Today Microsoft is bringing out a new update to its OneNote Android app, bringing the ability to create Notebooks directly on your OneDrive account from your Android devices.

Creating a notebook is extremely easy, as all you need to do is tap the overflow menu within the Notebooks list and then tap “create notebook”. Once the notebook is created, it’s equally easy to create and delete OneDrive Notebooks sections as well.

In addition to the notebook and section support, today’s update also brings several bug fixes and performance improvements. Although Microsoft doesn’t give a full list of what bugs it is addressing, we do know that it is solving some existing problems with pasting from the clipboard.

To get in on the latest version of OneNote, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. Have you downloaded the latest version, if so, notice any other changes not mentioned in the change-log? In general, what do you think of OneNote versus Evernote and other similar note-taking apps? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Grush
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  • Ken B

    I tried OneNote, but couldn’t last more than a few days. Too many features that I have grown so accustomed to.

    Can’t open attachments in OneNote, even on my Mac. Seriously?!?

    Can’t create custom tags. Maybe not such a big deal with the notebook/section thing going on in OneNote.

    Inferior web clipper in OneNote. Once the note is in OneNote, if there is a link, it’s not clickable. Again. Seriously???

    I will say this. The UI in OneNote is so much cleaner and easier on
    the eyes. I think in it’s attempt to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of
    notebooks, it makes Evernote a really crowded UI, particularly in
    mobile. If I’m mobile, I have my phone with me. The iPHone screen
    simply is not big enough to accomodate the EN interface. The iPad
    interface could be so much nicer IMO as well.

    I’m sticking with EN for now.

    • logicdefyer

      Sorry to say something you wont like but this is clearly an andorid article ,
      you feel the evernote interface is cluttered becuase the iphone simply has a microscopic screen , also one-note is a Microsoft product and it just does not work as well on a mac , give it some time the mac version will improve , the windows version can do everything you mentioned and has a few tricks evernote can only dream of .
      I suggest using something equivalent to wine to run the windows version of onenote on the mac.

      • Ken B

        Oh I get all that, but OneNote is trying to compete directly against Evernote. The single best thing about Evernote is it’s cross platform. I can use it and access/edit my notes on my PC at work, my Mac at home, my iPhone or iPad on the go and expect the same basic functionality. Not really the case with OneNote. The UI for OneNote is IMO is cleaner than EverNote on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It just isn’t nearly as useful. I either have to pay for a subscription, or the feature just plain isn’t there. I’d consider paying for a subscription but I’m waiting for the single user plan. I don’t need a subscription for multiple people. I currently am a premium user on Evernote.

  • Biggie

    Nice alternative to Evernote. Too bad OneNote only free for the first 500 notes.
    AA I think you should make an in-depth comparison between Evernote and OneNote, on Android.