Should Microsoft give up on the Windows Phone already?

by: William Neilson JrAugust 13, 2014

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Microsoft admits that its mobile strategy is in “shambles.” In fact, one former Microsoft employee has advice for his former employer: “The real answer is, give up Windows Phone, go Android, and embrace and extend like you did with the Internet.” Granted, it is highly unlikely that Microsoft will simply give up on Windows Phone and move towards Android. But, what exactly can Microsoft do to fix their massive disappointment?

According to industry analyst Chetan Sharma, Microsoft is now quite close to being forced to abandon their Windows Phone due to a complete lack of return on investment. Although the Windows Phone has gained market share in Europe, it is largely irrelevant on a global scale with just a 2.7% of the market. It is not any better in the US with the Windows Phone owning just 1.3% of the smartphone market.

Microsoft has announced plans to cut 18,000 jobs, including 12,500 former Nokia workers, the largest restructuring in the company’s history. The software giant has also indicated it will focus more on Lumia-branded smartphones and growing the overall Windows Phone ecosystem than on feature phones, which it reportedly will discontinue selling. – FierceWireless

Mobile Market Share

Microsoft was incredibly late to the party with their Windows Phone. As Sharma notes, Microsoft did not learn from the Microsoft Zune which (amongst many things) reinforced the notion that the market will punish companies and products for being late into a crowded market. A market that is currently telling Microsoft that despite the amount of money that they have thrown into into their Windows Phone, there is little need or want for another mobile OS.

However, the current data indicates that unless something changes drastically, windows phones might be on the verge of being “zuned out” of the market. And just like Zune, the fault will lie not in the product or the distribution or the marketing but rather in the timing of the market entry. Microsoft might be better off giving up on its device dream and just focus on services on top of the platforms that dominate. It might be time for hermit crab strategy. – Chetan Sharma

In the report, Sharma notes that Microsoft was basically forced into acquiring Nokia due to Nokia’s threat to adopt Android’s OS. Therefore, Microsoft “had no choice but to acquire the beleaguered company that has been just devastated since it picked up Windows as its primary OS.”

“After being in the U.S. market for more than two years with billions spent in marketing and distribution, 1.3% share is nothing to write home about. Microsoft can get better traction in markets where new-subs are entering the ecosystem vs. replacement markets like the U.S. However, what market is telling us is that despite the blood, sweat and tears that have been spent over the past few quarters, there is little appetite or need for another platform.” – Chetan Sharma

Microsoft released their Windows Phone back in 2010. It was late to the party then and continues to be in almost all areas of mobile technology. Although Microsoft has publicly been promoting the fact that their Windows App Store passed 300,000 applications, both Apple and Google Play Store passed 300,000 applications back in July of 2011.

According to Good Technology‘s semi-annual Mobility Index Report, Apple had 67% of total device activations in Q2 2014 while Android had 32%. Windows Phone barely registered at 1%.

good_technology_q2_2014 TheNextWeb

While Microsoft wants to have at the least a 20% global market share, it will not happen with the current Windows Phone. It is 2014 and still Microsoft is having trouble bringing a number of big-time applications to the Microsoft App Store.

It also doesn’t help Windows Phone that they continue to become ridiculously dependent on one phone maker, Nokia. Nokia accounts for more than 90% of all Windows Phone sales. Maybe Microsoft will announce new phone makers. Then again, is there a reason for makers to come running to Microsoft?

As Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote at ZDNet:

As far as I can see, the future of Windows Phone is that it will eventually be replaced by Android. In fact – and I don’t make bold predictions lightly – I can’t see a future where Microsoft doesn’t pull the plug on Windows Phone in the next few years and switch to Android. At a time when millions of iOS and Android handsets are being sold every week, Microsoft would need to start shifting tens of millions of handsets every quarter to even twitch the usage share needle. – ZDNet

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  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t believe there are many people who buy Nokia’s phones because of WP. If they drop WP, the sales should rise. It’d probably be a smart move, but admitting that you may have been “wrong” is hard :)

    • Shark Bait

      I think the Nokia board have admitted they where wrong, off loaded their phone business, and most importantly off loaded Elop. Some very bad choices had been made

      • MasterMuffin

        I’d blame Elop 80% :)

        • Shark Bait

          he sunk that ship! Nokia could have been great, they could have supported both platforms and maybe had success with both. They had quality, amazing hardware but lacked a mature platform, despite having one banging on their windows the whole time. Terrible leadership

          Now he is in charge of a massive loss making division at Microsoft
          (hmmmmmm couldn’t find a suitable elop meme, which surprised me)

          • Phillip I. Staker

            Elop made some terrible decisions, ultimately he was handed a sinking ship. They sat on Symbian too long. If they had abandoned it for windows phone and android years before they would have been kings. The iphone would never have infected the world with it mentally handicapped level software.

    • Savage

      Actually, that’s exactly why I bought my Lumia Icon. I waited months to get a high-end windows phone and I am very happy with it. I don’t miss Google stalking my every move and indexing my emails. Ironically, Microsoft is much more trustworthy than Google. With Microsoft, I am their customer. With Google, I was their product.
      Microsoft is actually well-positioned to take advantage of the heightened awareness of privacy in the post-Snowden era. Google is growing increasingly intrusive just as market sentiment is starting to build towards privacy and security that WP already offers.

      • MasterMuffin

        Not a lot of people think like you though!

        • Phillip I. Staker

          don’t make posts about most people unless you have facts. Your two friends in the whole world don’t count as everyone.

          • MasterMuffin

            But, but 3 friends :'( I’ve seen 0 people who bought Nokia because it had Windows and I hang around carrier stores (I root their phones >:D)

      • Shark Bait

        “With Microsoft, I am their customer. With Google, I was their product” a very interesting thought there.

        I see it as with Microsoft you pay with your money, with Google you pay with your data. Its a choice for people to make . I do think Google is becoming increasingly open about you being their ‘product’ and personally I’m happy with that

      • Cole Raney

        I hate to tell you, but Microsoft sells your data too. There is almost no way around it in the modern world.

      • Will S.

        I stopped reading at “Microsoft is much more trustworthy than Google”.

  • Nekroido

    A dozen of phone manufacturers are joining the WP family? Let’s say that the platform should be abandoned! Everyone was quick to burry Android, but now look where are we now. This lack of vision and overall biased opinion is getting plain unprofessional.

    • JayMars84

      A dozen new manufacturers means nothing as far as increasing marketshare. It’s the platform that’s the issue. Nokia has always been solid hardware-wise.

      • Nekroido

        And constant marketshare and application number growth of the platform mean nothing? Sure. Same copypasted articles for four years in a row now.

        • JayMars84

          What marketshare growth? The .1 percent here and there that keeps them at the three percent share mark? Read my comment above. I want them to succeed. But I’m realistic.

          • Nekroido

            That’s a __point change__ of global market share. WP is still the fastest growing platform with more than 100% increase of device shipment each year.

          • jhaggstx1

            Your righf…it sold 5 last year and 10 this year. Amazing growth.

            I have a WP device for a work phone. I like it…but I also live in reality. The platform is going no where.

        • Will S.

          Google “Windows Phone Market Share”. (Bing is hiding certain articles)

          • Nekroido

            You’re telling me to google something I read on and google quite often myself? How cute.

          • Will S.

            Well yes, if it stops you spreading misinformation…

          • Nekroido

            Can you prove your claims? Because I can point you to quite a number of news articles that are clearly stating things I said in this thread.

          • Will S.

            I already have, “Google “Windows Phone Market Share”. (Bing is hiding certain articles)”.

          • Nekroido

            Are you implying that top three results contradict to “dozen of phone manufacturers”, “constant growth” and “more than 100% device shipment increase each year”? How incredibly cute.

          • Will S.

            Apart from “dozen of phone manufacturers” (which are mostly small local OEMs with very little reach), then yes.

            “constant growth” – Windows Phones market share (and Lumia sales) has either fallen for the last 2 quarters or remained stagnant.

            And “more than 100% device shipment increase each year” – do you even know what that means?? If I sell one orange this year and sell 2 oranges next year, then my orange sales have increased by 100%!!! Be aware number 1 & 2 orange sellers out there!!!

          • Nekroido

            Nice arguing. So long.

          • That example though. Hahaha.

        • jhaggstx1

          Far less than a percent here and there is within the margin of error….to call that platform growth in an argument is hilarious.

      • cr_buck

        Nokia has been solid but a problem was lack of choice and many smaller carriers didn’t even carry Nokia. Another change is that now manufacturers can also use the same hardware for their top tier Android phone and just change the buttons making the engineering process quicker. They don’t have to redesign an entire phone. The M8 will soon come out in a WP form as an example. Another big change is unified apps where developers can now develop for all Windows platforms, including phones, using the same codebase decreasing work. Will it change things? Only time will tell, but there are a lot of changes and improvements happening faster lately with MS and Windows Phone. I seriously doubt they will take control of the market this late in the game but it seems like it could get interesting. If Xbox is any indication, when Microsoft dedicates to being successful in a market they eventually are. Before they said they were in for the long haul so we will see.

    • jhaggstx1

      What about Android? It kept growing in large numbers and caught up with Apple pretty quickly. WP moves a couple of points to the right of the decimal and is about all it has managed. The comparison isn’t valid at all.

  • JayMars84

    For their sake, probably. But I don’t want just two options. I have no intention of leaving Android but I want constant competition to keep the OSes on their toes.

  • Shark Bait

    probably, the amount money they’ve sunk into it and they still cant make it a success. its embarrassing.
    Microsoft needs to stop pissing money away on projects like this and big and focus on making its cash cows (office and windows) great again untill they too turn to dogs.

    I don’t understand Microsoft strategy, they are throwing money around trying to find a success in markets that have already been captured. The crap standard of their leadership is highlighted in the Nokia acquisition, a terrible idea, they didn’t buy patents, or a brand, and now they lay off all the staff! so now what have they got? (devices they could easily have made in house)

    • Phillip I. Staker

      that’s because you’re a retard.

      • Shark Bait

        great comment, full of whit and intelligence!

    • Cole Raney

      Google invests in a lot for the future, this is Microsoft doing the same thing. Microsoft knows the future is in mobile devices. Ergo, they really need to push mobile, not abandon it.

      Instead of giving up, they need to add features that compete with android. Microsoft has been the market leader on computer OSes for a long time. If they could just use some of that to push mobile, they will be good.

  • techmeIN64

    I can’t believe I thought for a second that Android Authority would have a decent, unbiased article about WP.
    Wait and see, with Threshold, WP will get a big spike of sales, especially with Cortana integration into the desktop.

    • wat

      LOL yeah right. I’ll bump this post 2 months after to remind you.

      • Phillip I. Staker

        then we can all laugh at wat. Please do

    • Tjaldid

      With Windows 9 both the tablet apps and the phone apps will get a big boost in quantity since they are merging both the OSs together

    • NexusKoolaid

      Wait and see… The WP crowd has been saying that since the beginning, and nothing has changed. It’s always “wait until ???? and then things will get better”. Since it’s launch I can count the number of WP devices I’ve seen in the field on two fingers. Cortana is meh, it won’t draw any more people to WP than Google Now in Chrome brought to Android, and won’t do any better propping up WP than the 1020’s camera.

    • Mike_Jones

      The problem is it will take years for Microsoft to gain a respectable double digits in market-share. I just don’t think they have the patience. Can they survive another 5 years of mediocre < 5% market share?

      • CS

        5% world market share is survivable, but a lot of analysts predict MS to overtake Apple in 2015 or 2016 for world market share. Low end will get them in more hands, but they can rule the mid-range with an iron fist with Nokia camera tech and good hardware design because WP 8.1 and its updates are really bringing the platform along nicely.

        btw Cortana is excellent. I’m not one for using personal assistant AI like GN or Siri but Cortana has been something I’ve embraced more and more recently.

    • xoj_21

      no, it dead jim.
      microsoft knows, that why they gotta focus on low end.

    • jhaggstx1

      That’s all we have heard from WP users. That WP 7 would catch up quickly. It didnt. Then we were told to wait for 8 as it was going to be a game changer. Still not a big change….we were told this again about 8.1. Now you about re saying wait yet again…yeah I think everyone has moved on.

  • Aman Sharma

    Microsoft doesn’t have any STAR Smartphone to save them… Like LG has Optimus G2, G3 phones.. Smasung has Note and S series phones…, Motorola has G and X…HTC has X one…..Sony has Xperia Z series phones…

    • Phillip I. Staker

      HTc has the HTC one W8. Running windows phone.

      • McHale72

        HTC needs to go away. Their devices are garbage and their device support is even worse. They are losing customers hand over fist for a reason (that apparently they can’t figure out what the reason is or they just don’t care enough to fix it).

    • Azzras

      And the only company that’s really successful you listed is Samsung. HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc. are all losing money and not really selling phones…

  • Just a thought

    My wife loves her 1020! I think there is a market for it, some people find Android complicated

    • Phillip I. Staker

      and very prone to malware. That’s why I use WP. Id use iOS, but I couldn’t take the pain of how may times Id have to hit myself in the head with a brick to dumb myself down to a level where that would satisfactory technology.

      • NexusKoolaid

        Android is no more prone to malware than any other platform. The only reason why WP doesn’t have this problem is it’s not worth the effort – the market share is too small to care about. If WP ever does gain any share hackers will be drawn to it as well.

        • Mike_Jones

          Correct. No different from any OS that leads the market. Android will be king for a long time 80% market share and rising.

          • McHale72

            It actually lost market share last quarter.

        • jhtanglewood

          Wow… I don’t think the Mac/PC virus argument can be used hear.

          The last stats I’ve seen had 99% of all mobile hardware directed at Android, while .4% was aimed at iOS and .2% aimed at Windows Phone.

          The situation has nothing to do with market share and everything to do with the open nature of Android.

          • NexusKoolaid

            “The situation has nothing to do with market share and everything to do with the open nature of Android.”

            And this statement is where I stopped taking you seriously. Say/think what you will, obscurity is not effective security.

          • jhtanglewood

            Taking it serious or not, it’s the truth.

            I don’t think your obscurity theory applies to iOS does it? Maybe you should have read my whole post.

          • jhaggstx1

            Yeah 99% of basically nothing…is still basically nothing. But carry on with the talking points.

          • jhtanglewood

            That may be, but I was responding to the comment above that says “Android is now more prone to malware…”.

            Which simply is not true. At all.

      • jhaggstx1

        And out comes the FUD from the hater. It wasn’t an issue before…and it still isn’t.

    • xoj_21

      windows phone is more complicated trust me.

      • cr_buck

        I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Being a gadget junky and owning devices every platform, I can Android is by far the most complicated. It’s hard for it not be with all the options. I have to support all three platforms for my job and I can say without a doubt that Windows Phone and iOS are the quickest to explain and get people up to speed. I spend of a good portion of my time trying to figure out if they are using stock Android, Touchwiz, Sense, AOSP, or other overlay. Even when I able to get my hands directly on the device, which isn’t often, trying to set up anything but GMail can be a test in patience. Many people who have Android phones don’t even know it any more than it was the nicest looking for the price at their carrier. Android has some pretty good strengths but ease of use isn’t always one.

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I still believe there is a market for their devices. They just need to get more apps!

  • Hey Microsoft I know how you can sell some phones, make a high-end Nokia X device running full Android on it, and watch people buy it.

    • McHale72

      Like Microsoft is going to purposely create a device that sucks. Ugh.

  • Adithia AK

    I wonder how much Google pays their henchmen to write these unprofessional articles.

    • NexusKoolaid

      How is this article unprofessional? Which of the presented facts or figures are incorrect? Or are you just upset because it cast an unfavorable light on your platform of choice?

      • Adithia AK

        It’s the choice of words, little boy!

        • NexusKoolaid

          So maybe they should sprinkle phrases like “But Everything is OK”, “It’s going to get better” and “Don’t let this upset you, but…” throughout the article that would make it better? Salting the article with verbiage that the situation sound better than it is – that would be unprofessional.

      • jhtanglewood

        It’s fairly unprofessional to start an article with a supposed, linked quote (when you click the link there is no quote from Microsoft).

        The above is fact, but in my personal opinion, later quoting a bitter former employee for his opinion is unprofessional as well.

    • Will S.

      Allow me to introduce you to WMPU.

  • Phillip I. Staker

    what kind of horse shit journalism is this. Terribly researched, copy and pasted from all over the place. Quotes by disgruntled ex Microsoft employees. William should quit journalism and kill himself. Ive seen better written articles by my year 7 class

    • TDioWS

      And I think you’re a hell of a fanboy, saying someone should kill himself because of such a ridiculous thing.

    • Will S.

      smh Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean that person needs to die. I do hope M$ realises their paid shills are doing more harm than good.

  • Nick V

    I own Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7, so I am definitely an Android guy. But I also love competition, and I think that the new CEO of MS may have some ideas to push WP into the mainstream. Ballmer, well, I have no words for him, but I am hopeful that the new guy can bring something to the table other than “Scroogled”…

    • McHale72

      I own Nexus One, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and a few other Android devices. I love it on my tablets. I hate it for my phones. My daily driver is a Lumia 920. The Nexus 5 was the biggest waste of money I spent in years.

      • Nick V

        I love my Nexus 5. granted it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other OEMs, but I actually love that about it. It quick, intuitive, and simple. I am looking forward to the Nexus 6, despite the rumors.

    • cr_buck

      You forgot developers, developers, developers. :-P

  • GazMatic

    I for one don’t want an Android monopoly… Insecure, buggy, malware infested

    if Microsoft ever makes the mistake of bringing Android apps on WP… IOS market share would rise. I would drop WP in a heartbeat beat…

    Microsoft should just stick it out… Android came on the scene with little to no competition and established themselves… Microsoft is competing against an updated android(because prior to jelly bean Android was shit) and a strong apple…

    you never hear them say that bb, tizen, jolla, etc should give up….

    Microsoft has them running scared… All of their points are becoming irrelevant by the day so their only fall back is market share and app count.

    feature wise Microsoft is either on par or better…

    keep them running scared WP… Never give to the green bug

  • aki

    Hopping new powerful dual boot phone android/windows phone like asus tranformer xD

  • Sandeep dp

    u are an android lover….. it seams that the figures are worng..

  • Damien Watkins

    Microsoft needs to make a more variety of WPs if their gonna really compete with android. People like variety of everything not jus one or two different versions.

  • Joaquim Amado Lopes

    Comparing app numbers above 100k is ridiculous and anyone taking into consideration how many apps each ecosystem has to decide which one to choose is a moron. How many flashlight, calculator, calendar or note apps or games (THAT YOU WILL NEVER DOWNLOAD) need to be in the app store for you to be happy?
    List the apps you “can’t live without” and if any of the ecosystems doesn’t have them nor anything to replace them, then scratch that ecosystem from your list. Other than that, the number of apps is just an excuse to exclude an OS that you wouldn’t use anyway.

    Actually, so many apps in an app store only makes it worst for users, as many (most?) of them are useless and users have to go through a tedious try-and-uninstall process or just pick one of the highest rated and stick with it.

    Android Authority publishing an article “urging” Microsoft to drop Windows Phone for Android (what we call in Portuguese “passar de cavalo para burro”) is simply pathetic.

  • Mightybuyer

    Not everyone likes Android. I find WP8.1 better(Nokia Lumia 1520). I use it, and I have used Android too. Honestly, Android on the Samsung S4 had more features(many unused) but it wasn’t a joy to use, the ui was horrible and looked ancient, the ui of apps as well. It’s only after using Windows phone 8.1 that I found my previous experience with android on the S4 a waste of money as apps on WP and the OS are easier to use, look nicer and work faster. Plus, the hardware I have is more reliable. And I don’t think MS is too late in the game. They were just not focused on it, now WP is changing quite fast and manufactures seem to be interested by WP8.1 which wasn’t the case last year as the OS didn’t improve at all. So there is a chance they get more market share and they are focusing on mobility now. The good thing with the market is that it can shift anytime.

  • Osvaldo Contreras Jr

    Verizon left me without a phone so I’ve been using an HTC 8x for the past week. This phone might as well be a “dumbphone”. The apps are better than in 2012, but the phone has tons of issues. Traveling from WiFi to Cellular coverage leaves most apps not being able to connect to the Internet. I have to hit “Try Again” to send text messages pretty frequently even though I have full “4G LTE” bars. The Facebook app consistently can’t fetch data. I also see the 3G connection more frequently than 4G even though my wife has 4G showing.

    If you want to spend time with your friends and family I’d say buy a Windows Phone. There won’t be much for you to do on the phone so you’ll actually put it down and spend time with people.

  • justanotherguy

    I own a WP Nokia Lumia 925 running Windows Phone 8.1 and My household has Iphone 5S and Android phones. Having personally been familiar with all three, WP 8.1 is more engaging and intuitive. At this point I’m having the same app issues as android and iOs, too many for me to care about so right about now the app counts are a poor excuse for not choosing the WP. It comes down to lemming mentality where most people are more comfortable with following the crowd. I will content folks are usually very happy with Iphone and Android but the same can be said for Windows Phone.

  • Leon Scott

    Most people that buy smartphones buy unconcicessly, not knowing the full benefits that their phone has to other phones other then what the sales person lied to them about…. Should Windows Phone quit? Only if they havnt realized that
    1. Everyone that gets a Windows Phone loves it like a mother loves a child
    2. They are the fastest growing OS
    3. They own Nokia, so they have one of the best hardware manufacturing companies part of their workforce
    4. Windows Phone 8.1 is the fulfillment of FULL functionality and competition with Android
    5. Their app store grows like a mad man, faster then Android ever did at 300,000 apps in less then 4 years
    6. They have a crazy strong ecosystem to work off of… Windows, Xbox, OneDrive, Office, Skype, Outlook… I mean really….
    7. Developers can make apps for both Windows Phone and Windows simply by selecting and dragging a file to the other supported SDK….
    8. They’ve forged partnerships with like a 10 other hardware manufactures… If you think you are smarter then these manufactures, you’ve got another thing coming
    9. Cortana is barely 2 months old and its already outperforming Siri and head to head with Google Now… they update the thing like madmen
    10. Of course they only grew 3 percent in 3 years. They are Microsoft and people have a bias against them from the start. But they overthrew Blackberry with force and they’ve been growing faster then all other mobile OS’s. The Question isn’t how long is it going to take for Windows Phone to get in the double digit market share….. the question is IS IT going to get into the double digit Marketshare… This is how you invest…. the what is more important then the if…. Statistically, they are well on their way to getting a lot of marketshare… they have all of the numbers right, and they have customers happy…. all that we need now is time and patience…. Its not going to happen as quickly as it did for Android because they entered a market where blackberry (not touchscreens) and apple (touchscreens) were the only smartphones…. but its a different age……
    You cant tell me the Lumia 1520 Lumia 930 are not at the top of the game when it comes to high end spartphones. They are at the top of their classes, and leading like crazy in camera capabilities….. so whether or not Windows Phones are compelling is not the question…. People just need to BUY THEM…. They love them… I love my Lumia 1520 and my friends are obsessed with it even though they own S5’s and 5S’s….
    Don’t buy a phone based off of marketshare, its the dumbest thing you could ever think of doing. Buy a phone based off of experience…. which of course means you have to try out the phone for yourself instead of just watch some youtube videos or read some blogs or blog comments

    • NexusKoolaid

      1 – I could say the same about Nexus phones.

      2 – LOL fastest growing, but the growth itself is insignificant. I.e. A jump from 1.0 to 1.2 is a 20% gain, but .2 is nothing to write home about.

      3 – They haven’t sold a lot of Nokia phones before the buyout – not sure how that will change now.

      4 – Not sure what what you were saying here

      5 – Wrong. Compared to Play store, The WP app store growth has ben sluggish.

      6 – (disclaimer: opinion) One of the strategies MS has undertaken has been the unification of the mobile and desktop experiences. The effect this has had on the desktop experience has not been pretty. New versions of old tools are now ugly and buggy. The changes to desktop workflow seem to have been largely driven more by what MS wants their ecosystem to become than what users need to get their work done. That said, their services are relatively solid.

      7 – See #6.

      8 – The same hardware manufactureres they alienated when they took what they learned from them and developed the Surface, thus competing with instead of just working with their new friends?

      9 – One good feature that as good as the competition.

      10 – Blackberry crumbled from within – it was not MSoft’s doing. Marketshare – They have been “well on their way to getting a lot of marketshare” for quite some time – it hasn’t hapened yet, and I see nothing coming down the pipe that will change that.

    • Will S.

      You make a good point about “unconsciously” but I couldn’t read on after the first point.

    • bob

      Every single point you make is completely false

  • anil

    Google stole one madman’s idea to fit linux on a phone. I love linux but on servers not on the phone. On the other hand windows phone is fast and backed by a solid hardware.
    Google is scared already, it shows in there new android version which looks funny and it’s preview release to developer that’s copy cat.

  • Neo Morpheus

    Why people want microsoft to extend their monopoly to mobile?

  • Simon Belmont

    I’m a huge Android fan and it’s obviously my daily driver for my phone and tablet. However, I’ve been messing around with WP8.1 on a Lumia 521 for a while and I like it (no, I’m not saying I’m dumping Android, but just that I can appreciate another mobile OS for what it is).

    I think competition is good and WP seems to be doing pretty well in quite a few countries outside of the US. I’d rather not see Microsoft give up on WP and it’s made so many improvements to it over the past 3-4 years since its start with WP7, that I hope it continues to be given the attention it deserves.

  • Paul Allen

    I was an iPhone user from 2008-2013. The past 18 months on Android, I’ve learned a lot about navigating around the OS and I’ve spent a good bit of money on replacement or equivalent apps since the switch. As tempting as WP8.1 and the Samsung Ativ SE are (I gotta have a removable battery and expandable storage), I’m just not sure I feel like investing in yet another mobile OS. I don’t know… call it Betamax syndrome or something. If I sink $100 into WP apps (not to mention time devoted to learning the OS) and Microsoft decides to throw in the towel, what then? This isn’t like buying a flex-fuel vehicle, discovering that the only E-85 seller within 100 miles just closed its doors, but no worries, you can still run unleaded. Maybe Microsoft should work on an affordable WP version of the iPod Touch that would allow us to dip our toes into the water without having to pay a monthly carrier fee for the privilege.

  • nytimes


  • McHale72

    What a horribly slanted article. I have a Nexus 5 and a Lumia 920. Everytime I pop my SIM into the Nexus 5 it’s like being sent to my room without TV. It’s an OK device with a buggy and horribly thought out OS.

  • All the platforms are important… As a consumer, I like options. I’ve heard Microsoft makes about 2 billion dollars a year off of Android due to the patents they own. I would just use that money to support the Windows Phone platform. I have a MacBook, an Android tablet, and a Lumia 928. Love all three!

  • Will S.

    Why is it most of the pro WP comments are from guys with less than 20 comments. Something is very fishy.

    • I have more than 20 comments

      • Will S.

        Look at other pro WP commenters, most of them have less than 20 comments.

        • I have more than 8000 comments.

          • Will S.

            I got more than you and I’m one of the top commenters here!

          • Yeah. I noticed that.. I will visit this site after my exams regularly since I won’t have anything to do.

            P.S I am using 1020 since last 2 days. Its my friend’s phone tho.

          • Will S.

            Honestly, this website is most depressing out of my top 3 sites in terms of comments, I mainly come here for Android news & reviews.

            And how is it? Does it lag? Have apps you use?

          • The phone is surprisingly good. There are no signs of lags. I am not going to lie but the device sometimes feels smoother than my Nexus 4 and its performance is consistent. Other than the camera, believe me, WP has the best browser I have ever used on any smartphone. It even triumphs Dolphin browser. The interfance isn’t of my type as I am an Android guy. And despite having 300,000 apps it stil miss some of the apps that I use on droid. Glance is a really cool feature.

            Having said that, Android is still my first choice but WPs aren’t bad either if you don’t mind Metro UI.

          • The browser is even better in 8.1.

          • :(
            Wish I was able to install 8.1 on it. But anyways, W8 still has the best browser in my experience.

          • Will S.

            Regarding browser, really? What’s soo good about it?

          • It is silky smooth. I have never used any smoother browser than IE till now. No stutters, no lag, no hiccups, nothing. Its the smoothest browser I have ever used on any phone and it has built in flash player unlike Mozilla and Chrome. I have nothing to complain.

  • Will S.

    Microsoft is simply too late – Apple & Google won mobile a long, long time ago. I think they should drop this “me too” attitude and concentrate on the next big thing, whatever it maybe.

  • jhtanglewood

    What is your motivation for this article?

    You start off with “Microsoft admits that its mobile strategy is in “shambles.” ” and offer a link… yet inside that report there is no such comment, I didn’t even see a single quote from Microsoft.

    Then you quote a bitter former employee of Microsoft, as if that would offer any validity.

    I read your “article” and notice so many twisted facts and assumption I thought to myself, What is this guy smoking? Then I noticed the authors name – William Nelson Jr. – lay off the drugs bro.

  • Brandon Franklin

    I think its android the starting a downward spiral.people are starting to realize project butter didn’t get rid of lag and stutter Samsung is all out of gimmicks (though I’m sure their scouring apples app store for some to bake into the next note) and their last I/O was 90℅ “hey apple ME TOO! then u look at projects like the one where their trying to improve audio quality and you gotta say REALLY? it took till 2014 to address this? And look at g glass or android wear did google bother to make a device people need and then clearly define its purpose or did they make a sunglass screen and say ” you developers have to figure out why its useful or cool. Same with AW ” here’s a 2 inch screen… Now try and shoehorn all the smartphone functions onto it. I don’t want to see android fail I just don’t think their anything close to the best os on the market maybe 3rd or 4th so ms just needs patience googles amateur hour ways will eventually catch up with them and only the enthusiasts will by their modable phones and the universe will be back in order

    • bob


      • Brandon Franklin

        Oooh! That hurt. But then the truth usually hurts doesn’t it.

  • n11

    Eh I don’t think so.The OS just needs to mature a little bit more. It can do pretty much everything and more than an iphone, app developers just need to start releasing proper apps and more users will come. The OS is already solid.

  • CS

    This is a pretty uninformed article that pulls unverified data and limited understanding of WP and Microsoft and tries to make sense of it all. WP isn’t getting abandoned! MSFT just bought Nokia and is expanding worldwide. You even show a stat that shows a .1% increase in ownership. That 1.7% US market share figure is pure BS. There aren’t any hard facts that show exactly how well/not well WP is actually doing.

    Android is no saint and won’t likely see heavy adoption from Microsoft. There will be some support for core services that MS offers on the Android platform, but Android itself still suffers from security and fragmentation issues. It will take time for WP to gain a fair amount of market share worldwide, but WP 8.1 and new hardware should give it a good push. With plentiful mid-range options from LG, HTC, and Microsoft themselves (plus other worldwide OEMs), WP will be competitive and eventually post a respectable stat that shuts everyone up. Entering an established market like smartphones late in the game is tough, but MSFT has what it takes to get there. The question is whether there will only be mild or extensive adoption rates between now and 2015, which is the soonest MSFT will probably consider killing something off like WP. Still, don’t expect it to go anywhere.

  • thomas sim

    They should leave Nokia alone, and we might see former greatest phone manufacturer tackle on Android.

  • rebirthofcool

    ask Cortana

  • Barry

    This article is horribly biased, but I’m not worried since it is an Android site. There is a place for WP and AAA sometime who was a WP user who left and was on Android for a year and a half, you really see how mature the ecosystem had become for Microsoft.

  • Ron Martin

    The charts above clearly show Apple the winner in the period with rise in market share, WP is 2nd… maybe Android should give up? :)

  • jms429

    killing off an OS and replacing it with another Aosp OS are two very different decisions. the fact few of these articles see the difference is thing that makes me feel like tech journalists don’t spend all of Time thinking about it.

  • havasu46

    Android’s for the masses, Apple’s for the snobs and Microsoft’s for the other informed 5%.