Android is currently the dominant mobile platform, according to Q2 2012 sales and activation figures. We can also assume that Gmail is the preferred email platform among Android users. But with the recent launch of Microsoft’s cloud platform, can we see a formidable competitor to Gmail?

Microsoft recently launched as a replacement to its web-based email service Hotmail. is also supposed to consolidate other Microsoft cloud-based initiatives in the aim of attracting more of the enterprise market that’s the main clientele of Microsoft Office. Microsoft is making a big play for mobile, too, and has actually targeted Gmail in its first ads.

But users and technology enthusiasts have observed that may cause problems for mobile users, as it does not work well with Android devices. Over at PC World, Tim Greene reports having problems opening attachments from the stock Android browser.

Clicking on the attachments is supposed to enable viewing and editing them from a Microsoft cloud-based SkyDrive account, but that doesnt happen. Instead the device downloads the document and attempts to open it with an Office reader.

Meanwhile, the web-based editing functionality works well with iOS devices and Windows-based platforms. Microsoft has responded to Greene’s concerns, and said the issue involves “limitations that are specific to the Android mobile browsing experience and the Office Web Applications.” However, Microsoft engineers have promised to use the feedback to improve the platform on “all modern devices.”

Any users who have had the same experience? Is this a dealbreaker for Android users, or should we wait while Microsoft works out the kinks in its mobile interface?

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • Hikari0307

    I get an error trying to access it on chrome on my phone saying it’s redirecting too many times lol

  • Martin

    I had the same redirect loop and read that you have to tick ‘request desktop site’ in settings and then it will connect.
    The app isn’t a patch on Gmail, but the website is very clean. Hope they invest some time on the app in Android.

  • I cannot configure my outlook . com email id on my native email client of android.. I m using HTC One V.. Please help..

    • Microsoft is really Evil

      Microsoft come on! dont force us!.

    • Robert Harris

      Domain: *blank*
      Username: or
      Password: ***********
      Use secure connection (SSL): *checked*
      Accept all SSL Certificates: *unchecked*

      • TechPreacher

        Thanks you saved me some headache

      • Andreas Ahrens

        Does not work for me. What port are you using? I get stuck on waiting for sync.

      • gem

        thanks for the server info! i couldn’t sync it with my default android mail app otherwise. and i didn’t want to check mail with the mobile browser or download a separate app.

      • Ray Prigodicdh

        Thank you SO much. Worked like a charm. Who could have guessed what the proper server name was?

    • Robert Harris

      Also set it up as an exchange account

    • j hughes

      Verizon told me that Android and hotmail/outlook are no longer comparible on the android email app. had to download the hotmail app.

  • jescott418

    Very much like Apple, Microsoft is only concerned about their apps working on Microsoft software. Stands to reason not a lot of testing is done on Android. Outlook is still a beta so this may improve but I tried Outlook and went back to Hotmail. This is coming from a person using Windows PC’s, Mac’s and a Windows Phone. Personally is really designed for Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OS as it has that tile design. Not sure I like it much anyway. If I am forced to Outlook from Hotmail I will most likely switch my mail to a App separate from Microsoft’s missguided stuff.

  • Rosemary

    I have a Droid 4 and was syncing my contacts, tasks, and calendar with my MS OUtlook contacts, tasks and calendar using Dejaoffice and Companionlink. Today I loaded the new MS OUtlook on my Droid 4. Now I cannot sync with Deja Office. Also, my MS Outlook calendar, tasks, and contacts do not sync with the new app that I downloaded today. Please help!

  • hm

    Why can’t I see my Outlook mail on my Samsung gear 2?

  • Paul Pelegrin

    Cannot even install outlook on my phone. press install, but nothing happens. press it five times, nothing – it highlights the button as presed. Even waiting 20 minutes… useless program if it cannot even be installed. Samsung mini 4S, android version 4.4.2