Oh, no! Now Docs is ‘Scroogling’ us!

by: Nate SwannerMay 10, 2013

Patent Infringement

In the ongoing struggle to get us all to understand just how Scroogled we are, Microsoft has taken another shot at Google. With a steady barrage of stuff we already knew and stopped caring about, Microsoft has really set the bar low for sensationalism.

This time, Microsoft takes dead aim at Docs. Rather than tout the benefits of actually using Office versus Docs, Microsoft has instead enlisted D-List celebrities to convince us that Docs is a “gamble”. The once funny Rob Schneider and once relevant Pete Rose are Microsoft’s heavy-hitting team, here to persuade us into believing that Office documents won’t open properly as Docs.

Like most of Microsoft’s marketing campaign, is dead on. Your Office documents often don’t open properly in Drive, as Docs. Like so many companies and schools have, perhaps it’s time for your company to switch. Like so many other users understand, perhaps Office isn’t as necessary as Microsoft would have you believe.

We will save the obvious software versus web app oversight, especially as it relates to formatting. What would be the point of facts? Microsoft doesn’t like those. But, let’s get back to the big picture, which is how Office won’t work with Drive.

Just make the switch. Microsoft seems to be encouraging companies to switch, so do it already! That’s the point of this video, right? We’re supposed to switch? Office doesn’t play nice with others? Yeah, I think we’re supposed to switch.

Thanks for the heads up, Microsoft.

UPDATE: The YouTube video has now been made private. Womp womp.


  • Simon Belmont

    I’m an Android user but I have respect for Microsoft and its offerings. But these negative ads annoy me.

    Why not just advertise based on the merits of your products, Microsoft? The mudslinging is getting old.

    • Erick

      Um they have ads for that too for office :)

      I dunno, I kinda enjoyed these kind of ads. I mean, people are fine with samsung making fun of apple, or mac vs pc. So why not Google and Microsoft?

      Google has voiced their criticism, so why can’t Microsoft? It’s the beauty of free speech :)

      • Ruzveh

        Ya but i havnt seen Google throwing any kind of such ads onto MS. Indeed they are protecting themselves by coming out with a better and better product ver.. I guess the level of MS has crossed ” DO OR DIE” If u cant protect ur products or better them then kill the competition and thats what MS is now doing.. Everyone can see, right?

        • erick

          Well, it’s just business bro, nothing personal. Being nice have nothing to do with it :)

          I mean, samsung, HTC, and apple were jerks, but people buy them anyway.

          Microsoft had to pay their employees too, so no means are too extreme.


      Sounds like someone got scroogled

      • Simon Belmont

        I got Scroogled? How?

        I just prefer positive advertising over negative. I don’t see a problem with that.

    • RaptorOO7

      Microsoft is afraid users will figure out that Office is overpriced, hasn’t seen any real innovation or updates over the years and we still don’t have it on anything outside of MS mobile devices.

      They should just focus on making the product better, more competitive and realistically priced. Office 365 is a crime in and of itself. $99 a year and you actually never own anything. I purchased office 2013 because office 2013 won’t allow for re-installation on a replacement computer if and when the HDD fails, which we all know they do.

  • togari

    seem quite desperate.

    why cant just list their own advantage and let user decide themselves.

  • Message for Microsoft…if you can’t compete cleanly and fairly get out the way.

  • V-Phuc

    Just keep it going, Microsoft. Now that Bill Gates was recently involved, who’s next on their list? LOL

  • paxmos

    I am a bit puzzled by these comments and I guess people don’t understand the true meaning of Capitalism. It is not about who is better, it is all about who can sack the
    other side better. Such comments only justify our level of bias.

  • PuzzledObserver

    Microsoft seems to forget the opposite scenario: people having Office but don’t use it. I have access to any version of Windows and Office by my work. When I am home, I am 100% open source. I prefer LibreOffice to Google Docs. This fulfills perfectly my needs. It’s available anywhere for anybody and it’s FREE. May be very advanced users would benefit from MS Office bells and whistles. But for the majority of small and simple docs, LibreOffice is more than enough if you work offline. And GDocs if you work online.

    I will listen to Microsoft BS only when Office is free and is available on Linux.

  • APai

    it’s so much fun to see microsoft totally sidelined and forgotten in the mobile arena! microsoft is trying to stay relevant by any means, reeks of desperation, but that’s what it has come to!

  • RaptorOO7

    The bottom line is IF the folks @ Microsoft actually had a product that anyone was actually using outside of the developing world where they give their Nokia phones away for nearly FREE then I bet they wouldn’t even be bothering.

    I will say this though, the Ad Agency that came up with the ad showing Apple and Samsung users battling each other at a wedding made a great commercial, funny, entertaining but alas I just can’t live with Modern UI/Metro UI/Windows 8!

  • john

    Let me get this straight:
    Apple insulted Microsoft in their PC vs MAC ads.
    Microsoft is ripping Google on their own ad campaign.
    I wonder who Google will insult now.

    • aholsteinson

      Nah, Google doesn’t gets into that sort of thing in their advertisement campaigns.

  • FrillArtist

    I actually like Office 365 far more than Drive. Paying $8 a month or so for the most up to date and advanced Office is far more appealing than a free, barebones office solution or paying hundreds every year for software that becomes outdated.