Microsoft said to enter the smartwatch wars, won’t be leaving Android users behind

by: Edgar CervantesMay 30, 2014

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Today’s mobile industry is more demanding than ever. Those who don’t rush to the market will be left behind. We can take Windows Phone as the perfect example, a platform that is still struggling to get apps on board, while the others are growing exponentially. They may have trusted the computer market too much, but Microsoft is set on never making the same mistake again.

The rumor mill is at it again, this time with news of Microsoft possibly re-entering the smartwatch market soon. Sources “with knowledge of the company’s plans” state the upcoming smartwatch will be very similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit, which is a rather unconventional design to go with.

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It’s also said to include sensors and technology that assimilates that of the Kinect. It will detect motion and heart-rate information, making for what seems to be a health-focused wearable. This all makes sense, but it seems Microsoft is taking design another route.

Aside from it being similar to the Gear Fit, this “Surface” smartwatch will also have an LCD display oriented towards the lower side of your wrist. I have seen this in many watches before (usually for women), but this would be the first time this style comes to a smartwatch. I am wondering one thing, though: would you be able to just turn it around and use it normally?

The golden factor

All of that sounds great and all, but why would we, an Android-dedicated website, cover this rumor? Well, the trick here is that Microsoft is not only targeting their own users with this smartwatch. The rumored device is said to work with Android, as well as Windows Phone and iOS!

And this makes total sense. Let’s be honest – do you think Microsoft can survive in the smartwatch market only selling units to Windows Phone users? It would be a great idea for the Redmond giant to go cross-platform, at least at first.

I certainly can’t wait to see what Microsoft could have under its sleeve, but we are still rooting for Android wear at this point (of course!). Do remember this is a rumor, though. We wouldn’t hold our breath on this until more details emerge.

  • MasterMuffin

    Fitness smartwatch meh

    • Damon Salvador

      ha ha

  • Brandon Power
  • Otto Andersson

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Bill Gates is very much removed from Microsoft day to day operations at this point.

    Also, this whole smart watch thing is a huge fail in my book. Apparently, they are a huge seller, but I have yet to meet one person wearing one. And I live n Asia!

    • noneofthem

      Bill Gates:
      “He stepped down as chairman of Microsoft in February 2014, taking on a new post as technology advisor to support newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella.” (source: Wikipedia)

      Smart / Fitness Watches:
      In Germany I didn’t see anyone wearing a smart watch yet. However there is a market for that, but for now only as fitness gear. A lot of Germans like to go running and they like to keep track of everything. For those people a fitness watch would make a lot of sense.

      • Otto Andersson

        Ah thanks for the update. I used to live in Germany and loved running in the streets of Nuremberg.

        I am a huge runkeeper fan. I would totally buy a watch that could send sync gps data to my phone, especially if it let me leave my giant phone at home.

  • Andrew White

    A powerful smartwatch in combination with a roll-out or foldable graphene based screen and a more discrete bluetooth earpiece/microphone, is a wearable future that will, I believe, replace smartphones and tablets.
    Microsoft, in terms of mobile productivity, could lead the market with this type of hardware combo.
    Would like to see Intel in some kind of partnership arrangement.
    Am I delusional? I don’t think so.

  • Dev’o’mac

    I guess it would be more fair to say:
    “Microsoft won’t risk leaving themselves behind by not supporting Android”

  • Luka Mlinar

    A heart-rate monitor you say?

    • Corbin Crutch

      I actually like a heart rate monitor. I’d love to see more try to combine the activity tracker and smartwatch

    • Bryan Z

      I don’t really think people need a heart rate monitor, even professional would rather use a fitbit or some other type of wearable.

  • ideasoft

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  • Damon Salvador

    Micro-lol-soft . Bloody losers , :P

  • Tony G.

    When the watch does a Microsoft lockup, Ctrl-Atl-Delete will fix it.