Rumor: Microsoft also asked Samsung and Huawei about dual-booting Windows on Android devices

by: Andrew GrushOctober 9, 2013

Last week, a new rumor surfaced claiming that Microsoft was attempting to convince HTC to bring Windows Phone to their Android devices as a second option. Now new details have arrived by way of Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin, who claims that Microsoft also reached out to Samsung and Huawei with the same dual-booting offer.

To sweeten the deal, Microsoft is allegedly willing to eliminate licensing fees and may even compensate the manufacturers for any adaptation costs. Is this a desperate move on Microsoft’s part, or a brilliant one? Maybe a little of both.

By adding Windows Phone to several Android devices, Microsoft would have a way of quickly bolstering its marketshare numbers. Additionally, this would be an easy way to get Windows Phone into the hands of consumers that might be curious about the OS, but not willing to risk switching completely to a new platform.

At the same time, dual-booting on a mobile device is going to take up precious room on already limited flash drives, with little added benefit for most consumers. That means that these ‘special edition’ dual-booting devices might end up sitting on store shelves for a while.

Will anyone take up Microsoft’s offer?

The big question left is whether or not Samsung, Huawei or HTC will bite on this offer. While we aren’t so sure about Huawei or HTC, Samsung apparently already has a deal in the works.

According to Unwired View, a large-screen version of the Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition will reportedly dual-boot Android and Windows RT. This isn’t exactly the same deal as dual-booting WP8 and Android, but it accomplishes the same goals for Microsoft: expanding marketshare and getting users to give Microsoft’s mobile efforts a try.

On the flipside, we’re not sure what benefit Windows RT would add for Samsung devices. Windows RT has not only fared poorly on the market, but it also has considerably less apps onboard and lacks support for legacy Windows apps. The only advantage we can think of is that Windows RT comes with Microsoft Office, though that’s not nearly as important of a benefit as it used to be.

It’s important to remember that all of these claims are based on a series of unconfirmed rumors, and therefore speculation is highly advised. What do you think of the move – can you seen any scenarios where such a dual-booting solution would prove useful?

  • Northern Dude

    Gimme, gimme, I need…

    • APai

      lol, a lil more balder, & he’d look like ballmer :P

  • follow @muvee360

    i dont get the rational behind…the everyday customer wouldn’t be interested in doing this. only geeks, nerds and techies would be interested in just testing OSes. i consider myself a geek and i wouldnt be interested in dual booting my primary phone,
    This idea sounds like a novel idea but in practise it is ridiculous

    • APai

      not only that – it’d be a bloody waste of space, trying to shoehorn that waste of space OS onto an already tight 4/8/16gb internal memory

      • follow @muvee360

        i never thought about the space thing but adding a garbage OS to the phone would definitely be a waste of precious space

  • MasterMuffin

    If this makes dual booting something else easier (like easy dual booting of Ubuntu or newer Android version) it sound cool. Who will use WP if the phone has Android?? :)

    • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

      no one :D

      • MasterMuffin

        I believe that :D

  • Luka Mlinar

    Boycott those MF’s for killing Nokia!

    • APai

      roger that

    • NeedName

      I won’t be buying anything from MS again. . . Nokia was the final straw. And if I have to pick up a new pc that has Win installed I’ll ask for my refund from MS and replace it with Linux.

  • Michael McGrade

    Samsung should do this in return for being able to use Nokia’s camera sensors…this would make such a killer Samsung device…not that I would ever use Windows Mobile but it could be a great deal for a lot of people.

    • Blowntoaster

      Don’t Elop-ify Samsung…

  • Jeff Moreira

    Why MS doesn’t make dual boots on Nokia phones?
    I’d be happy to get one and use Android on it.

    • mike

      good point!

    • J. Whitaker McRae

      they’re probably scared that will have the opposite effect! (and they are probably right…)

    • TT

      Can’t agree more

  • APai

    I’ll buy a Nokia Lumia 1020 with android (AND a dual boot windows phone on it)

  • Q.

    On paper, it sounds like a cool and interesting concept but in reality, why do this? There is absolutely nothing WP can offer to an Android phone.

    • J. Whitaker McRae

      that’s not entirely true, it can probably offer more streamlined NSA reporting :)

      • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani


      • Q.


      • Adrian Remus

        So in order to remove NSA, Android should not be booted. Quick fix.

    • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

      i agree

    • Seth Forbus

      As an owner of over 6 modern smartphones, I disagree. My primary phone is a sony Xperia Z (its jellybean). I do also own a windows phone however. The gaming side of things on windows phone is pretty awesome! The xbox avatar connection is a nice start, and the battery life is incredible. I could see myself switching depending on my mood if my phone dual booted.

  • Since I have never used a Windows Phone 8 device before, I would love to test a dual-boot Android/Windows Phone considering I love using my 3 Android devices on a daily basis especailly on a Lumia 1020 with the 41MP camera. (Smartphone, Tablet, Mini Android PC Stick)

  • RanRu

    Of course. Samsung: “Because we can.”

    “[C]an you seen any scenarios where such a dual-booting solution would prove useful?”

    This is working under the assumption that Windows’ Mobile OSes are, y’know… useful. Which is false.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Dual boot wp8 on your Nokia phones. I would gladly buy your Lumia. And another one, and another one…
    Dual boot Windows RT on Android tablets. I would use it.

    Don’t infect the top Android phones with your crapware called windows phone 8.

    I’m using a Windows phone, but that doesn’t make the OS any better, lol.

  • Anders CT

    It’s not completely stupid. With x86 support for Android 4.4, PC-makers could make Windows PC’s dual-boot with Android or Chrome OS.

  • Ruz

    Since HTC is getting sold so definitely now MS will look or depend on other partners

  • George Av

    why not? i’d like to dualboot my s3 with Wp8 ;)

  • Justin Rebar

    This reeks of desperation. They talk all that crap about Google, but now want their mobile OS on Android phones because nobody cares about their garbage.

  • handsome

    this convince me that WP8 has a bleak future… :(

  • Muhammad Adham

    I hope if Samsung/HTC or Huawei will accept in addition Microsoft must do the same for the Nokia to boot android as well.

    It will be great to have both.

  • APai

    I’d much rather have lenovo buy htc( and not foist that POS on any android phone).

  • This is a lovely news. I want my note3 and s3 to be bootable in both OS. If microsoft sell me a program I can install directly to my phone, I surely welcome it.

  • EliasAlucard

    An Android device with Windows on it is disqualified by default in my book. Why would I want to buy proprietary crap? If it comes to the point where all Android devices are dual-booted with Windows on them, then custom-ROM will be a mandatory procedure to get rid of Windows and install a clean, OEM-neutral version of Android. The entire point with buying Android is to get rid of Windows.

  • Blowntoaster

    No no no…f*** that…pardon my language but NO!!!!

    people buy android devices because of Android. we don’t want a restrictive OS running along side Android. For what…to take up space? memory….run in the background and do dodgy things? Why, Microsoft, why?

    This just sounds like something Elop-ish to me.

    Get it. Trojan in the System…

  • Jacob

    Windows is wearing Android mask? Who thought this day would come?

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Microsoft ship is about to sink and ask Sammy and Huawei help…haha Who cares about windows phone when Android is so beautiful?????

  • NeedName

    Dear Microsoft,
    Die already!