shreyas s

      did msft told you to use tablet for charging? It just shows of the uses of USB ports.
      and MSFT is doing it wrong comparing it with Samsung

    • Being able to charge my phone with my Surface has been a very convenient function, even if it’s slow. It will at least keep the device on for use and not rapidly drain the battery.

  • cbstryker

    My first tablet the Acer A500 had a full sized USB port. I bought that tablet because I insisted on getting a tablet with a full sized USB port. Years later, I realized I used it only twice legitimately, and both of those times was to play an SNES emulature using a USB Xbox controller.

    All of my tablets since don’t have a full sized port and I don’t miss/need it.

    • Geek Tweek

      To be honest, with android’s Bluetooth, there is an app that allows you to connect your Wii controller…

  • flamencoguy

    Windows RT is being discontinued right. They are just getting rid of surplus stock !!!

  • Sal

    Microsoft is such a classic comedian! Going through competitors to lower their self esteem just because they lack of one of two features. In this case you want to me all you and your surface 2 tablets is better because of a USB port. Please! Stop this MS go home, your drunk. And Samsung is your parter for windows phones and other stuff.

    • APai

      bacially, the market has ignored microsoft so much that they are willing to stoop to any depth , just to get people speaking about their products

  • Gator352

    This commercial is PATHETIC!

  • David Rutla

    I’m a huge android fan but I must say a window 8.1 not RT is a lot more useful then Android for me. I can load basic .exe files and such..for me personally its a plus.. Codecs and players avalible at my disposal and very few hiccups. I plan on getting a HP split x2 myself to see if it adds up. I’m worried about that Batt. life though.

    • marcell

      The full featured Win 8.1 is of course has more feature than both RT and Android. Still wondering why they made that dumbed-down & locked-down RT in the first place. MS should stick with full Windows and WP.

      I also planned to buy a 8″ Windows8.1 tablet next year, there’s lot in $300-$400 range right now, and I’m sure more will come.

      • David Rutla

        I wish they made it just a flat out windows ecosystem and have the phones run .exe but I’m pretty sure doing so would rape your batt life

  • Brian

    Is it me or do half the comments praising RT sound like the info_posts about making thousands of dollars working part time at home. The bad English, no point arguments, and the screen names are either some made up nonsense name or written in a foreign language. Feels like a pro-microsoft blog bomb went off in here.

    RT sucks by the way. I wouldn’t use Windows 8 if it was free. Windows 7 will be the last MS system I pay for.

  • Tim Jordan

    The full size USB is old fashion just like Microsoft. Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Smaller, thinner, lighter is better. Ballmer needs to go now.

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      good luck attaching your mini usb xbox 360 controller/mouse/printer….but off course android don’t support them so why compare oranges with apples? R u sure u are not an apple fanboy? As u act like one of them..

  • Brian Shieh

    I’m only getting the surface because it’s dirt cheap on black Friday. Jeez, MS why are you so bitter about Google/Android, heck even Apple?

  • j7981


  • ‘Surface has a full size USB port, Galaxy Tab doesn’t’
    Well that’s because the Surface is like a PC!

  • mrnappy

    they didnt say what would happen if i droped the surface with a usb stick in it ha!

  • Kapil

    Only if it had more apps…….. :-| :-| :-|

  • Geek Tweek

    Funny thing, MS had plenty to say about the Apple iPad but only one difference against the Tab 3, why not compare it to the Galaxy Note 10.1…hmmm, MS, I like your products, but slamming other businesses is just tasteless, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re on your way down…it’s called “crabology.”

  • j7981

    I want to shove that USB cable up Balmer’s…

  • Jayfeather787

    Ah yes, because ports are the most important thing on a tablet.

    No, that’s bullshit. A more important thing to take into consideration is the software. The Tab 3 has android, which in my opinion is far better than the windows on the surface. However, they are not a whole lot comparable, the surface is closer to a laptop, and the tab 3 is closer to a tablet. The tab 3 can type word documents and upload them to google drive, and the cable that plugs a usb drive into the tablet only costs 2 bucks:

  • whatsa2


    There seems to be differing opinions :)
    At least MS are advertising and saying what is different about their devices
    – like it hate it …. thats OK.
    For lots of people they just dont really use any of these devices to their potential anyway and often

    its just a few things they do.

  • They should have mentioned that if you used a Windows Phone, you can activate the WiFi hotspot from your Windows 8/RT device just by connecting to it like any WiFi network.