Microsoft OneDrive app now automatically backs up your photos, giving away 100GB storage for free today

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 19, 2014

Microsoft-OneDrive ablet

SkyDrive users may have noticed that Microsoft has recently changed the name of its cross platform online storage service. The new title – OneDrive.

This name change has also come with a few tweaks to OneDrive’s Android app, including a handy new feature which automatically syncs your pictures and videos taken with your smartphone to your online drive. Although other services offer this feature, OneDrive does a good job of packing in a few useful additional options, including the ability to set pictures to upload over WiFi only, to save on your data usage, and you can put a limit of the size of the images you upload in order to make the most of your storage space. This option has been available on iOS for a little while, but it’s nice that Android users have finally been given the same attention.

The OneDrive app has also received a few other changes, including improved support for working with Office Mobile and OneNote, which should make editing documents easier, and image thumbnails have also received a little upgrade. There’s also a few bug fixes and performance improvements thrown in for good measure.

To sweeten the deal, signing up to use the camera backup option will grant you another 3GB of online storage, bringing the free total up to 10GB.

Speaking of storage space, Microsoft has introduced new monthly storage plans too, starting at $4.49 a month for 50GB and going up to $11.49 a month for 200GB. These seem a tad on the expensive side, considering that yearly plans for 50GB can be purchased for $25, and 200GB costs $100.

Finally, if you’re interested in OneDrive you might one to keep an eye on Microsoft’s OneDrive Twitter feed today, as the company will be giving away 100GB of free storage for a whole year today only. Freebies will be handed out to the first 100,000 people who log in at the right time, but Microsoft is keeping hush about the exact time for now, so you’ll have to keep your eye on the Twitter feed.

  • anon

    Your not going to mention that Google+ has provided these features for a while now on an “android” site?

    • FHVoice

      Yeah, but isn’t Google going through the stuff you upload and using it for its own purposes?

      • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

        well you think MS don’t, LOL

      • Amadeus Klein

        Every time you upload to a cloud those companies can see what you’ve uploaded, and I almost guarantee they will either use it to sell to others in order to market to you or for their own marketing purposes. It really doesn’t matter who, they all do it as a rule…

      • Guest123

        MS has worked with the NSA for well over a decade to ensue that the NSA have easy access to your MS data. . . .

        Anything on the web is public regardless of what you are told by a company.

  • Kunal Singh

    for only one year… sorry I have too many work to do. friends don’t waste time on this giveaway.

  • Amadeus Klein

    Got mine, but won’t use it for anything but documents… I have Google and Dropbox for pictures…

  • Guest

    the title says 100gb :|